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How Premcar Pty Produces a New Breed of Cars for Australia

Manufacturers  ·  June 23, 2020

How Premcar Pty Produces a New Breed of Cars for Australia

Not long ago, Australian-based engineering and product development company Premcar disclosed that the Navara N-Trek ute still had room for a high-performance version. The company further revealed that the joint project with Nissan was only but the beginning.

Company director Bernie Quinn gave emphasis on their goal of creating a higher-performing Navara. He added that they have always aspired for the next level, as had been the case in their past OEM engagements. He cited how they have stepped up the game each time, from Ford XR6 to supercharged GTs. They never stopped but have always aspired for the next step instead, and that's the model they have for their Nissan project.

More Brands Could Follow Nissan's Path

Premcar has built its reputation over the years, and the firm's desire for a high-performance ute isn't limited to Nissan. Talks have it that plans are underway between Premcar and other OEMs for a venture similar to the Navara warrior ute program. We might soon see other auto brands such as Ford, Isuzu, Mitsubishi and Volkswagen. 

Meanwhile, Nissan Australia is set to expand the Warrior brand to the Patrol SUV. The expected major changes include off-road enhancement, engine modifications, and aggressive styling. The 4-speed manual transmission Nissan Patrol has a 5.6L V8 petrol engine that punches out 298kW and 560Nm.

Much earlier, Stephen Lester of Nissan Australia pointed out that Premcar was the perfect company to tune the Patrol Warrior. 

Navara N-Trek Warrior

The Navara program represents the new face of the re-emerging domestic automotive industry. It is not the first time Premcar has worked on autos having a history with the Ford Performance Vehicles in the past. The firm has now moved to tune utes on top of sports cars.

Although the Navara ST-X project did reasonably well in the market, it didn’t hit the success expected in the Aussie market. For this reason, Nissan opted to partner with Premcar to unveil the N-Trek warrior. 

The Victoria-based company tunes standard N-Trek utes into N-Trek Warriors that are exclusive for the local market. Below, we have outlined the details of the transformation process.

The Warrior’s Tuning Program

The tuning program is aimed at improving the ute’s performance and drivability, both off-road and on-road. To achieve this, the N-Trek Warrior is fitted with bigger tyres and an upgraded suspension system. This transformation is carried out at the Epping shop in Victoria.

First, the decals are removed using a specialised gun to give way to new [N-Trek Warrior] decals. The ute is then set to the first hoist. After this, work begins on the suspension system. At the rear end, engineers unbolt the sway bar and remove springs and shocks.

As you’d expect, the new shocks that are re-fitted are much bigger. The coil springs are reworked, and the softer initial rate is countered by a much firmer secondary rate. At the front end, the wheels are removed. The bolts are then unfastened before setting the new gear.

The next stop is at the bullbar where things are more challenging due to the precision required in lining up the bullbar with the bodywork. Note that the assembly of the bullbar alone takes quite a while; it requires priming before it's ready. 

The inner guards are primed too for better fitting of the bullbar and tyres. After this, engineers move onto the tow bar. It is the tow bar that tweaks off-road clearance among many other benefits. The Hella light bars, along with the wheel and tyre package, are fitted as well.

The upgrades are almost done at this point. The next stage involves the sports bar and tub liner, followed by wheel alignment to confirm that everything is up to the mark. New decals are set in place, and then the N-Trek Warrior is ready for a test drive. This last step is crucial since it ensures that the speedometer calibration is right and there are no vibrations.

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By Sam O.

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