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Genesis GV80

Car Reviews  ·  June 24, 2021

Genesis GV80

Genesis recently released the GV80 to the market in 2020 as its first luxury SUV. The GV80 was meant to target customers of the BMW X5 and the Mercedes GLE Class. Genesis has also declared that it will not be the last since the G70 saloon and the GV70 crossover are scheduled to hit the market soon. 

As the first SUV of Genesis, the GV80 has received considerable hype from its manufacturers and several reviews. Still, the question is, “Does it measure up to what the market considers a luxury SUV?” We’ll see.


It definitely looks like a crossover than a large SUV, but that was probably the intention. It looks beautiful with blended elements attained from other well-known brands. The huge grille, which is rather conspicuous on Genesis' sedan models, seems to fit rather well on the GV80. It looks imposing, like a government vehicle would. 

The quad LED lights are a nice touch also, giving a futuristic attribute to the front fascia. They are bisected by running lights that wrap around the side and stitch the beltline to the rear taillights. The rear end, though, cuts like a wagon resulting in a sloping roofline. The shape of the rear quarter windows also illustrates the way the cut comes together.


The GV80 was made to seat five with about 39 inches of legroom in the back, but the middle passenger could feel more of the legroom. To its credit, the GV80 is surprisingly roomier than a lot of luxury midsize SUVs. 

The quality of the materials within the cabin is excellent, including stitched leather and wood trim even for the average model classes. That is supplemented by great head and shoulder room in the front and second rows. There is a third row also though it’s more suited for children. Access to it is easy, considering there are buttons on the seats and the vehicle's tailgate. 

The centre console is a thing of beauty and combines with the gear lever, which is a ring that can be adjusted to the preferred movement. A ring above it controls the infotainment interface if the driver does not want to do it by touch.

Performance of the GV80

Fortunately, the GV80 is slightly brisk off the starting line. It has slightly more power than its German counterparts. The mid-level trim is available with a 2.5-litre turbo four-cylinder engine churning 224kW and 422Nm, while the range-topping 3.5 litre V6 twin-turbo option will give 279kW and 530Nm. 

These are linked to an eight-speed automatic transmission, and they are set according to comfort, smart, eco, custom, and sport modes. With the turbo four-cylinder, the GV80 manages 0 to 60 within a time of 6.1 seconds. The V6 engine can do it in 5.3 seconds. Both versions have also been described as athletic in the corners and deliver a quiet ride overall.


These attributes seem impressive on their own, of course, and the characteristics of the competitors are not that much better. The powertrains of both the BMW X5 and Mercedes GLE do not outmatch it. The Genesis GV80 holds well on the motorway, is stable and quiet for a start, and the driver assist systems are pretty good. 

When the driver initiates a turn signal, the camera turns on to show the blind spot. The lane centring and active cruise control systems also have an artificial intelligence element. Even when turned off, the AI watches how sharply the driver steers and corrects on speed and then mimics the driving style when it is turned on the next time. The AI goal is to map the driver's style and reduce their work when the need arises. 

The Genesis GV80 is a significant contender in the luxury class with these technological additions. Safety is also given priority with the driver assistance systems like auto emergency braking with cyclist detection and active lane control. All of the packages that would be present on luxury models are included in the base level trim of the GV80.

What’s the sticker price of the Genesis GV80?

Interestingly, the Hyundai Genesis GV80 does not have a luxury SUV price tag as the base model is $90,600. The advanced trims can reach $108,600 for the 3.5T V6 AWD, and that is reasonable, although its European counterparts would retail at the same price range. 

The expectation for all of the additions given to the GV80 and the fact that it is the first SUV iteration from a fairly new brand was a higher price tag.

What makes the 2021 Genesis GV80 a serious luxury SUV?

The GV80 combines originality, playfulness, and creativity everywhere one looks, from the exterior to the cabin. The design language is quite sophisticated, depicting an elegant but imposing crossover. The sloping roofline adds a touch of sportiness, while the quad lighting is stylish. 

Everything in the Hyundai Genesis GV80 seems bevelled or cushiony. There is some pressure on Genesis as a brand because it is new on the scene, but the same rules may not necessarily apply to BMW, Audi, or Mercedes because they already have a reputation. 

In this case, the 2021 Genesis GV80 has proven its point without necessarily exceeding the boundaries of taste. Even in the base level trim, the user would still get high-end features such as a 14.5-inch infotainment display, heated seating, and a smart posture care alignment system. The smart packaging, attractive design, and attention to detail have surpassed expectations for the crossover. 

In short, it satisfies the benchmark for luxury crossovers at present and adds a few more advantages that the other brands have overlooked. The price tag is also quite reasonable and will be an attractive factor for the significant majority in the market. The Genesis GV80 luxury SUV has begun on the right foot as a first-generation. The benchmark has been set for higher elegance and effectiveness into the future.

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