Full Service Yards Vs Self Service Yards

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Jan 08th, 2021

Full Service Yards Vs Self Service Yards

Aussie wreckers offer their clients an option to pull the parts they need by themselves (self-service yards) or have an employee do it for them (full-service yards). At face value, it may seem that the two are the same, but they’re not. 

Although they offer cheaper parts, self-service yards require you to have technical knowledge of car parts, including how to extract them successfully. Here's what you need to know about full service and self-service yards, including the pros and cons of each. 

How Do Full-Service Yards and Self service Yards Differ?

This is an essential aspect as it affects your decision on which is ideal for you even before going into the pros and cons. If you are knowledgeable about car parts, the self-service yard will be suitable for you. If not, consider full-service yards (unless you have your mechanic willing to extract parts for you). 

Full Service Yards

How they operate

Full-service yards, many of which are Wreckamended Wreckers by Carpart.com.au, operate differently from self-service yards. They remove, clean, prepare, sort, and store the parts. All you need to do is identify the parts you need, and their technicians will locate it from their warehouse or find a car with that specific part, extract it, and then deliver it to your doorstep. One advantage of full-service yards is some will offer extended and labour warranty options.

Full service yards advantages

  1. Cheaper prices as compared to dealerships – You buy car parts for a fraction of the price they retail at in dealerships. You are getting parts that meet the original manufacturer (OEM) standards because they are pulled from your car's exact make and model. 
  2. Convenience – We-pull yards have an online presence and will deliver parts on request. The perk is some of the parts you want to be delivered are already in stock, awaiting your order. They are cleaned and refurbished and ready to ship out to buyers. 
  3. Long-lasting relationship – Because they offer parts for several model cars, you get one dealer who will sort you out for a lifetime. When you change cars, you will not have to worry about finding another dealership. And longevity in a business relationship is beneficial to the buyer as it is to the seller: it's a win-win.

Full-service yards disadvantages

  1. Specialisation – Most of we-pull yards will stock more and more of the newer models, and less of the older ones. This can be an advantage in itself, but to people who choose to hold on to their old-model vehicles, it's a disadvantage. 

Self Service Yards 

How they operate

Self-service yards require you to physically visit the yard, find the car make and model you are working on, and then remove the parts by yourself. You need to have the technical know-how to do this or bring along a mechanic. You-pull yards will cost you less as compared to full-service yards. 

Self-service yards advantages

  1. Cheaper prices compared to full-service yards – Self-service yards do not have employees who remove parts from the junked cars. Therefore, the price charged is that of the part, less labour costs because you will be doing the work yourself. In a full-service yard, the price for a part will include hidden labour costs. 
  2. Convenience – When you visit the yard, you're free to find a car to pull parts from. You take your time, assess the vehicles, and settle on the one you feel is ideal for you. You will not be rushed or forced to wait for an employee to extract the parts for you. 
  3. You get a variety – You get to choose from a myriad of cars. The power of choice means you get the part you desire. What if the make and model I am working on is not available? Since some manufacturers re-badge some model cars, an expert with the technical know-how on cars will extract compatible parts from re-badged models, and they will be compatible. 

Disadvantages of self-service yards

  1. You need to have technical knowledge – Since you will be pulling the parts by yourself, you need to know how to do so correctly. Otherwise, you may damage the car and end up paying for it. Plus, if a mechanic accompanies you, you will have to pay them (labour costs).
  2. Time wasting – Imagine going all the way to the yard only to find the car you want is not available and there are no alternatives. That's what befalls some people who visit self-service yards unprepared. 

You-pull Versus We-pull: Which Is Preferable?

They are both good. However, we would recommend we-pull yards for several reasons. For one, they can deliver the parts to your doorstep. In today’s pandemic situation, that’s valuable. The parts are extracted beforehand, meaning they are readily available. You don't have to waste time going to the yard only to find the part you need is unavailable. 

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By Eric Anyega