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General Wrecking Yards Vs Specialised Wrecking Yards

CarPart  ·  November 27, 2018

General Wrecking Yards Vs Specialised Wrecking Yards

When it comes to wrecking yards, which is better? To be a general wrecker or to specialise in one vehicle make? 

General Wrecker Vs Specialised Wrecker: The Difference

As a general wrecker, you will wreck and salvage auto parts from different makes and models of cars. Auto mechanics and individual car owners looking for car parts from all sorts of makes and models make up your potential market. 

On the other hand, being a specialised auto wrecker means that you will only salvage car parts from one vehicle brand but across the models of such brand. The big question is, are you better off being a specialist, or should you be a general wrecker? 

Being a general wrecker has its advantages and disadvantages, and the same goes for the specialist. To make a choice, ask yourself some questions. Start with what interests you and what you hope to achieve with your wrecking yard. Then ask the more strategic questions like how much do you want to maximise your rate of earning and more. 

So to the confused, here are some great ideas that we hope will help you decide on your dreams with more conviction.

 Being a Specialised Wrecker May Be Your Best Bet  

As a specialised auto wrecker, you will focus on salvaging used parts from specific brands of vehicles. You could choose to be a Mercedes wrecking specialist, Toyota, BMW, Jeep - you get the idea. 

Car owners prefer dealing with a specialist

No matter what brand you choose to specialise in, people who own cars in the brand you specialise in will be interested in looking for professionals like you. To them, it means that they will get better service and will be dealing with a pro who knows about their car. 

While general wreckers may also have a broad knowledge about most makes and models, it is only quite common to assume that a specialised wrecker who spends most of his time salvaging parts from a specific car brand will have much more in-depth knowledge about their chosen brand.

Customers like their options filtered

Choosing an auto wrecking yard to shop from can be difficult for car owners because there are so many options to make choices from. Deciding what wrecker will suit your needs and the needs of your car is easier when you have to pick between a general wrecker and one that specialises. 

General wreckers continuously have to divide their work time into salvaging parts from any and every car brought to them. The case is different from specialised wreckers. They focus on one car brand, which means they stay dedicated to anything and everything about that brand, from the most common auto part to the rarest. Car owners will naturally tilt towards a wrecker who specialises in their car brand. 

Specialised training and experience   

You wouldn't go to a computer shop that sells only Mac parts if you're looking to buy accessories for a Dell computer. This same logic is applicable when it comes to cars. Specialised wrecking yards have highly-trained personnel who have mastered the intricacies of a specific brand of vehicle, as well as, the best ways to salvage and preserve the best auto parts. 

While general wrecking yards may have considerable experience with different car makes and models, a specialised understanding always stands out in the first interaction. 

This is not to say that general wreckers are inexperienced, but when you spend more years dealing with one type of make, that specialist knowledge is bound to help in better parts salvaging and more precise diagnosis of faulty auto parts with all the twists and practical solutions to help fix them.

A loyal client base  

General wreckers attract a lot of customers because they happen to cater to the bigger market pie. However, this market pie does not represent their loyal client base but their customers at large. In other words, these customers come and go because they can get these same parts from the next auto wrecker in the neighbourhood. 

It's quite a different picture with a specialist's clients who will be willing to locate a specialised wrecker whom they know has all the rare parts, has in-depth knowledge about their car, and provides quality. It makes customers feel safer, and they tend to stay loyal. 

When car owners know that you salvage parts for their car brands alone is usually enough to make them come back to you every time they need parts. With the right attitude and responsiveness to customers, you can easily retain clients for a lifetime. 

Expert Advice: Consider Specialised Car Wrecking  

If you are still confused about being a general or specialised auto wrecker, we strongly recommend specialising in one brand.

The skill, precision, and expertise you gain from salvaging one kind of car make can be channelled into other car brands, too. It is good when you have more than one option to choose from, and it is easier to move from being a specialist to general wrecking should you feel the urge to up your game.

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