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How to Find Aftermarket Ford Parts in Australia

CarPart  ·  December 31, 2020

How to Find Aftermarket Ford Parts in Australia

If you are a Ford owner who is new to the aftermarket space, you might be wondering where to buy aftermarket Ford parts in Australia. You might also be struggling with which type of replacement part to buy: aftermarket or OEM parts. Those are worthwhile questions, and this post is designed to help you answer them.

Understanding the difference between aftermarket parts and OEM

OEM parts are made by your car's manufacturer or made specifically for the manufacturer by another company. For instance, Ford car parts are made by Motorcraft, which incidentally is owned by Ford Motor Company. 

Since no one knows a car better than its manufacturer, it's reasonable to conclude that OEM parts provide a superior fit. As you'd expect, they are also pricier than their alternatives. On the other hand, aftermarket parts are produced by third-party manufacturers and are intended to fit as many makes and models as possible. 

Here's a more in-depth comparison of OEMs and Aftermarket parts under three subheads 

Performance: OEM parts have been designed specifically for your vehicle make and model. The specificity ensures optimal fit and performance that allows your vehicle to run at its best.

Quality: With OEMs, you can almost do no wrong. The car manufacturers have a reputation to protect. Producing low-quality replacement parts would be self-sabotaging for them. No doubt, there are several quality aftermarket manufacturers in the market too. Generally, however, aftermarket parts provide an inferior assurance of quality. 

Selection: With the unlimited choices in the aftermarket space, determining which part explicitly fits your vehicle can be challenging. In comparison, if you opt for OEM parts, all you need is the vehicle make, model, year, and a few other details, and you’ll get the specific part you need.

The bottom line is, in terms of quality, OEMs are made equal. But there's a degree of inequality in the authenticity of aftermarket parts. An aftermarket part might be cheaper in the interim, but low quality could negate any savings you might have made upon purchase. To know more about OEM and aftermarket parts, read our post on clearing the confusion one last time.

Where should you look for aftermarket Ford parts? 

Shopping for aftermarket Ford parts is pretty much like shopping for any aftermarket part. Go for the most reputable brands; this is possibly the most important thing to keep in mind when purchasing aftermarket Ford parts. Here are some of the top brands that offer aftermarket part for Ford:

  1. Motorcraft—the official manufacturer of Ford Parts
  2. Robert Bosch
  3. Denso Corp
  4. Magna International Inc.
  5. Visteon

Now that you know what to look for, you can begin your search. Online shopping for aftermarket parts is the more popular method used today. It offers several advantages over brick-and-mortar shopping, namely - quick access, enormous choices, detailed info about the parts, and helpful tips here and there to make a smart decision. 

You get to visit as many stores as you want to compare prices without wasting quality time. Also, there’s the pleasure of quick delivery. To get help buying online, you might want to see our blog post, "Is it okay to buy auto parts online?"

Questions to ponder on before buying aftermarket car parts in Australia

1. How much do you know the part brand, brand quality, and standing?

Understanding a brand's reputation can help you cut through the wide range of options in the aftermarket industry. An easy way around is to do some research on the part brands that offer your vehicle part and check reviews online. Leverage the comments of other users to determine which brand is worth your hard-earned dollars.

2. Are you buying aftermarket parts to carry out repairs?

For most auto mechanics, the decision between OEM and the aftermarket part ultimately depends on how they will be used. Experts do not recommend using aftermarket parts to fix collision damage and replace faulty parts. offers an easy way out is one of the most trustworthy sources of car parts in Australia. Through this website, you get access to every online auto part store, wrecking yard, and used car part store in Australia. 

All you need do is:

  1. Search for your car part on our market page. Or request the part manually if you can't find your desired part in search results.
  2. After filling the request form, wait for offers to come in via email or SMS.
  3. Go through the offers and choose the one that’s best for you.

Try locating a Ford car part now!

By Damilare Olasinde

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