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How to Sell Your Auto Parts in Melbourne Effectively

CarPart  ·  July 9, 2020

How to Sell Your Auto Parts in Melbourne Effectively

As your car starts to age and gain more kilometres behind it, the faster its resale price drops. The rustier it becomes, the harder it is to sell. That's why people decide to "part out" the vehicle and sell used car parts to get some money out of their old vehicle. Plus, most people prefer buying cheap used auto parts over new parts. Most times, secondhand parts work just as good as their expensive counterparts.

Before selling the parts, you need to know which ones are in high demand. Some of the most sought-after secondhand car parts are engines, radiators, suspensions, headlights, and taillights, to name a few.

The Traditional Way of Selling Car Parts

You know how it’s done. If you’re looking at a one-off sale, it’s best done the usual way of selling old cars – through a car wrecker. There are lots of auto wreckers in Melbourne, and you can contact them beforehand to know which one has the best terms. You can start with these 10 wrecking yards in Melbourne.

You can also advertise the parts to people one-on-one, through events such as boot sales or by going door to door. You can also start telling your friends about the car parts, and that should start the ball rolling as they also pass the word around to their family and friends. This strategy takes more time and effort as it involves discussing at great length the type of part, the cost, and other considerations. It will entail convincing a potential buyer and haggling even.

Know Your Target Market

Who is you target market? Knowing the target market is vital in deciding on the way to sell auto parts. Wholesale buyers, auto shops, local garages, car owners, and enthusiasts - they all comprise your target market. The demand is undoubtedly there. 

Sometimes the part you have is rare and, hence, hard to find. The rarer it is, the higher the price it demands. At first, it may seem like no one needs it, driving you to think that there is no demand for it. But don’t sell it for cheap just yet. Be patient. There will always be a person looking for a rare auto part and willing to pay your asking price; you only need to make that person find you. That's one reason why you need to widen your reach.

Advertise Where Your Potential Buyers Are

If you want to improve your sales, enhance your visibility by advertising where the buyers are. One such place is

The website is a haven for car owners, enthusiasts, auto shop mechanics, and people who are interested in cars – either they own a car or are working on cars. In other words, CarPart caters to your target market, and by advertising where they are, you bring your products to their viewing range. 

CarPart allows free car part listing and offers various selling tools for a minimal fee. When posting ads, you need to provide an accurate description, clear photos, and a competitive price for each item you’re selling. This channel is one of the most affordable methods of selling auto parts in Melbourne, not to mention the easiest to do, with the widest reach. 

Join a Network for Car Part Sellers

CarPart has a network of more than 500 car part sellers located all over the country. They respond to requests for parts made via CarPart by people who need auto parts. 

By participating as a CarPart certified seller, you will be notified whenever a customer requests for a car part. If you have the requested part in your inventory, you may respond with your most competitive price for the product. This opens up another opportunity for you to sell secondhand auto parts

Earn More by Selling the Rest 

After selling the auto parts, you can dispose of the old and rusty remaining parts of the car to a scrap metal dealer, such as the Melbourne Metal Recycling, Melbo Scrap Metal, and United Metal Recycling, to mention a few.


Selling auto parts in Melbourne is easy, especially with You can carry out proper market research and see whether you can go old school with it, but to be honest, selling online is more preferred. It's cheaper, more efficient, and safer too. You may try CarPart’s free features to see how it works by signing up here

By Eric Anyega

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