Proper Way to Care for Your Car’s Windshield


Oct 22nd, 2020

Proper Way to Care for Your Car’s Windshield

Your car is like your baby. For it to last, you should give it your attention. Besides routine servicing of the body, you should also take care of the windshield. A clean windshield is one of the first indicators that a car is in good shape.

Remember always to maintain the windshield in the best state possible. You will save yourself from unnecessary repair-related costs.

Besides forcing you to spend, a poorly maintained windscreen endangers the passenger's lives as it may affect visibility.

Additionally, you need to take good care of the rubber gasket and the windshield wipers. These two are integral parts of the windshield. 

Best Way to Have a Sparkling Clean Windshield     

Although cleaning a windshield is a simple task, it should be done with utmost care. 


1. A microfiber cloth or cotton cloth

2. Glass cleaner 

3. White vinegar or water and newspaper


1. Wet the micro-fibre or cotton cloth with glass cleaner. Ammonia-free glass cleaners are recommended because ammonia is a health hazard. It also dries out plastic, leather, rubber, and vinyl items, which are commonly used in most interior components of cars.

2. Using the dampened cloth, scrub the windshield to get rid of dirt and spots. Use another clean micro-fibre or cotton cloth to clean again for a super shiny windshield. You can still use the unused side of the same material. Allow excess fluid to dry on its own.

3. Gently clean the windshield wipers. Use the windshield fluid washer to clean the blades. Remove any foreign objects from the wipers so that they don't mess with the already cleaned glass. Be gentle while at it to avoid damaging them or affecting how they function, which in turn may cause damage to the windshield.

4. Use an extendable cleaning arm to access hard-to-reach parts. Ensure the cleaning arm has a micro-fibre scrub attached and not any other material.

5. Remove smoker’s film that may form on the glass. This is to be expected if you smoke in your car. To remove it, mix water and vinegar. Scrub the film using newspaper and vinegar solution. The mixture will break down the oils, after which wiping with a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner will leave the windshield dazzling clean!

What You Shouldn’t Do to a New Windshield

Besides the problem of wear and tear, accidents also happen. Somehow, you might need to replace your windshield. After fixing a new one, this is what you should not do. 

1. Avoid parking anywhere. Always park safely, preferably inside a garage or underneath a carport. Avoid parking under a tree. A branch or fruit or even the entire tree could fall on your car during harsh weather. Moreover, do not park near the buildings. People could throw objects which may land on the windshield. 

2. Avoid direct sun. The Ultra Violet rays are harmful to your car. Direct sunlight affects a windshield's durability as it causes it to become brittle. If you don’t heed this advice, you will find yourself replacing the windshield sooner than is necessary. 

3. Don’t apply excess wax. Always use a moderate amount of wax. Too much of it will mess your windshield. You see, the excess wax accumulates on the windshield wipers and leaves it smudgy. 

4. Do not neglect the wipers. Always clean the wipers in the same way that you care for the windshield. Rock particles or any debris on the wipers will cause micro-abrasions on the screen. Besides obscuring your vision, micro-abrasions can become cracks. Always use the wipers on a wet windshield. Add shampoo in the windscreen washer fluid to further minimise friction. 

5. Don’t drive too close. The rule is always to maintain a distance of two vehicles or 10 feet from the car in front. The idea is to save your screen from debris flying from car tyres and dodge any object thrown out from the vehicle ahead of you. This precaution minimises the chances of damage to the windshield. 


The primary care of a windshield is simple. You can do it yourself. To maintain a windshield does not mean having a clean windshield alone. Sometimes it will require the services of a pro and an online marketplace where you get all the necessary materials you need to clean your windshield. If your windscreen gets damaged, you can find an affordable replacement here

By Eric Anyega