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How Do I Check the Price of My Catalytic Converter?

Catalytic Converters  ·  February 25, 2022

How Do I Check the Price of My Catalytic Converter?

Scrap catalytic converter prices can vary widely, depending on the car brands and models they come from. For example, the most expensive one on the planet in 2020 was worth USD 3,770 and came from a Ferrari F430. However, just because your cat converter costs a lot doesn’t mean that’s what you’ll get for it.

To figure out how much your catalytic converter is worth, it's best to check directly with likely buyers. By comparing the offers of recyclers, wreckers, used parts sellers, and such, you'll get a realistic idea of how much your converter is worth and how much you can get for it.

In this guide, you’ll learn how much catalytic converters are worth in Australia and how you’ll know the fair price for yours!

How Much Is a Scrap Catalytic Converter Worth in Australia?

When you recycle a catalytic converter in Australia, you can get about $250 or more. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to get an exact scrap catalytic converter price because many factors determine its worth.

Key Factors Affecting the Price of Catalytic Converters

  1. The car's brand and model: Some brands fetch a higher catalytic converter scrap price than others, mainly because of the precious metal content in those components.
  2. Original vs aftermarket: Catalytic converters are worth more when installed in a car fresh out of the factory. So, aftermarket cat cons aren't worth much, even as scrap.
  3. The engine type: Your vehicle’s engine type also matters. The catalytic converters on hybrid cars are worth more because they have higher amounts of precious metals in them.
  4. The daily market price for precious metals: The main reason catalytic converters are worth so much in the first place is that there are recyclable precious metals inside. So, the scrap value will change as frequently as the market price for those precious metals.
  5. The buyer's profit margins: The recyclers or other businesses offering to buy your catalytic converter are not the end-users. They still have to tear the cat-con scrap apart, extract the precious metals, then recycle them. So, their offer will depend on how much of their potential earnings they're willing to share with you.

How Can I Check the Value of My Catalytic Converter?

First and foremost, let’s be clear on one thing: You can never get a 100% accurate value on your catalytic converter. 

As you've read in the section above, a long list of factors determines how much your catalytic converter is worth. To make things more complicated, one of those factors relates to the ever-changing market prices for precious metals.

So, the best way to determine the value of your catalytic converter is to see what buyers are willing to pay for it. 

Think about it: It doesn’t matter if your converter is worth even a million dollars if buyers can only pay you a few hundred for it.

So, how much is a scrap catalytic converter worth? Here are the best ways to find out.

#1 Call or Visit

The quickest way to figure out how much your catalytic converter is worth is to interact with the buyers themselves.

Check your local area for catalytic converter recyclers. Then, give them a call or drop by their business.

Your goal here is to ask them how much they’ll offer for your catalytic converter and compare that number with other offers.

At the end of the day, you’ll get a sense of the average value of your converter and how much you can reasonably expect for scrapping it.

#2 Check Daily Rates

These days, plenty of catalytic converter recyclers post daily rates on their websites. Again, these are typically estimates and not hard numbers.

For example, they’ll show current catalytic converter prices in different ranges that they’re willing to pay for converters based on car brands and models.

Besides that, these websites also list the scrap price for each precious metal inside your catalytic converter, whether it's platinum, palladium, or something else.

#3 Check Other Listings

Another useful indicator of how much your cat con might be worth is to check online listings. You will likely find other sellers who put their converters up on sale instead of taking them to a wrecker or recycler.

By looking at those listings and completed sales (if that info is available), you’ll get a clearer sense of how much your catalytic converter is worth.

When you use this method, there's one thing to keep in mind. Some buyers and sellers are interested in catalytic converters for their practical use. They want to buy or sell converters to be installed into a car and used.

However, others might be interested in scrapping the converter and recycling the precious metals inside.

That difference in intention will also affect how those buyers and sellers value the same catalytic converter. The first group will value them based on the converter’s practical usefulness, while the second values the cat-con based on the precious metals inside.

#4 Compare with Other Buyers and Sellers

Last but not least, you can get an average value of your catalytic converter by comparing what sellers are expecting and what buyers are willing to pay.

At the very least, you'll know whether your catalytic converter is valued in the price range of a few hundred Aussie dollars or perhaps even in the thousands.

Is There an App to Check Catalytic Converter Prices?

Yes, an increasing number of apps help users check their catalytic converter prices. However, this isn’t common in Australia just yet.

What Australians do instead is call up recyclers or other buyers directly to get a quotation based on the serial number, car brand, and car model that the converter comes from.

So, for the time being, at least, the best method to find out the current scrap catalytic converter prices in Australia is to check with the buyers (e.g., wreckers and recyclers) directly.

Check out new and used catalytic converters, or put up your cats-con for sale at CarPartAU! The Marketplace is an excellent way to determine how much sellers offer their converters. At the same time, the Part Finder will help you find a new or used catalytic converter if you need one!

By Ray Hasbollah

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