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How Much Does EV Charging Cost In Australia?

Manufacturers  ·  February 8, 2021

How Much Does EV Charging Cost In Australia?

What’s keeping you from making the leap from ICE vehicles to EVs? The biggest roadblock to fully embracing electric vehicles used to be the price of the car; now it’s range anxiety. Another obstacle is the availability and cost of charging an EV. 

If you’re on the fence about going electric, it’s important to be assured that charging electric vehicles is available and affordable to you. So let’s jump right in.

How and where can I charge my EV in Australia?

1. Home-charging, standard wall socket

Yes, you’re right! The first option is right down your nose. The standard electrical wall socket in your garage is the simplest way to charge an EV. However, your household line takes the longest time to power up your car. A typical wall socket provides 2.4kW of charge per hour and will take at least 24 hours to charge an EV from empty to full. 

2. Home-charging, dedicated home wall box

Fortunately, you have a faster option. You can hire an electrician to install a dedicated home wall box. This home-charging station can put out 3kW, 7kW, or 11kW (depending on your car's charger) into your EV battery and can cut the charging time significantly. Full charging time is significantly reduced to 7-10 hours.

3. Public AC charging 

As of August 2020, the Electric Vehicle Council reported that the country has 2,307 public charging stations, of which 1,950 are AC charging stations. These AC charging points can send power to your EV at 7kW-22kW per hour and charge your car from 0%-100% in 4-7 hours. 

4. Public DC charging

Public DC charging is the faster option. DC fast or rapid charge sites provide EVs from 25kW up to 150kW, fully charging a depleted battery in 1-2 hours. DC ultra-rapid or high-powered stations can provide up to 350kW and fully charge a battery in as little as 20 minutes to 1 hour. Of the total 2,307 stations, 357 of these are DC charge points. 

How much does it cost to charge an electric car in Australia? 

Cost to charge an EV at home

Let’s do some number crunching.

The electricity rate in Australia can vary from $0.21 to $0.34/kWh during off-peak hours, depending on which state you live in and what time you charge. The rate may even vary within a state. Suppose you live in Melbourne VIC and drive a Nissan LEAF. 

Electricity price: off-peak rate = $0.21/kwh; peak rate = $0.50/kwh      

Nissan LEAF, energy consumption: 10kWh per 100 kilometres

Cost of EV charging at home, off-peak hours: $0.21/kWh x 10kWh = $2.10

Cost of EV charging at home, peak hours: $0.50/kWh x 10 kWh = $5.00

Home-charging a LEAF from zero to its full range (400km) will cost you $8.40 to $20, depending on what time you plug it to the wall socket. Take note that charging during peak hours will quickly tip off the scales and double the cost. 

Just out of curiosity, let's see how much you'll spend at the bowser for a petrol-fuelled car. For the same distance, an average IC-engine car in Australia consumes about 11L/100km. At $1.35 per litre of petrol (11L x $1.35/L = $14.85), that’s easily $14.85 off your pocket—way, way off the $5.00 cost you’d pay for peak-hour charging! 

Cost to charge an EV at public stations

The cost of charging an electric car at DC public charge points ranges from $0.40 to $0.45 per kWh. At Tesla’s network of 40+ supercharging points scattered around Australia, the rate is $0.52/kWh. Wow, that’s almost the same as home-charging at peak rates but at lightning-fast charging speed! 

To put this in context, charging a Tesla S from low to full will cost around $50. 

So, what is the cheapest way to charge an EV?

It’s plain to see that home-charging is not only the simplest charging method there is, but it’s also the cheapest. Never mind that it’s the slowest, too. You and your EV have got to rest, don’t you? Synchronise your resting hours—both of you—with your charging hours, and things will be seamless. 

Of course, you’ll still need public stations. They are the perfect solution for topping up and eliminating range anxiety. 

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By Jeannette Salanga (JMSL)

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