Pros and Cons of Buying Brand New or Used Car Parts


Nov 21st, 2018

Pros and Cons of Buying Brand New or Used Car Parts

Routine maintenance is to cars and truck what meals are to the human body. For a vehicle to work adequately, it needs to have consistent upkeep. Servicing involves a kind of cleansing and substituting of broken and worn out parts. When a car spare part wears, you have to replace it. The replacement could be with a brand new auto spare part or even with a previously used one. In some cases, you may replace auto parts before they wear out if you plan to change all of them along with quality spare ones.

Budget vs Risk and Wants

How much it costs is one of the most significant judgments buyers make when they enter a car shop to buy a new or second hand used car parts. Whether brand-new or second-hand, you have to meet your budget and weigh it against your risks and wants. Recognizing the benefits of brand new compared to second-hand will help you make better choices when considering which spare part to buy. 

Car and truck parts will improve your vehicle. If you are a fan of speed, you will exchange your car’s average accessories with top functionality devices.   

Additionally, if you drive long distances and wish to do so without interruptions due to the car and brake failures, then you’ll need top quality automobile parts. With the necessary components installed, you will not only get to where you want to get quick enough and on time, but you will also get there without stoppages caused by breakdowns. Examples of performance parts include turbo kits, the right wheels and exhaust pipes. 

Points to Consider Before Buying New or Secondhand Car Parts 

You have to be sure of what you want before you buy it. If it’s possible, ask if you can have the parts tested before you purchase them because old car parts are usually non-refundable and you would not want to waste money by buying the wrong part.

You also have to ensure that the car part you purchase can be refunded so that even if the part you buy is the wrong one, you can always give it back. So take your time before you settle for any part.

Also, check if the part you are purchasing can be repaired and how long it can be maintained. If for example you crack a tail light or brake an engine mount, then getting a second-hand part is the best available and most inexpensive solution for you. Though it is normal for car parts to wear out; parts like alternators, starters and brake rotors should be purchased new. 

Pros and Cons of Buying New Car Parts

Beyond that new car smell that almost everyone loves, there are some tangible benefits to purchasing a brand-new car.  

One of such benefits is enjoying the full advantage of its assurance. Car spare parts warranties are limited by time and usage. You’ll be able to cover more kilometres without any major problems, and you will not have to visit a motor mechanic that often.  

Also, with new car parts, you stand the chance of getting the latest and up-to-date parts, which are more reliable than old models and can have multiple functions at the level of its performance. Plus, you can use them for a considerable period without any problems. 

Again, with brand new car parts, you can be guaranteed of high performance for your car. You will go for a long time without worrying about worn parts. They may seem costlier than used parts, but they really aren’t if you consider their longer useful life. 

If you are trying to enhance the performance of your vehicle, try to go for new parts to save on repair and maintenance expense. 

Cons of Buying New Car Parts

One thing that usually discourages people from purchasing new auto parts is the price. New car parts are more expensive than second-hand ones, and most people go for what is affordable. 

Another con is finding new auto parts that suit your vehicle. This can be challenging if your car is an old model. Parts sometimes get discontinued, and you may not be able to find a perfect match if you exclusively search from the new car parts market. 

Pros of Buying Secondhand Parts

Used auto parts can offer an enormous price advantage compared to new ones and help you save some money.  Also, if you have an older car model, you’ll have no problem getting the parts you need if you enquire from used car parts sellers. 

With second-hand car parts, there are always many available, so you have a wider range to choose from in terms of price and quality.  

Cons of Buying Secondhand Parts

With used auto parts, there can be questions when it comes to reliability and value. Since these parts had already served a part of their lifespan, its durability and remaining useful life will be shorter than that of a new part. The best way to decide is to work with car recyclers who carry out thorough testing and renovation before selling their used auto parts