Why Rotate Tyres


Sep 17th, 2019

Why Rotate Tyres

Purpose: Achieve Even Wear and Tear
Rotating the tyres ensures that there are even wear and tear patterns between the rear and the front tyres. Most modern cars are front-wheel drive. The front and the rear tyres wear differently since the front tyres carry more weight.  Besides, the numbers of turnings by the front tyres affect the rate of wear and tear on the front tyres. This makes the front tyres to wear faster compared to rear tyres. After driving for many kilometres, the front tyres will have been exposed to more wear and tear. It creates the need to balance the rate of wear and tear of the tyres.

Avoid Accumulation of Brake Dust
Make sure to rotate the front wheels due to accumulated Brake Dust and rust on the front wheels. The front wheels are involved in 80 per cent of the braking process. Failure of the brakes is risky and can cause a severe accident. Accumulated brake dust is an indication that the tyre rotation is overdue and it is caused by the constant braking process of the front wheels. Rotating the tyres will ensure that there is no accumulation of the dust brake, ensuring that your car brakes are working correctly.

Extend the Life of Your Tyres
When the front tyres have more stress compared to the rear tyres, they tend to wear faster. The weight of a load causes the pressure on tyres, or the terrain one is driving on. By rotating the front tyres and taking them to the rear, they will be exposed to less weight and fewer turnings, thereby increasing their lifetime. The rear wheels at the time of rotation will not have been exposed to significant wear and tear. Therefore, they can still be used as front tyres.  

Maintain Even Tread and Uniformity in Tyres
Rotating tyres maintains even tread and wear in the depth of your tyres that maintain uniformity in tyres. This will also improve the braking performance of your car and also improve its ability while turning. Treads on the tyres ensure that there is friction between the road and tyres. It is essential so that when you apply brakes, your car does not skid. When the vehicle has excellent braking performance and ability to turn, it improves the safety of the car while driving. This prevents your car from sliding when you apply the brakes. It will also ensure that your car has safe and consistent handling characteristics.  

Saves Money
Rotating the tyres of your car saves your money since it will increase the life span of your tyres. When tyres wear out, you should switch and move them to the side where they are not exposed to much stress.  In such a case, rotation saves you the cost you would have incurred while purchasing new tyres. It also prevents you from buying new tyres prematurely ensuring that you only purchase new tyres when there is need to do so.