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How Do You Know The Car Part You're Buying Is Correct?

CarPart  ·  December 4, 2020

How Do You Know The Car Part You're Buying Is Correct?

Cars require replacement parts regularly. Car parts go through stress and strains for the car to operate and run smoothly and, thus, are prone to natural wear and tear.

Maintaining cars and sourcing auto replacement parts can be quite expensive. One way to save money is by buying car parts online. A site like links you to a network of sellers in Australia and New Zealand. The platform makes the once-daunting task of locating auto parts easy. 

Buying the right auto parts for your vehicle 

You already know about the different types of auto parts available; this is how you know the specific part you want.

1. Deal only with reputable sellers.

The only way you get quality products is by sourcing from reputable sources. It would be best if you bought from retailers who offered a secure checkout. They should also have a return policy, which is communicated to you beforehand. Excellent customer service is a given for sellers who are dedicated in their business. Their contact details must be displayed on their official website. 

2. Identify a part fit for the specific car.

Have you ever heard of twinned vehicles or those cars that share the same auto parts? These are cars built on the same chassis and share most of the underhood and interior components. They may only differ in their amenities and interior features. Twinned vehicles include the Chevrolet Corvette and Cadillac XLR, Ford Taurus, Mercury Sable, and Lincoln MKS, Hyundai Accent and Kia RioToyota Camry and Lexus ES350, to mention a few.

If you know about your car and know its twin, you could use compatible parts from the twin. But this method is for professionals; you don't want to mess up your car.

3. Remember that one model can have several trims.

Say we have the 2005 Honda Civic. When looking for a replacement part, like its control module, your search will show several leads. What you should know is not all the modules you get will fit your car. Remember, the 2005 Honda Civic has a hybrid and non-hybrid trim. The Hybrid's ABS control module will not be compatible with the non-hybrid engine. 

4. Know the VIN

The variations that exist for every model is one more reason why you need to know about the VIN when buying car parts. With it, you can narrow down your selection. The 4th to 9th characters of the VIN describe your car and some of its parts and systems. Find out more about VIN and how to locate it in your car. 

So you see, you need to know the finer details about your car to ensure that you buy the correct replacement auto parts. 

5. You won’t miss with part codes. 

If you can still decipher the code on the worn part, that would be heaven-sent. Not all parts have codes etched on them, however. 

You may also take out the worn-out part and use it as a sample for comparison. At’s part-requesting tool, you can upload files and images to make sure that the seller gets a realistic picture of the auto part you want. This alternate solution, however, is not as reliable as using part codes. It would be easy for you or the seller to overlook minute details especially for very similar items. 

Not sure about the part? Call the dealership!

The dealership is a sure way to get the correct part. Call them and provide them with your car’s VIN. Ask about the part you need, and they will guide you on how to identify the right part. They can point you to specific dealers if you are not close to their dealership. 

Request a part through

Another way to shop for car parts in Australia is through the Find-A-Car-Part tool by It’s a free-to-use platform where you can place a request for any auto replacement part. You only need to fill out this online form. By providing all the specs and details describing the part you need, you help suppliers find the correct part for you. Make sure to enquire about return, exchange, and refund policies, just in case there are fitment issues.

Get it delivered to you.

Going to shop for parts physically is slowly getting overtaken by the growing online car parts business. Also for COVID-Safe reasons, sellers recommend that car parts be delivered to your doorstep. Check out the website and get a quote today!

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