Free Resources to DIY Minor Car Maintenance Tips & Services


Sep 26th, 2019

Free Resources to DIY Minor Car Maintenance Tips & Services

Undeniably, it requires time and money to have our cars maintained and serviced. Whether it is the air filter or the radiator flush, everything needs to be fixed periodically. We always look for a nearby car repair shop or a mechanic when we face any issue in our vehicle. Finding an excellent car repair service can be quite time-consuming. In this post, you will be amazed to find out that you can fit various car parts such as the brake pads, fuel filters, or even the spark plugs without spending hefty bucks.

 Here we will throw some light on various platforms from where you can get free tips on how to fit car parts yourself.


(in my opinion, the best resource for visual aids on almost anything from popping a Chrysler 300c Bonett to hot rod engine fits)

In today's world, everything has become digital. The technological boom has made our lives easy and convenient. You can learn anything on the digital platform and be good at your skills. So, if you want to fit car parts yourself, YouTube can be helpful. There are videos on most car part fitting and maintenance procedures, for example, how to install or repair side mirrors, clean fuel filters, and so on. For a good example, a common fault in an LS LT Ford focus in the petrol flap falling off, these are installed in a very unconventional way - there are probably fifteen or twenty videos people have uploaded onto youtube to show you exactly how this job can be done in ten minutes or so.

 Online Automotive Forums

 The Internet works as a boon when we consider the useful information that it provides. You can learn from the people who already have been in your shoes and put their experiences on various online forums. There is ample information on multiple websites, e.g., Champion Auto parts. They help you to with a vast number of problems such as install an engine air filter, change the oil filter, install a battery, install a taillight bulb, and remove or install spark plugs. From very small to major problems, these forums help you in finding the solution to fit your car parts. Every piece of information is available on these forums. No need to call a mechanic for small problems; all you have to do is scroll through these pages.

 Ask people who have the same vehicle as you.

 It is always good to take advice from someone who knows what you are dealing with and have the same experience. For example, you need to change the air filter of your car. For this purpose, you can always hop onto someone who has the same car model. Each specification and feature of both of your vehicles is the same. So why not take their advice? This way, you will be able to get help from someone and also get to learn a lot more things about your car that you might not know earlier.

 Call local wrecking yards for advice. 

 It's funny, when you call a local wrecking yard the first thing you say to the parts interpreter is, I'm looking for a part for a ( make and model ) then an experienced parts interpreter that has been working at a wrecking yard could probably guess the exact part you need as they have likely received the same request one hundred times before! You spare part interpreters know precisely what I'm talking about.  

Local wrecking yards are the places where you will find cars and their parts. People come here to sell or buy automobile parts daily. Calling local wrecking yards for advice can be helpful to a great extent. They know every nook and corner of various cars. When it comes to common faults, these guys are hands down the best in the biz.


 When we are looking for solutions on numerous things whether they are related to fitting the car parts or home renovation, how can we forget about Google? With the increased use of the Internet, Google always has an answer to every problem. There are numerous websites containing articles, blogs, and other content regarding tips to fit your car parts. From installing a headlight bulb to installing a cabin air filter, you can find a lot of tips on Google.


 Now, if you have problems or you want some tips on how to fit car parts yourself, these multiple ways will help you for sure. Hence, you need not call any mechanic if you need to install a mirror or replace headlight bulbs as you can simply DIY them if you follow the tips provided by these alternate sources.