What is a car Service and what gets checked ?


Sep 28th, 2019

What is a car Service and what gets checked ?

Car servicing is the periodical check-up of a vehicle even if it shows no mechanical issues to keep it safe, reliable, fully functional, and efficient. The servicing may be interim or full servicing. Interim servicing is a minor check-up of a vehicle in between the full servicing. Full servicing is a more comprehensive check of almost all parts of a car. 

Unlike the annual inspection, vehicle servicing is not a legal requirement in many countries which make many car owners overlook the exercise. The need to service your vehicle and to service it on time cannot be over-emphasized. Skipping and delaying the servicing is a grave mistake to avoid at all cost. Below are answers to common questions people usually ask about servicing their vehicles.

After how long should you service your car? - There is “no one fits all” answer on when to service your vehicle. Different vehicles have different servicing intervals. To be sure about when to service your vehicle, it is essential to check the manufacturer-recommended service schedule. Alternatively, you can consult the certified car experts listed on our catalogue, and they will give you a conclusive answer.

How do I know my vehicle require services? - The surest way of knowing if your car needs servicing is by checking your car mileage. Every vehicle requires servicing after covering the manufacture’s recommended distance. Luckily the modern automotive have monitoring systems that inform the driver when servicing is due. 

Image result for check engine warning light mercedes

Image 1: A modern Vehicle dashboard display warning the vehicles requires service
 (source: cars.com)

There are signs however that indicate your vehicle needs servicing that include:-

  • Engine Warning light - when your car engine displays the “check engine” warning light it is advisable to take your vehicle for a maintenance check.

Image 2: The different types of engine warning light

  • Strange noises - strange noises only means the vehicle has developed problems. If you hear any unusual sounds from your car, it’s wise to service your vehicle as soon as possible. Strange noises to look for include: uneven engine noise when the car is idling, squealing when braking, and metal-on-metal scraping sound. Also, louder than the usual sound from the exhaust, whining noise from the engine, or disturbing crunching sound when you change the gear among other unusual sounds.
  • Reduced ride comfort - failure to service your vehicle also leads to reduced ride comfort. With time and usage, the suspensions and shock absorbers wear, the wheels lose their alignment, and the moving/rotating parts starts vibrating requiring servicing.
  • Vibration or pulling when braking:- the worn-out braking pads/liners and the worn-out breaking drums/disks causes the vibration and pulling. Service your vehicle as soon as possible as soon as you start experiencing such.
  • Heating engine - the heating of the engine is another sign all is not well with your vehicle. If you realize any rise in engine temperature, take the car for servicing promptly. 
  • Leaks, smoke, or steam coming from under the hood:- these are clear signs your vehicle needs attendance. It is losing essential fluids, its exhaust system is perforated, and the cooling system is faulty. Driving such a car may be risky, and it is advisable to take prompt action and service your vehicle. 
  • Increased fuel consumption - this is one of the signs and symptoms of a vehicle requiring servicing. When engine components start wearing out such as the sparkplugs, the car consumes more fuel more as the driver pushes the car to operate normally.
  • Loss of engine power:- underserviced vehicles also lose their efficiency. The vehicle performance deteriorates, and it consumes more fuel than usual to cover a given distance or carry a given load. Take your vehicle for services when you notice any change in performance.
  • Noticeable wear and tear - some wear and tear such as worn-out tires, broken belts, etc. are easily visible from a naked eye. These worn-out parts lead to heightened wear and tear of other components. Thus, it is advisable to replace them and if possible service the vehicle to have even the hidden parts checked.
  • Bushes and Boots from control arms, panard rods, diff mounts, engine mounts ( pretty much anything that’s designed to absorb the vehicles vibrations.

What does a full car service include? - A full car servicing is a comprehensive check of all parts of the vehicle including


  • Grease and lubricants, 
  • Changing old oil & oil filters, 
  • Changing dirty fuel filters, 
  • Changing clogged Air filters, 
  • Checking on the AC
  • Topping up essential fluids such as clutch fluid, windscreen wash, steering fluid, braking fluid and antifreeze
  • Checking the brakes (pads/liners, discs/drums), 
  • Checking on the steering system (steering fluid), 
  • Checking the suspension/shock absorbers,  
  • Checking the tires, 
  • Wheel bearings and wheel alignment, 
  • Spark plug check, 
  • Engine inspection
  • Checking on the sensor (such as the tire-pressure sensors),
  •  Windscreen wipers check, 
  • Lighting and electric functions check, 
  • Timing belt/timing chain check, 
  • Checking error codes in ECU rectifying the errors, 
  • Other additional safety checks

 How much will it cost to service my car?  - The cost of service one vehicle is different from the other depending on the size of the car, the model, and the components that need replacing. An interim servicing will also cost you less than a full service that is more comprehensive. When you service your vehicle with Carpart.com.au service providers, you will get a detailed quotation upfront.
What happens if you don’t service your vehicle? - Failure to services your car leads to the vehicle losing its power and eventually its functionality. Such automobiles are also unsafe as essential functionalities such as braking, steering, and light indicators occasionally fail. Fuel consumption also goes up, and the ride becomes uncomfortable. Besides, the lifespan of the vehicle also reduces drastically, the maintenance cost sky-rockets, and the vehicle resale value reduces when there is no evidence of regular servicing

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