Sell Your Junk Car for Cash


Jul 21st, 2020

Sell Your Junk Car for Cash

Are you stuck with a vehicle that's taking up space in your garage for no good reason? At the fall of a gaze, you know it’s fallen far, far far away from it's worth when you first paid for years back. What was once a joy ride has now become junk car. What if there was a way to trade it for a few bucks? Wouldn't that be great?

Okay, let’s not act like this is some new development. It’s been around for ages. So you may think of this post as a reminder that you can sell your junk car for cash and an exposition on ways for you to do just that. 

I’m not suggesting that you will make enough money to pitch your net worth against Anthony Pratt or Frank Lowy. But, even if all this extra income did was cover for a few months’ worth of grocery shopping, wouldn’t it still be worth it?

So whether it's your adored corroded ride—the one you purchased at the wake of the 21st century (yeah, it’s already been two decades) or your loyal traveller—the car that now requires too many unreasonable repairs, it's time you cashed in on it. Here are four ways for you to make money out of your old car.

4 Ways to Turn a Junk Car to Cash

1. Sell to a Local Junkyard

Most non-operational vehicles eventually end up in yards, which will pay cash for junk cars. One great thing about junkyard is they are not picky on brand, model, or even production year. What matters to a junkyard is the weight of your vehicle and the on-going rate value of steel. 

Scrap car removal services go down in this category of which there are plenty of companies to choose from online. If you’re going this way, it’ll be smart to get at least two quotes to be certain on a fair final price. I mean, don’t just make money out of junk, make the most money off it.

2. Sell It to Individual Buyers

Did I say you couldn't make bank off your old car? Scratch that! If your vehicle is a Chevy Corvette, a classic, vintage, you’re definitely in for the gold! If your car has something that makes it special or different, there's likely a potential buyer who buys high-value old cars like yours. An individual buyer who finds your car desirable would pay a substantial price for it.

3. Sell in Parts

A car is a sum of all its parts. If the vehicle still has its major components and systems in working condition, it would be a good idea to sell off the car parts. With the massive increase in the number of people seeking cheap used auto parts online, it shouldn't be difficult getting a great price for your auto parts. Without risking sounding immodest, our company is probably one of the best platforms for selling car parts in Australia. Should you decide to sell your automobile in parts, we're just a click away.

4. Trade It In 

Some car company dealerships will accept any kind of car you're trading in—even a junk car—provided you're buying a vehicle from them. There's a downside here though; the trade-in value for your car is in most times lower than what you will make selling it to an individual.

Things to Do Before Selling Your Junk Car 

Before you go up and off to search out a buyer for your car, here are a few tasks you should sort out.

1. Know Your Car’s True Value 

You might just be wondering “but it’s just a junk car”, but you'll be amazed by how much your aged car is worth. Like I said early on, make the most from it!

2. Sort Your Paperwork

Laws vary across Australian states, so check out what's required in your location. Most buyers will need some kind of proof that you own the car even when it's destined for crushing. They need to identify the vehicle and make sure that you have the right to dispose of it. 

3. Check for Valuables 

Check on your personal belongings that might still be in the car, aftermarket parts or custom accessories you added to your car which you would want to hold on to before handing over your keys. Note that if you are selling to a junkyard, those aftermarket and custom parts on your car will not make much difference to the yard. You will profit more by selling the parts on your own before you send the remaining pile of metal for scrapping.

4. Take Off Your Plates

Remember, your plates are registered in your name and also your responsibility. The junkyard or whosoever is buying your junk car for scraps has no use for the plates on your car, so before selling be sure to remove the plates and have the Rego cancelled.

Ready to get rid of your old ride? Get instant buyers for your auto parts now!

By Damilare Olasinde