Tips on Finding a Good Mechanic in Australia


Sep 08th, 2020

Tips on Finding a Good Mechanic in Australia

Finding a good mechanic to handle repairs on your car can be a daunting prospect at the best of times. If you chance upon a mechanic who doesn’t care about his work, you’ll only end up frustrated. 

Not only can a mechanic do a poor job but also aggravate whatever already ails your car, causing you to incur unnecessary expenses. Even worse, you can get ripped off, especially if you don’t know much about cars and repairs. Since most of us rely on our vehicles to commute to and from work, it is only logical to have a trustworthy mechanic whom we can refer to for car issues.

Sure, owning a car has advantages, but with it comes the need to have a professional mechanic that you can rely on when the time comes. With the right mechanic within your reach, you can rest easy that you get excellent service whenever your car needs it.

So, the big question is, how do you go about finding a good mechanic in Australia? In this guide, we look at some tips that’ll help you find one to run to for car repair issues.

How do I find a good mechanic?

By recommendations

I always trust recommendations whenever I need a good mechanic near me. This is because you can always trust a mechanic that has done repairs to a friend’s or colleague’s vehicle. A referral gives you peace of mind that your car is in good hands and sometimes earns a discount to the person that made the recommendation. 

That said, it is vital to watch out for the type of recommendations you get and take. For instance, if the colleague referring you has an old-model car, his mechanic may not be the best to do repairs on your high-tech vehicle.

Using internet reviews

Internet reviews are another place to find a good mechanic, but one needs to be careful to avoid falling victim to bogus reviews. Generally, the loudest people on the internet are those that are unsatisfied or angry for the services they received. 

While finding a reliable mechanic within your locality, keep in mind that you can judge reviews another way. You might find a mechanic shop that paid people to rate it well (five-star). It is something rare, but it could happen.

Through a community

Most people would be quick to dismiss this option, but contrary to their opinions, this method does work. You can easily find a good mechanic through social media channels like Facebook pages, car forums, and online groups. Communities help you get a reliable mechanic as you don’t have to sieve through random options like you would in reviews.

Also, you're likely to get a mechanic that has proved to be skilled and qualified in communities that consist of car owners that have similar vehicles. You can try a simple search if you haven’t already. Just type “Your car model/make + Facebook group” and watch what comes up in the search results.

Find a specialist

Often it is a good idea to trust a specialist to do repairs on your car, especially if its spare parts are hard to locate. Fortunately, Australia has no shortage of mechanics who concentrate on specific nichés. You can easily find auto repair shops that specialise in your car's brand. Technicians in these shops are also more likely to spot the problems, which potentially means faster repairs.

Things to consider when choosing a mechanic

Here are some of the factors to keep in mind when looking for a good mechanic.

Specialisation, experience, and qualification

There are several car brands in the market, and you might find out that the repair shop doesn’t specialise in your car model. Don’t shy away from asking if they specialise in the model or make of your car.

The qualification and experience of the mechanic are crucial as well. So, before settling on a technician or mechanic, ask about their skills, especially if they aren’t displayed. This will save you the trouble you’ll face if you settle on the wrong mechanic.


When it comes to repairs, things like the warranty are non-negotiable. Ask about the warranty offered and its terms. You’ll easily trust repair shops or service centres that guarantee the quality of their work. 

Friendliness and communication

Communication is crucial in any relationship. Find out if the mechanic you choose has good communication skills. You’d want a mechanic who can explain the repairs and procedures clearly and takes the time to do so. 

This way, you will have a better understanding of how the expenses sum up to a certain amount or why the repairs are necessary. A good mechanic should also be able to contact you whenever issues arise during repairs or when there are more repairs to be made.


It is both convenient and economical to have a mechanic near your work or home residence. It eliminates the extra cost of travelling far and makes it easier to check on the progress of the repairs. Also, you can quickly drive back your car for any additional servicing if there’s a need. You will find our directory very handy in locating a mechanic within the radius you specify. 


The last thing you want is a mechanic who overcharges you for repairs or adds extra costs because you’re not familiar with the repairs being made. We understand that qualified mechanics who don't charge a lot are a rare breed, but at least find one whose fees are reasonable. Self-employed mechanics, for instance, will likely charge less since they mostly run the entire business on their own. 

Equipment and technology

Before trusting a mechanic with your car, ensure that the repair shop has the necessary equipment to make repairs. Ask about the technology and tools they use. Some of the equipment you should expect are general hand tools, welding tools, hoist systems, and electronic diagnostic equipment.

Parts used

Ask about the auto parts that will be used and if you can source your own parts. Some repairs shops may use remanufactured parts and bill you the cost of OEM. The kind of parts used to repair your car will determine the cost of the repairs. Aftermarket components, for instance, cost less compared to OEMs. 

If they allow you to use your auto parts, you can locate the parts and bring them along to the repair shop. has a hassle-free and straightforward way of finding the car parts you need. You can try requesting a part now and start receiving quotes.


Choosing a mechanic won’t be an easy job, but trust us, finding a reliable one will save you a lot of trouble, money, and time. A good mechanic will play a crucial role in ensuring that your car remains healthy and serves you for a long time.