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Is It Difficult to Find Auto Parts for Small Cars in Australia?

CarPart  ·  December 9, 2020

Is It Difficult to Find Auto Parts for Small Cars in Australia?

New car sales figures show Aussies losing interest in city cars like Kia Rio, Mazda2, and Toyota Yaris. Following that trend, will auto parts for small cars get scarce too? Is it something you should start worrying about?

Year-to-date sales figures in October 2020 show that smaller car segments (micro, light and small) are heading for the exit door. That shouldn't come as a surprise, though – the writings were on the wall since last year. 

Micro car sales were lower by 30.6% compared to the same month last year. Light cars performed worse with a 43.7% drop, while small cars were no better as they endured a 28.8% decline in sales. 

Why are new car sales for the smaller car segments declining? 

In the first place, Australians have not really embraced city cars, as most countries have. The dwindling sales do not surprise us at all, and the free fall is inevitable. 

Second, what may even hasten their departure is their high (and increasing!) sticker price, further diminishing their appeal to buyers. 

Third, the light and small SUVs are gaining speed over these city cars in the new car market. Automakers are giving them more attention and offering them with competitive pricing and exciting features. In fact, light and small SUVs are filling our city roads and parking spaces so fast that we may as well start calling them our 'new' city cars.

Is it still possible to find auto parts for my small car if and when it becomes obsolete? 

Indeed, if you own a small car (or light or micro) – or plan on buying one - you will have to calm that continually nagging question at the back of your mind. What if the car broke down and required some parts? Will it be difficult (or easy) to find auto parts for small vehicles then?  

Car parts for a particular make and model will not disappear from shelves, warehouses, and wrecking yards faster than the car becomes non-serviceable. Manufacturers of discontinued cars commit to continue producing parts for at least 10 years more after rolling out their last production batch.  

Besides, while small cars may eventually thin out in Australia, they will continue to be produced for other global markets with high demand for them. In the country, they will continue to have a unique appeal for first-time car buyers. Therefore, there will always be a source of parts. Read the section below to find possible sellers and sources of auto parts for small cars.

Where do I find car parts for my micro, light, or small car in Australia? 

Whether it's a Toyota YarisMitsubishi Mirage, or a Kia Picanto, there will be shops and wreckers specialising in these small, light, and microcars. If all else fails, there's to help you locate auto parts from sources across the country. 

1. Toyrolla Spares        

Bill Tijan and Tony Lacarruba are the proud owners of Toyrolla Spares, which has been in business since 1988. This company operates on a 3-acre property at 88 Wedge St, Epping, where it stocks a massive range of auto parts for Toyota vehicles, including car parts and accessories for smaller models like the Yaris. 

Toyrolla's reputation in supplying high-quality used auto parts is acknowledged not only in Melbourne but across the country in international markets as well. So even when the demand for small cars will start to wane, rest assured that you will still have sources or them. Parts bought from this car parts wrecker in Melbourne are covered up to 6 months of warranty.  

Contact details:

2. ASV Euro Car Parts

Do you own a Fiat 500 and worry that its parts may start going out of style sooner than expected? Whether it's a Fiat 500, VW Beetle, Mini Cooper or other small European cars you need spare parts for, ASV has got you covered. 

This family-owned and operated company was founded more than 30 years ago by John Soghomonian as a workshop that specialised in European cars and trucks. To ensure that their mechanical repair business had an uninterrupted supply of high-quality auto parts, ASV expanded into recycling used cars for parts. 

If you're anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, you're in luck because their expertise, the broadest range of recycled parts, and customer-focused professional service are within your reach!

Contact details

Don't worry if you're not in WA because they have physical stores in various parts of the country, too. QLD, SA, NSW - you name it, they have stores and websites waiting to serve customers.

3. Total Parts Plus

Mitsubishi cars are amongst the vehicles trusted by Aussie drivers, and the Mirage is one of those. It is often described as small in size but big in stature. To obtain Mitsubishi spare parts, be it the urban-driver Mirage or its larger siblings like the Outlander or Challenger, make sure you have Total Parts Plus within your radar. Why? They're one of the most reliable Mitsubishi wreckers in Brisbane. The parts they offer are already cleaned and tested, waiting on the shelve for buyers like you. Plus they offer a 3-month warranty (unlimited KM) and no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. What could be better than that?

You may reach this trusty Mitsubishi wrecker through their Brisbane address. They deliver three times daily within Brisbane and are more than glad to serve you if you come from any of the other states. For ease and convenience, you may also connect to them online or give their sales team a call via the numbers and contacts below:

4. New Model Wreckers

While it's the Kia Cerato that has always made it to Australia's new car sales charts, Kia Picanto is not left behind. It's a favourite amongst first-time car owners and city dwellers. When it comes to Kia wreckers, you needn't go farther than New Model Wreckers. They've got a full range of Kia models – from hatchbacks, sedans, and wagons to crossovers and SUVs – in different model years. 

Take comfort in knowing that a specialist in Kia cars and spare parts operates right in the midst of Sydney. It ships nationwide, too, so if you're outside NSW, that's not going to be a problem. This family-run business was established since 1992, bringing with them their long-history of expertise and commitment to every customer that they serve.

Waste no more time, and get that old Kia the loving it needs! Find the part it's been missing for a long time. Here are NMW's contact details: 

5. Fetter's Auto Parts

The stylish Mazda2 is another compact car that catches the eye of the urban dweller. You get to choose between a sedan or hatch – both small packs of glitz and performance. It's perfect for one who needs to zip past busy roads and squeeze into tight parking spaces daily. If you have one and are wondering whether it'll have auto parts available in the future, worry not, there will always be Aussie wreckers dedicated for Mazda models. 

Fetter's Auto Parts is one, and it's also one of our Wreckamended Wreckers, meaning, has vetted it as one of the go-to wreckers this side Down Under. This family-owned wreckers business is a pioneer in this industry, having been in operation since 1955. Get in touch with them through the contact info below:

So what's the bottom line about small cars?

Don't let the dwindling market fool you; small cars will stick around for longer and the auto parts to use in them for much longer. The young car owner segment and urban dwellers will keep this market alive, albeit not as vibrant as the SUV and hybrid sectors. But, hey, if you look at the hybrid-compact range, that's where the direction this trend is taking. In other words, take a hint before you start picking just any small car! 

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By Jeannette Salanga (JMSL)                                       

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