Guide to BMW Performance Parts and Upgrades


Feb 26th, 2020

Guide to BMW Performance Parts and Upgrades

To many car enthusiasts, BMWs have always been 'The Ultimate Driving Machine'. It’s not surprising then that the carmaker behind them, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (Bavarian Motor Works in English) is currently one of the world's largest automakers. Whether it's cars or luxury motorcycles, BMWs carry the badge and reliability of German automotive engineering.

With such a world-renowned brand, is there any point for a BMW owner to purchase BMW aftermarket parts to improve their already-ultimate driving machines?

Actually, YES! There's a whole new world to level up to for a BMW. When it comes to buying aftermarket performance car parts, though, there are a few crucial things to keep in mind. 

Firstly, you should only purchase well-designed performance car parts, and they should only come from reputable suppliers. Remember: the reason you're buying these BMW performance parts is to improve your car's performance. Buying low-quality aftermarket car parts will not only reduce your car's performance but may even end up damaging your prized vehicle.

Also, it would be wise to buy parts that are designed for your exact model. It might be tempting to settle with universal types to lower the total upgrade cost, but do think twice about buying cheap auto parts. Aside from tyres and some exhaust parts, universal car parts might not work the way you hope they would on your BMW.

With that aside, let's take a look at five common types of aftermarket BMW performance parts you could buy for your car, and how they contribute to your car's performance.

1. Exhaust Systems

One of the most popular BMW performance parts you can consider upgrading is the exhaust system. With the right parts, a new exhaust system could increase your car's power and even give your vehicle a much more powerful sound as you drive down the street. 

Performance exhaust systems work by improving airflow. Basically, the quicker your car's exhaust system can get gases out, the faster your engine can pull fresh air in and generate power. Unlike stock exhausts, performance systems tend to have bigger pipes, a more aerodynamic layout, and fewer obstructions – all of which help expel exhausts much more efficiently.

2. Brake System

When driving a high-performance vehicle like a BMW, you must have the utmost confidence in the brakes you're using. Although stock BMW brakes are great on their own, there are also plenty of aftermarket brakes that you can choose from as well. Buying improved brakes will ensure that your brake parts last longer and perform better under more challenging conditions, such as when you decide to push your car's performance limits.

But what does a 'better performing brake system' actually mean? It means that they won't overheat as quickly as stock parts, they'll need to be replaced less often, and most importantly, they'll decrease your stopping distance and allow your vehicle to stop more quickly. Altogether, a sound brake system improves the safety of your car.

When it comes to high-performance cars like a BMW, it's not just about how fast the vehicle can go. It's also about how efficiently it can be slowed down or brought to a complete stop. And that's where a high-performance brake system comes into play.

3. Suspension Systems

An upgraded suspension system can benefit your braking as well. With a better suspension system, your BMW becomes more stable, which means that the braking effect will be evenly distributed throughout the car. 

Aside from that, when you add the suspension system to the upgrade, you'll also ensure much better responsiveness in your car. You'll find that with a performance suspension system, you'll be able to handle corners much better and reduce the occurrence of body rolling and tyre squealing. 

4. Intake Systems

Your BMW will benefit significantly from a performance intake system. Even though these are relatively (the operative word being 'relatively') cheaper than other BMW performance parts, better air intakes and air filters will contribute to an increase in engine power.

Performance intake systems help your engine 'breathe' much better. With a cleaner and more efficient intake of air, you should see an improvement in power, acceleration, and even better mileage, too.

You might even prefer the sound of a performance air intake much over a stock one!

5. Turbochargers and Superchargers

First things first, let's make sure we understand the difference between these two things. Both of these performance upgrades will provide you with a massive increase in power, but they each operate very differently from each other. 

Both are air compressors. However, a turbocharger uses exhaust gas to drive a turbine which pushes extra air and oxygen into the engine's cylinders. It enables the engine to burn much more fuel and do it much faster.

A supercharger does the same thing, but instead of being powered by exhaust gases, it is powered mechanically. Superchargers are connected to the engine's crankshaft with a gear, shaft, belt or chain, which powers the supercharger to do its job.

Final Thoughts

These are five of the most common BMW performance parts that you can upgrade your car with, but they are certainly not the only ones out there. There are plenty of other components that you can enhance to provide your vehicle with better performance, ranging from engine computer chips to transmissions and even fuel systems. 

The BMW performance parts you choose aren't just about the increased performance they provide. They're also great for customising your car aesthetically so that you can make your vehicle look a certain way that represents your individuality. When it comes to buying performance car parts, you'll find some colour and design options that you can choose from as well.

Having said that, whatever your reasons might be for wanting to upgrade your car, always remember to choose well-designed parts from reputable suppliers. Also, stick to performance car parts that are designed specifically for the model that you drive. There's no point in investing loads of money in upgrades if the parts don't do what you want them to do.

By Ray Hasbollah