Top 6 Hard To Find Car Parts


Nov 18th, 2020

Top 6 Hard To Find Car Parts

Finding certain car parts can be quite an ordeal. Seasoned vintage car enthusiasts and DIY repairer would be all too familiar with some of these hard to find car parts. Perhaps, you just got initiated? Welcome to the club!

Nothing lasts forever; not human life, not machine parts, nothing! Ultimately, all car parts wear out due to stress from use and road demands. Sometimes the need for replacement is further hastened by unplanned events such as a car crash. When this happens, the damaged auto parts need to be replaced to restore the vehicle's roadworthiness and continue to get maximum output. There lies the challenge. 

Getting certain replacement parts that are needed to get the vehicle back to full operation can be an arduous task, especially when dealing with foreign cars, classic and vintage cars, or out-of-production cars. The search might not be futile, but it won't be easy.

Here is a list of car parts that would most likely cause you to sweat while you search.

What Car Parts Are The Most Difficult To Find?

1. Manual Transmission

Manual gearboxes are gradually disappearing from the automotive scene, with automatic transmissions becoming the preferred type in the model line-up of every maker. Now, manual transmissions are mostly exclusive to sports machines. These days, getting a full-sized pickup vehicle with a manual is becoming a bit of a task.

That’s how rapidly the extinction is taking place. Since the demand is low, manual transmissions have become challenging to sell. Thus, dealers are no longer stocking them. It’s simply the economically sound decision to make.

2. Oil Cooler Lines

These lines, usually made of rubber and metal, send the oil from the crankcase to the engine cooler. Once the factory-made one breaks, it isn't easy to get a perfect replacement. Most available replacement lines start to leak after a short time, making them unreliable in the long term. If you ever need to replace your oil cooler lines, you best order it from a vendor that sells OEM products. The process could be a hassle, but it'll be worth your while.

3. Steering Shaft 

The steering shaft links the steering wheel to the steering mechanism. Most times, people have difficulties finding this part because of its different types and sizes. A physical store is not the place to search for this product. It would be best if you visited an online platform like that could link you to over 500 sellers and wreckers in just a few clicks.

4. Aluminum Valve Covers

The aluminium valve cover is a covering that protects the valve train and lubricates the engine's rocker arm. It also helps to avoid leakage while oil circulates in the engine. Like all car parts, they are prone to wear and tear due to breakage caused by the engine pressure. Aluminum valve covers are not only challenging to find, but are also quite expensive to purchase.

5. Dashboard Panel

Today, it is difficult to find replacement dashboard panels around because the demand is minimal. It is not commonplace for dashboard panels to break, so sellers most likely don't stock them.

6. Radiator Hoses

This hose circulates coolant to maintain the engine temperature. You definitely don't want to have a damaged hose, which could cause a significant problem for your engine, costing you even more. The radiator hose is an essential car component. It could suspend your vehicle's use when not in proper condition. Finding the exact hose for your car can be real trouble, particularly with physical stores.

How to Look For Hard To Find Car Parts 

Broken parts are the norm; they are bound to happen. Here are tips on how to find scarce parts when you need them. After all, “hard to find” doesn’t mean “impossible to find.” 

1. Local Auto Repair Shops

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to find scarce auto parts is to call or check local auto repair shops specialising in the make of your vehicle. Mechanics typically keep essential components of broken vehicles for future use. These repairers have the best connections to finding parts for their jobs. They'll only be too happy to offer advice on where to look when they do not have the needed part.

2. Online Part Finder

Online part finders, such as what we have on, have quite an unlimited reach of auto parts categories and could take your orders and find them for you. The best part is even if you don’t find the part you’re looking for, you wouldn’t have wasted much time in the search process.

3. Dealership

Another way to source for difficult to find parts is to call the car manufacturer’s dealership. Although this might be a complicated process, it is worth it when you have exhausted every other means. The dealership has the connections to directly order the part from the manufacturer if they do not have it in stock. 

There are two major cons with the dealership option: The length of time taken to get a response and the premium price tag exacted on these parts when they are eventually found.

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By Damilare Olasinde