Better of working together !

For Wreckers, By Wreckers

Dec 12th, 2018

Better of working together !


A wrecking yard is a place of business where wrecked, unused and decommissioned cars are disassembled, and the parts are sold out. The parts of the car that can still be used are sold and used for vehicles still working. The unusable parts which is the scrap metal parts are sold to companies which recycle metals. Other names for wrecking yards are wreck yard, salvage yard, wrecker's yard, and scrapheap. The name may vary from place to place.

 Many wrecking yards are usually found on a local level. When a car is wrecked beyond repair, has some faults that cannot be fixed or it is not worth the money required to fix it, the owner might sell it to a wrecking yard. In some cases, the car may be left where it was damaged and as such the owner might sell the car to the wrecking yard and they will have to haul the car away from where the car was damaged and not allowed to be. Wrecking yards also buy cars that are wrecked, damaged beyond repairs or derelict vehicles that are sold by the police from their impound lots. The wrecking yards may also choose to buy damaged cars from insurance tow yards, these are cars insured with the insurance company and got damaged. The wrecking yard might be forced to tow the damaged cars from where they are to the yard. But this does not happen frequently, most of the time the vehicles are driven into the wrecking yards. The damaged cars are arranged in rows and on top of each other. A well-organized yard will keep notes of the damaged parts in all the cars in the yards and their location in the yards. This makes their job easy and not that difficult, these notes are kept in their office, and some yards have computerized systems for easy access to information. All vehicles and cars brought to the yard have about 75% of their parts used for other goods or recycled.

 Satellite part finders services have become necessary and are being used to find wrecking yards from a single source.  Before now these services was called call centers, they charged a premium call rate to various wrecking yards and make an inquiry to different wrecking yards to know if they have the needed parts in their warehouse. Now, these services are found on the internet with their various website. They also used email services to get instant feedback on the available parts in the wrecking yard. 

 Most times highly demanded parts are removed from cars and kept in wrecking yards warehouse. This makes the parts to be accessible to the workers at the wrecking yards when such apart is being ordered for by a customer. Some wrecking yards might give a reduced price to customers if they remove the needed parts from the cars themselves rather than their staff member doing the work of removing the parts from the damaged cars. This type of wrecking yard is known as “You Pull It yard."  Sometimes customers do call in to see if the specific items or parts needed are available at the wrecking yards. If the needed part is available, the customer has to make a deposit and pick the part at another time. It is common to see wrecking yards with installation services, but sometimes the customer brings in his installation agent.

  The parts disassembled from damaged cars are those that can be used and resold by the wrecking yards. Some late model vehicles will have their entire halves or body portions removed and stored while other parts like the engine are removed and sold out. These parts are usually sold to auto- parts companies that rebuild the parts and sell it with a guarantee. They may choose to see the component as-is in used condition; this is done without guarantee most times. Windshields and windows are removed most times and resold to those in need of it. Wrecking yards may also sell damaged but repairable cars to amateur motor builders, or older models to collectors, these collectors might choose to repair the cars for their personal use, entertainment or for resale most times. These cars are known as "rebuilders."


We have talked about what a wrecking yard is and have familiarized ourselves with its operations. We want to talk about the benefits of two yards working together to improve their services. This might seem strange for two company in the same business working, and one might say that there are no benefits that can be derived from such arrangements. But that is not true at all. A lot of benefits can be gained by the two wrecking yards working together rather than working against each other. The benefits are outlined below.

  1. INCREASE CREATIVITY AND LEARNING: The Idea of creativity increases when two wrecking yards work together to better their services to their customers. When two wrecking yards come together and brainstorm on ideas as a group, the stale viewpoints that usually arise from working alone is stopped and prevented. When for example a wrecking yard A finds a better idea and way of removing parts from cars with ease and less time and decides to share it with wrecking yard B, productivity is increased at both ends. Also if wrecking yard B finds a unique way of arranging vehicles and cars in the parking lot and decides to share it with wrecking yard A, both yards will benefit too. This will then increase their income as new ideas are being found and utilize for the betterment of their business. It might at first seem wise for both yards to keep their ideas to themselves because they might feel they will get more customers and income, but statistics have shown that by sharing new ideas, income will increase at both sides. This is one of the most important reasons why two wrecking yards should cooperate between themselves so that their customers will enjoy better service.
  2. COMPLEMENT EACH OTHER RESOURCES: When two wrecking yards come together and work in other to increase their quality of services, their resources increases also. Wrecking yard A might want to tow a vehicle from the location where it is damaged but has no towing vehicle because their towing vehicle is bad, instead of losing that deal, he can simply ask wrecking yard B for it's towing vehicle and this will save him from losing that deal. This shows that the working together of two wrecking yards increases their revenue and income through shared resources. This especially when a piece of equipment needed to do a particular job is not available. The employees in the wrecking yard can quickly ask from the employees in the next wrecking yards. This, at first sight, seems not very productive because of the competitive spirit among various wrecking yards. But after weighing the profits and loss involved in such a partnership, you will be convinced that it is the right step to take.
  3. INCREASES THE CHANCES OF SUCCESS: when two wrecking yards partners with each other, their success rate increases marginally. This is because they will share their resources, workforce sometimes and even their ideas with each other. This will keep both businesses at an equal pace with the innovation and ideas around them, helping them to provide better services to their customers. This will also create a working environment where trust and confidence reside for the two wrecking yards. When there is trust between both yards, you can be rest and sure that income and productivity will increase.
  4. CREATE A BETTER BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP: when two business aligns with one and other, their relationship is bound to increase. This is the same for two wrecking yards who cooperate with one another. The relationship between them will no doubt favor both parties. And when one wrecking yard is in need of assistance, the other one will render a helping hand.
  5. TEACHES CONFLICT RESOLUTION SKILLS: Conflict occurs when two business are competing with each other. Employees from both sides may sometimes wrestle with each other for customers. But when there is a partnership between both wrecking yards, the employees will find a way to sort their differences. This will, therefore, help both parties to gain knowledge about conflict resolution. These skills can then, in turn, be used by the employees in setting their differences between themselves in the same wrecking yards.
  6. MORE MONEY IS SAVED: when there is a partnership between two wrecking yards, they will both saved more money. This is because they can share their resources with one and another when they lack it. Money is also saved when they share the cost of advertising and marketing together. This partnership will no doubt save them more money. This is quite better off when they compete with each other and spend more on resources and other expenditures.

The benefits of two wrecking yards partnering with each other are very numerous. The ones above are just a few of them. Taking a look at the benefits, It is therefore advisable that wrecking yards cooperate with each when the time arises.