How Do I Start Selling Aftermarket Car Parts?


Jul 22nd, 2020

How Do I Start Selling Aftermarket Car Parts?

Some years back, the only way you’d sell aftermarket car parts was through advertising to people one-on-one. While some moved door to door with their products, car boot sales were the more preferred method. Selling car parts was tiresome and less rewarding, considering the effort to reward ratio.

Then came the digital transformation. The global automotive industry has been one of its largest beneficiaries. Although the sector used electronic ordering systems long before the 90s dot-com boom, the methods were not widely used. 

Over the years, the e-commerce model of doing business has flourished and changed customer behaviour. People now prefer buying online, and sellers of aftermarket car parts like you need to establish a commanding presence in this space.  

Why Sell at Online Platforms

For one, the global aftermarket industry is projected to grow by 3% per annum for the coming ten years. North America is expected to contribute 1.5% of the worldwide market, with business models projected to lean towards e-commerce.

As CLEPA (European Association of Automotive Suppliers) Secretary-General Sigrid de Vries said, “Intelligent and innovative solutions from automotive suppliers are an important driver for safe, smart, and sustainable mobility." takes this direction with its Request-a-Part feature, and you can sell through this platform.

Reach Buyers by Participating as a Seller in CarPart’s Network!

Potential buyers use the car part finder to locate cheap new auto parts, as well as OEM and used auto parts in a quick and easy way. On the other side of the coin are sellers - you- who benefit from a vast pool of potential buyers. It allows you to reach more people without spending so much and sell your auto parts and accessories at a competitive price.

How the Request-a-Part Feature Works

For a long time, online car part buyers have been looking for a car part locator that would give them leads to the exact item their car required. Traditionally, buyers had to look through adverts or a long list of merchandise and match the available parts with what they needed. 

Buyer Sends a Request

With this tool, however, if what they're looking for isn't on our advertised car part listing, they can place a request for a specific part. Our registered sellers will then check their stocks, and those who have the auto part available will reach out to the buyer with a quote. Or buyers may skip the ads and request for parts right away

In short, the auto part locator handles the searching, while the customer needs only to fill out a request form. He or she provides information and details specific to the part, including the car make, model, and year of manufacture, the type of car part, whether new, used, OEM or aftermarket, and a brief description. Personal info, such as their name and contact details where the quote will be sent, must also be provided. 

Sellers Prepare Quote While Buyer Waits

The customer needs to give the dealers some time to respond as they confirm that they have the car part in stock as per the information provided in the request form. This can take a few minutes to hours. 

Buyer Assesses the Offers

Sellers send their quotations to the customer, who then evaluates the quotes and makes the final decision. The decision to pick one supplier over the others depends solely on the buyer but will undoubtedly be influenced by price and the distance needed to transport the auto part (farther distance means higher shipping cost).

Buyer and Seller Finalise their Transaction

The buyer picks a seller, and both agree on the payment mode and shipping arrangement.  


Buying and selling auto parts has no doubt gone online. As you can see, your options as a seller are limitless. You can choose from various platforms, including eBay, Amazon, Gumtree, and many others. 

However, if you’re a budding seller of aftermarket auto parts, it will be to your best advantage to sell through It is the best place for car parts in Australia, allowing sellers like you to reach a broad audience while keeping business costs at a profitable level.

Register as a dealer now and experience what CarPart offers! 

By Eric Anyega