When To Junk Your Old Car – 10 Signs You Can't Miss!


Dec 03rd, 2020

When To Junk Your Old Car – 10 Signs You Can't Miss!

Sometimes it's wise to let go and sell your car. After years of service, taking you to those long memorable road trips, it may be hard to let go of your car. The time comes when it becomes necessary, though, and knowing when to get rid of it is everything. It saves you from unnecessary stress and expense. 

How do you know that it's time to junk your old car?

Watch out for these ten signs!

1. You are spending more on repairs.

Do you find yourself buying spare parts every so often? Do you visit the mechanic for expensive repairs more frequently now? The moment you notice you're spending more money on repairs than the value of the car, it's time to let go.

Minor repairs are expected from cars that have reached their 5-year milestone, but engine or system repairs are where you draw the line. Stop throwing money on the sink by spending more on repairs than the resale value of the car. It doesn't make sense.

2. You want a safer vehicle.

Sometimes the desire for a safer car arises from an experience, or change in circumstances. It could be that you are about to become a parent or had a close call.

Parents are responsible for ensuring their kids’ safety and so will naturally look for a safer vehicle. Your old car probably doesn't have a collision warning system or lane assist technology, but newer models almost always do.

3. The engine continually requires checks.

Although the check engine light can be triggered by minor engine issues like a loose gas cap, it’s not okay if it continually pops up. If you find yourself always going to the mechanic to have a check engine light issue sorted, it might be time to let go.

4. You see the need for an upgrade. 

It never hurts to drive a nicer, newer car. If you can afford it, then, by all means, buy a new one.

You may be getting a promotion, having a larger family, or finished college and getting your first job. Whichever the reason, you should not stick to the old if the new will serve you better.

5. It no longer serves the purpose.

That old two-seat cabriolet, which you bought as a bachelor, might not be as useful or suitable anymore if you now have a baby to bring to doctor’s appointments and the like. You will need a more spacious family car and a safe one at that. If the vehicle no longer fits your needs, then, by all means, dispose of it.

6. You can't legally sell the car.

It may have occurred to you that it's time to let go, but you realise that you lack the title to the car making it impossible to sell it.

You can make money junking the car, but make sure to keep the vehicle's records, including its sale.

7. It is visibly rusty.

A rusty car is not only ugly, but it's also dangerous. If the car is rusty in most areas, it's time to let go. The rust can be hazardous, especially if it's in the undercarriage. Corrosion leads to fumes finding their way to the cabin, and rusty brake lines can turn an adventure into a horror story.

8. The mileage is over the roof.

Once you notice the mileage going beyond 200,000 km, it may be time to junk it. This is the sort of mileage that will have you spending thousands on repairs. The best thing to do here is just junk it.

9. Parts are falling off.

There's no beauty in a car with parts held together with duct tape. If you notice you are frequently attaching car parts that are detaching, it's a sign of the car ageing. It looks terrible and may land you in trouble. Plus some insurance companies will not cover your car.

10. There are no interested buyers.

No one will buy a defective vehicle or one that will cost more to fix. So if you aren't getting offers for it, it's a sign that you should junk it.

What do you need to prepare before calling for car removal?

You don't want to have your plates used in a crime, do you? That's why it's advisable to make sure you remove your plates and keep them. Plus you will be required to return them when cancelling registration or junking it.

You should remove the valuable parts which you can sell. The GPS device, audio system, and rims are some components you should remove. You can sell some useful engine components.

Once you decide to junk it, cancel the insurance. If you had made an advance payment, see if you’re eligible for a refund. 

Check the gas tank to make sure it's empty; it makes the process easier for the removal company. Plus, if there's enough gas to run a block, you can take one last cruise on your baby before letting it go. A proper send off!

NOTE: This might not be the guide for you if you have a classic car! There's a proper way to part away with a treasure that appreciates with time. If you can't keep it anymore for whatever reason, you can sell it via Carpart.com.au instead and earn top dollar from it.

By Eric Anyega