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How Can I Keep My Car Looking Brand New?

Educational  ·  May 28, 2021

How Can I Keep My Car Looking Brand New?

Everyone likes a brand new car. Neat, dent-free, and fresh smelling. Can anything beat that? 

How about I do you one better? Would you like a car that keeps looking new even years after you first bought it? Indeed, you can learn to make your car like new. Make no mistake; except you’re rich enough to buy a new car every other week, this is your best bet for constantly enjoying the new car feeling. 

Well, let me be clear: there’s absolutely no way to make a car look exactly new after owning it for years. But if you're typical, you're not taking advantage of all the different ways you available to keep your car looking new. Read on for tips on how to make your look as close to brand-new as possible.

Can I Make My Old Car New Again?

Yes, you can. Like I already disclosed, it's impossible to make it new. But with the right approach, you can come close. For best results, planned maintenance should begin from the moment you purchased your car. If you bought your vehicle new, keeping it so is relatively easy and inexpensive, at least initially. But even it's a used one; there are tricks around that too.

Tips for Keeping Your Car New

1. Don't just wash your car. Detail it.

Traditionally, when most people think about cleaning their cars, the first thing that comes to mind is "time to visit the car wash." A basic car wash won't always cut it. For a more thorough cleaning experience and to get that new car feeling, car detailing is often what you need. Car detailing is a far more intricate process than a basic car wash. If your goal is to get a car that's not only clean but also looks like new, do a car detail. Learn more about what car detail entails in our previous post.

2. Get new wheels from time to time.

Wheels don’t look like much, but they are responsible for at least 40% of a car’s general appearance. If you've ever seen a person in a sharp outfit but worn-out shoes, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. And if you haven't, look out for it from now on. You'll see it everywhere.

Changing your tyres gives the car a facelift, a very aesthetically pleasing appearance, and a neat undertone. Not only that, you get your car better grip of the road. How's that for function and aesthetics rolled into one? You could purchase high-performance wheels. They are durable and long-lasting but are not so cheap.

3. Repaint the exterior. 

Getting a new paint job is probably the most popular and efficient way to give your car that new-look feel. It may seem an easy task or decision to make, but they are things to consider. The price (affordability), the colour, and finally, the car paint quality. Getting good quality paint is usually expensive, but you won't be disappointed with the results. With the right colour and quality paint, you are sure to get a new look that overwhelmingly gives your car that brand new feel.

4. Clean the interior.

I’ve found that some people underestimate the transforming power of good vacuuming and thorough washing. You'd be surprised what a professional car washing service can do to your car. Regular cleaning is crucial if you use the car often or have food and beverages in the vehicle, or have little kids. 

The look of your car’s interior is as important as its exterior. As such, you should take care of it. Drive your vehicle to a car wash at least once or twice a month and let it get a thorough clean. 

5. Install a few mods.

In addition to changing your tyres, there are a few other mods and accessories that'll help make your car look good. For instance, you could consider replacing your floor mats, upgrading your ECU, and adjusting the throttle body's cable slack. Read our post for more on mods you can use to boost your car's performance and appearance

6. Fix scratches and dents.

Leaving scratches or dents on your vehicle generally facilitates your car's wear and tear process and makes it look older. So dents and scratches should be fixed immediately. 

7. Replace damaged body parts.

Asides from scratches and dents, which are much easier to rectify, you should replace worn-out body parts. Various parts are sold online or in local retail shops near you.

8. Prompt regular maintenance. 

This one ought to go without saying. Constantly keeping your maintenance schedule goes a long way to ensure your car always performs efficiently and at optimal levels. So please don't skimp on it. 

Everything we've discussed in this post so far is really about maintenance when you think about it. All I've done is to expand your concept of what maintenance entails. 

In addition to the aforementioned, car servicing exercise also includes oil filter changes, fuel filter changes, air filter checks, oil change and general vehicle check-up. 

Putting these tips into practice might seem like a hassle at first, but they will make an old car look new and leave you feeling grateful. There’s no use driving a rickety car around when you pimp that ride.

Browse CarPartAU’s blog for more car maintenance tips or the latest industry news. Also, use our free request-a-part tool to search for any new or used auto parts online.

By Damilare Olasinde 

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