Top Car Parts That You Can Safely Buy Used


Feb 20th, 2020

Top Car Parts That You Can Safely Buy Used

Cars make life so much easier and are a must-have in this harried world. They are expensive to acquire and more so to maintain, but due to the convenience they offer, they remain on top of people's list of needs.

Part of the responsibilities of car owners is maintaining these vehicles in tip-top condition. Upkeep includes replacement of worn-out parts either with new or used car parts that are tested to meet performance specifications. Most of the owners prefer buying old and reconditioned parts to save on cash, and it is quite understandable. Keep in mind, though, that not all used car parts are safe to install. For instance, you will need to consult a mechanic before buying a used engine, unless you're handy about cars yourself.

While that is true, there are auto parts that you can safely buy used.

1. Wheel rims are safe to buy used

The wheel rims are among those parts that add to the beauty of the vehicle. For this reason, most car owners replace old rims with good-condition secondhand rims. Corrosion and peeling off of the chrome finishing is the most common reason for replacing worn-out rims. Also, some owners replace the original rims for more stylish ones even when the old ones are still in perfect working condition. To ensure safety, do due diligence before buying secondhand wheel rims or other car parts.

2. Sunroofs and windows

Windows and sunroofs are parts that contribute to the exterior look and improve the interior ventilation and view of a vehicle. Replacing becomes imperative in case of large cracks and scratches, and a used one is always a feasible option. Also, many owners convert their manual windows to power windows by using old motors and switches. Always buy these parts from a trustworthy used car parts dealer for better quality and performance.

3. Replace old tyres with a used one

Timely replacement of tyres ensures safe travels. If buying a set of all-new tyres is out of the question due to budgetary constraints, you may opt to replace only the flattened tyres with new ones. You can purchase it used at half the price of a new tyre. Many automobile stores deal with slightly-used tyres. Before buying, check the manufacturing date printed on the side of the tyres. 

It can sometimes get pretty challenging when the need to replace tyres arises while travelling because it’s not easy finding a trustworthy used parts dealer. The prudent thing to do is always to have a spare tyre, whether used or new.

4. Buying used side mirrors is also cost-efficient

Side mirrors or rearview mirrors are crucial for driving especially on highways and should instantly be replaced if damaged. You can save money by replacing a broken mirror with a used one. Compass display, fixation of indicator lights, and certain other features make new side mirrors costlier. You can find a smart replacement from a junkyard at almost half the price. For ultimate performance, always replace rearview mirrors explicitly made for your car's make and model.

5. Replace damaged transmissions with rebuilt or reconditioned units

The smooth operation of your vehicle depends on the transmission used in it. There are two types of transmissions - manual and automatic. Most of the new cars have a dual-clutch transmission type that enables manual transmission with computerized controls. Replacing an old transmission with a new one often goes beyond the budget of the owners, so resorting to used transmissions is quite common.

6. It is safe to buy used interior parts and furnishing

You can safely replace old interior parts and furnishing with used ones that match the layout of your vehicle. Seats, floor mats, steering wheel, and interior trim pieces can be replaced after these are worn out. The replacements you buy from used car parts dealers may also have some wear and tear, so make sure to inspect meticulously.

7-Rebuilt alternators are a suitable replacement for a damaged one

A failing alternator will have issues generating current and can cause the battery to drain. In general terms, a damaged alternator will lower the efficiency of your vehicle and should be immediately replaced. Rebuilt alternators with new wire windings are readily available from used car parts dealers. 

Buying these parts used is generally safe, not to mention budget-friendly. Other car parts work as well even when bought secondhand, including rebuilt or remanufactured engines, but you’re better off buying them with the help of your mechanic. 

In conclusion, when buying used second hand car parts, always search diligently and buy only from reliable sellers and online auto parts platforms.