2019 Canadian Grand Prix - Canada

Grand Prix

Jul 17th, 2019

2019 Canadian Grand Prix - Canada

The 2019 Canadian Grand Prix, also known as the Formula 1 Pirelli Grand Prix du Canada 2019, was held in Montreal, Canada, on 9 June 2019. 

This F1 motor race took place at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, which is popular for hosting similar events. It has, in fact, hosted a total of 40 world championships.

The History of the Canadian Grand Prix Event

It is one of the most popular F1 racing events in not just Canada but around the world. The 2019 event was the 56th running of the event, which started in 1950.

More About the 2019 Canadian Grand Prix Event

The 2019 event will be remembered for a lot of things. The length of the course was 2.71 miles (4.36 kilometers) and it consisted of a total of 70 laps.

The race had some amazing moments. Vettel dominated most of the race and looked like a clear winner.

Hamilton had a rough time even before the race started. The team discovered issues related to the vehicle just a day before the event. There was a hydraulic leak that had to be quickly corrected to ensure Hamilton could hold his position on the track.

His victory came as a great surprise. The win means he now shares his 7 win record at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve with Michael Schumacher.

The 2019 Race Was Full of Controversies

Lewis Hamilton won the race in a controversial manner. Sebastian Vettel, who lost the race due to a penalty, even controversially accused the sports' stewards of stealing his victory.

“This is a wrong world,” said Vettel unable to come to terms with the defeat.

Vettel, who was a fan favorite going into the race, has won the championship a total of four times. He believes the victory was his and made it clear with his words and actions.

In a surprising turn of events, he came back to parc ferme and swapped the numbers to convey who the real winner was. 

Those in attendance and watching home also noticed his actions on the podium, which he joined after being persuaded by the organizers. He stood second with one foot on the first position, with Hamilton, who did not give much of a reaction despite all the happenings.

“This absolutely isn’t the way that I would have wanted to win, but that’s racing,” said Hamilton.

The crowd did not respond very nicely to Vettel’s actions and he received massive boos from the crowd. 

More About the Penalty

Vettel had the lead and Hamilton was right behind him until turn 3 (lap 48) when Vettel got off the track. He forced Hamilton off the track when trying to rejoin the race.

Vettel was the first one to reach the finish line but the controversial penalty, which added 5 seconds to his time, caused him to lose.

The Final Report Card

This is how the final report looked. 




Race Time


Lewis Hamilton



1:29:07.084 25


Sebastian Vettel





Charles Leclerc





Valtteri Bottas



+51.043 13


Max Verstappen

Red Bull




Based on the result, Mercedes is now at the number one position with 295 points, followed by Ferrari with 172 points. Hamilton ranks first with 162 points followed by Valtteri Bottas with 133 points. Vettel stands third with 100 points.

Ferrari’s Request Denied

Vettel's team announced to appeal the decision but the FIA denied Ferrari's appeal to review the penalty due to a lack of evidence submitted by the team.