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How to Replace a Door Weather Stripping

Educational  ·  May 29, 2020

How to Replace a Door Weather Stripping

A car’s door weatherstripping is a material that seals the inside of the door from the elements such as water and external air. We know air conditioning uses up fuel, and weather stripping saves you money by conserving heat energy from air conditioners and heaters. 

Do you need new weatherstripping?

Before you even decide on replacing your door weatherstripping, confirm if you need a new one. You can inspect to see if it has any signs of wear and tear. If it starts coming off the door frame or shows signs of cracking, bending, or warping, you need to replace it.

Some other tests you can conduct are: 

Light test

Look through your door on a warm sunny day. If you can see the light through the gaps, then air will be able to pass through these cracks. It means you need new door weatherstripping.

Dollar bill test

Place a dollar bill between the door and its frame. If you can pull the bill out while the door is shut, it's one sure way to tell that air can get in too.

Cold air from outside

If you can feel cold air coming in through the door on a windy day, then you surely need new weatherstripping.

What types of weatherstripping materials are there?


This type of weatherstripping is sold in rolls, either plain or reinforced by a metallic strip. It comes in various lengths, widths, and thicknesses. The felt type, which is the cheapest and least durable, may either be brown, grey or black. It can last you from 1 to 2 years.

Foam tape

A foam tape is what its name suggests – a foam strip with a sticky side. It is a much more durable option than felt and seals off air effectively.

V-shaped vinyl

This is a V-shaped plastic that is folded along bronze, copper, stainless steel, or aluminium strip.

Door sweeps

These are flat aluminium, plastic or stainless-steel pieces that have been fitted with a nylon blade that attaches itself to the outer part of the door.

Tips to Remember Before You Start

1. Check the label of the weatherstripping to see if there are any temperature requirements because some types require a specified temperature to be properly applied. For example, peel-and-stick weather stripping needs at least 50 degrees C.

2. Measure the door and the material a few times to avoid mistakes and wasting the material.

3. Start working on a small area to make sure that the door will close properly after installing.

4. Handle the thin metal with care to avoid bending it as you cut it.

Tools You Need

1. A utility knife or shear for cutting the vinyl 

2. Tin snips for cutting metallic material 

3. A pair of scissors for cutting the foam

4. A screwdriver

5. A hammer 

6. Nails 

Are you going to DIY-replace the door weatherstripping? 

Follow these steps to replace weatherstripping like a pro (the closest you can get to a pro, at least).

1. Remove your old door weatherstripping.

For the peel-and-stick type, pull off the foam strips from the door. However, if screws or nails were used to fasten it, remove them using a screwdriver or pull with a hammer.

2. Prepare the door area.

Clean the door and the frame to remove dirt. You can use sandpaper to remove hardened debris or buildup.

3. Find out how much weatherstripping you need.

Measure the gap between the door and door frame using a tape measure. It will tell you how thick the weatherstripping should be. You also need to align the width of the stripping to the width of the frame. Also, get some extra weatherstripping to run across the door.

4. Choose the weatherstripping type to use.

This requires some research. For instance, weatherstripping used in a BMW X6 is different from the one used in a BMW X5. 

5. Replace the door weatherstripping.

The type of weatherstripping that you chose will determine how you should go about the task.

Felt the easiest to install. All you need to do is cut it to the ideal length with a knife and fasten it with a nail or staple. Some come with a pressure-sensitive adhesive glue, so you need to stick it in place. 

Foam tape – must be cut, nailed, and painted upon installation on the door frames. 

V-shaped vinyl – a bit difficult to install compared to the felt weatherstripping, especially if you choose the nail-in type. Generally, the difficulty varies with the fastening material used.

Door sweeps installed at the bottom of the inner side of the door. Measure the width of the door, then cut the material to the same size and finally screw it in place. It is quite a process, and you may even need to 'shave' it off for the door to open and close smoothly.

Once you're done, you may now test the new door weatherstripping.


Yes, you know how to replace weatherstripping, but first, you have to buy a new one. With a lot of substandard car parts in the market, buying products blindly may cost you unnecessarily. 

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By Eric Anyega

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