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Is My Car Still Under Warranty? How Do I Find Out?

Educational  ·  January 23, 2023

Is My Car Still Under Warranty? How Do I Find Out?

The car warranty policy provides buyers like you with peace of mind regarding any vehicle problems that aren't your fault. Sadly, all car warranties eventually expire. So, how do you know your car is still under warranty?

You can check if your car is still under warranty by referring to your receipts, invoices, and the car owner's manual. Date of purchase and mileage affect your warranty’s validity, so take note of your car's VIN and odometer reading before calling the dealer.

Continue with this guide to learn more about the validity of your car warranty, how that applies to used cars, and how to prevent voiding the warranty by accident.

How Do I Check If My Car Is Still Under Warranty?

Whether you bought your car new or used, it certainly came with warranty protection. Unfortunately, most people to pay little attention to its fine details until something goes wrong and they need to file a warranty claim. At any rate, you should be aware of when that insurance coverage ends.

Here are five ways to find out whether your vehicle warranty is still in force:

1. Check Purchase Documents

The first way to check if your car is still under warranty is to look at the purchase documents. That includes the official receipt, invoice, car owner’s manual and any other documentation you received when you originally bought the vehicle.

Those documents typically include all information about the vehicle, ranging from the model and specifications to the vehicle identification number (VIN) and warranty terms.

Any information you get from here will explain the warranty to you regarding how many years or miles it covers.

2. Find Your VIN 

Another helpful reference is the VIN. As the name suggests, the VIN is a unique identifier for your vehicle, much like the personal identification number that you have for yourself.

The VIN alone won’t tell you if your vehicle’s warranty is still active. However, it is a crucial piece of information that you can use in the following step: to contact the dealership or manufacturer you bought the vehicle from.

3. Contact the Dealership

The VIN that you found in the previous step can help you when contacting the dealership or manufacturer that sold you the car. 

Contact their customer service hotline and ask to check your warranty validity. They’ll likely ask for information to identify your vehicle, including but not limited to the VIN you got earlier.

Not only will they tell you if your warranty is still valid, but they can also help address any questions regarding that coverage.

4. Check the Odometer

Car warranties are typically defined using two metrics: firstly, the number of years you've had the vehicle, and secondly, the vehicle's mileage. One or both factors determine items in the vehicle's warranty.

For that reason, it helps to check the odometer to know your mileage. You can use those numbers to determine if the car warranty is still valid or if you've exceeded the mileage limit.

5. Check the Used Car Statutory Warranty

In Australia, there is a law on used car warranty terms. In simple terms, anyone who sells you a used vehicle must offer a warranty according to the Used Car Statutory Warranty.

That's a helpful reference because it helps you understand what kind of warranty terms you are entitled to by law when buying a second-hand car from a dealer or a private seller.

Buying a used car? Check this guide about how to inspect a used car before buying

How Long Does a Used Car Warranty Last?

When you get a used car warranty from a dealer, you can expect its validity based on the vehicle’s age.

Suppose you’re buying a used car in Victoria. In that case, the used car statutory warranty lasts 3 months or 50,000 kilometres (whichever comes first) for vehicles under 10 years old. 

Other states and territories also have similar rules, though they might differ slightly.

You can also ask the dealerships or third-party used car warranty companies for an extended used car warranty. The coverage of that warranty will go beyond the minimum required by law. It will cost a bit extra, but you can’t overspend on peace of mind, right?

What Does a Car Warranty Cover and Not Cover?

Generally, a car’s warranty provides free repairs for manufacturing defects within a specific time frame since you purchased the vehicle.

In other words, if there’s something wrong with the car and it’s the manufacturer’s fault, they’ll fix it without any cost to you.

The same also applies when you buy a second-hand vehicle, except that a used car warranty has a shorter time and mileage coverage than that of a new vehicle.

What car warranties do not cover are damages resulting from:

New and used car warranties do not cover routine maintenance and car servicing, nor will they cover consumable parts like brake pads and tyres.

What Can Void Your Warranty?

Whether you get your warranty from the car’s seller or a third-party used car warranty dealer, several things can void the warranty entirely. When that happens, you won't enjoy any warranty protection and will be forced to pay for all repairs yourself.

Some of the car warranty rules you must never ignore include the following:

Understanding the things that might void your car’s warranty is just as important as knowing how long it lasts. That way, you won’t violate its terms unknowingly and have to pay for repairs out of pocket later on.

Stay tuned to our Blog and learn the ins and outs of responsible car ownership. In addition, you’ll discover plenty about your car’s warranty and other crucial topics that all drivers must understand.


By Ray Hasbollah

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