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How Much Does a Car Window Replacement Cost?

CarPart  ·  October 19, 2021

How Much Does a Car Window Replacement Cost?

We’ve previously explored the issue of replacing and repairing your car windscreen but not the subject dealing with side windows. Even though they're smaller and placed on the sides, these pieces of auto glass play an equally critical role in your car's overall comfort, safety, and security.

Replacing a car side window can cost anywhere from $250-$500 in Australia. That cost covers the glass (either tempered or laminated) and labour. Plus, the cost of tinting and security film so that the replacement glass matches the rest of your car's windows. 

In this guide, we’re going to dive deeper into the topic of replacing and repairing your car’s side window. You’ll find that there are simultaneously plenty of similarities and differences here with replacing your car’s windscreens.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Side Window?

In Australia, you can expect to pay anywhere from $250-$500 for a car window replacement. That broad range of possible costs is affected by the type of window you’re replacing, the work required to install it, as well as any add-ons (e.g., tint and other films) that you’ll need to replace.

Since this is a significant expense for most people, it would be an excellent idea to compare prices between different service providers before choosing one. That way, you’ll know that you’re getting the best price possible for what you need. 

Still, don’t go with the cheapest option if it means sacrificing quality. Remember that your car window directly affects your comfort, security, and safety while driving. Of course, you don’t have to choose the most expensive replacement option, but this is not something you want to skimp on either.

Types of Side Window Glass

Like your car windscreen, the side windows will either be laminated or tempered glass. Between the two types, tempered glass is more commonly used for the side windows on most cars.

You can read our in-depth comparison of laminated and tempered auto glass here. For now, though, here are crucial facts you need to know about these two types of glass:

1. Tempered glass

This type is more standard and more affordable for side windows. However, when the glass gets damaged – even a minor one – it cannot be repaired anymore and will have to be replaced entirely.

In simple terms, tempered glass is cheaper upfront but will cost you later if it ever suffers damage.

2. Laminated glass

Costs more and is, therefore, less commonly used for side windows. However, the glass is repairable (to an extent). So, you can think of laminated glass as the more expensive long-term investment.

Simply put, laminated glass costs more upfront but could help you save money by avoiding another total replacement in the future.

Additional Costs When Replacing Side Windows

Aside from the glass, there are additional costs that you must be aware of when replacing side windows. For instance, a common add-on that’s necessary is window tinting. Assuming the rest of your car windows are tinted, you’ll also need to get the replacement tinted to match the rest of the car.

Not only that, but some drivers also have automotive security film installed on their car windows. If that’s the case for your car, you’ll need to factor that into your total costs as well.

Can You Repair a Car Window Instead of Replacing It?

Car window repair is possible, depending on the type of glass you’re using. As mentioned above, damage to tempered glass undermines its integrity and cannot be repaired. In comparison, you can get a scratched car window repair done on laminated glass by a qualified technician.

The electric car window repair process isn't the same as what you'd expect when repairing or replacing your windscreen. 

Remember that this isn’t a static piece of auto glass like your windshield. Instead, it involves a mechanism that moves it up and down at the push of a button.

If any of those moving parts also need to be repaired, they will add to the car window repair cost along with the glass window itself.

Why It’s Important to Replace a Damaged Side Window

Some car owners might think that a damaged (or even smashed side window) is not something that must be replaced urgently. After all, the car still moves, and you can temporarily cover that window with some kind of plastic sheeting, right?

Well, sure, a damaged or broken side window doesn't affect your car's mobility. However, you must remember that these windows directly affect the following aspects:

Looking for a Car Window Repairer?

You could type in ‘car window repair near me’ into Google’s search bar to find a service provider who can help you with your car window problems. But if you’re looking for a more effective method, check out the Directory over at There, you can narrow down all the auto glass service providers in your area and get in touch with them immediately.

By Ray Hasbollah

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