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Are There Free Estimates for Car AC Repair Near Me?

Mechanics and Auto Professionals  ·  August 9, 2021

Are There Free Estimates for Car AC Repair Near Me?

It’s winter, and the weather is not as punishing, but it doesn’t mean you can put your car AC concerns on the back burner. In fact, now is the best time to have it checked and repaired after its long, hard work all through the warmer seasons.

If your car aircon is no longer cooling your car the way it used to, or if it’s giving some funny smells or noises, it’s time to call the professionals. So, whom do you call, and how much will a car air conditioner repair cost you?

How do I find a car AC repair shop near me?

You can look around for auto electrical and auto AC servicing shops in your neighbourhood, or you may use online automotive-dedicated directories to do this. Using CarPartAU’s directory was a breeze for me. I chose auto electrical services, then typed my suburb and clicked ‘search directory’. On the lower right corner, a long list of businesses from A to Z appeared. Each name provided all the contact details I needed, including clickable website links. 

Here's how I found an auto AC repairer near me:

I went to this directory; on the search box, I clicked 'auto electrical services' from the dropdown list. I limited my search within the 'Sunshine West' area and found A-Plus Auto Electrical & Air-Conditioning as one of the companies given (there are maybe a hundred more). Clicking on their website, I learned that I could book a service online and leave them a message with my contact details. 

If you prefer mobile car AC repair, you only need to give A-Plus a call, and Scott or Jeremy will be right with you. They offer same-day mobile service if you’re in a rush. 

So that’s just one entry in CarPartAU’s directory; there’s Automotive Air Conditioning, WD Auto Electrical Air Conditioning, Autochill Air Conditioning Services, PTW Auto Electrical Air Conditioning, and many more. 

Is there free checking or free estimates for car air conditioner repair near me? 

Yes, there are. This route works best if you’re not in a hurry and would like to scout several options, weigh the costs before taking your car to a shop. I found out that I could get free quotes for car AC repair near me from car servicing companies – some large networks, others family-run businesses. 

I live around Sunshine West Victoria, so I’ve used a couple of these shops and businesses. The rest are recommended by family and friends from other states:

1. Natrad is one of Australia’s largest auto networks, specialising in auto heating and air conditioning systems. They have been in this business for almost a century now and are all over Australia. In my vicinity alone (zip 3020), I can already find six locations closest to me. If you sign up for Natrad’s loyalty program, you’ll get a one-off special voucher for a free cooling system check, what about that! The voucher is valued at $55, which is a steal of a deal in my book.  

2. Sandgate Auto Electrics and other local multi-generational family businesses started decades back by servicing their neighbourhood. They became specialists in their field over the years. Sandgate is not an auto AC repairer near me, but some members of my family love to talk about their great experiences getting their car ACs serviced here.

The McArthurs who own Sandgate hold fast onto their slogan ‘Moving with the Times,’ as they modernise their operation and keep their customer relations to the highest standards. You can check out their credentials, Google rating, and third-party approval, or book a call and request a free quote here! This is a go-to AC repair shop for car owners living in Brisbane and nearby suburbs.

3. AME Automotive is where you can get a free estimate for a car air conditioner repair if you’re in Perth. This family-run business offers 100% guarantee on their service (or your money back) and 12-month warranty (or 20km, whichever comes first) on repairs. How’s that for assurance on quality? You can get a quote, or you may also give them a call and ask for their free AC diagnostic voucher valued at $49.

Many other car AC repair places offer free quotes and free vouchers, but do you have an idea how much the actual services cost? Not all ACs have the same issues – some cars may only require regassing, while others could be worse off and involve a damaged compressor. So how accurate are these AC repair estimates?

How much does a car AC repair or service cost? 

1. Regassing – the cost for a standard aircon regas ranges from $100-$250, depending on what other services go with the procedure. It’s not a simple draining of the old gas and refilling of a new one. The technician will safely remove the stale refrigerant, inspect the system for clogs, moulds, and leaks, and do minor repairs before recharging it with fresh refrigerant. 

Most cars require this procedure done every two years, but it's best to check what your car owner’s manual says.

2. Minor AC leak repair – worn-out rubber rings, cracked hoses, and rusted junctions can cause leaks within the system. These need to be replaced and fixed before regassing, so expect to pay around $300.

3. Major damage in the AC system – when your AC blows only hot air, and especially if the odometer reads over 150,000km, the issue is likely caused by a damaged compressor. If it’s so badly damaged to fix, prepare to spend $500 to $1400 for a replacement. The longer it takes for the technicians to do the procedures needed to fix the problem, the more you pay for labour.

4. Full system repair and servicing – if the defective compressor has already caused damage to other parts, your air conditioning system may require more extensive repairs and replacement of parts. Costs could easily climb from $2,000 to $4,000, depending on your car’s make and model and the extent of the problem. 


You will easily find car AC repair free estimates or get free quotes from auto AC repairers near you. However, those are estimates based on the information you provide and may not cover everything yet. 

For instance, if you told them there’s a foul smell coming from the vents, it could mean your cabin’s air filter and lines require cleaning or replacing. You’d receive a quote for that, but if the actual job entailed more extensive procedures, like rewiring burnt circuits or treating moulds or bacteria, the total cost would likely exceed the quote you got. Anyway, most shops will inform you of additional costs before proceeding.  

If you found this article useful, please feel free to share it with your friends and family. You will find more of these friendly tips for car-owners in our blog


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