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It’s Raining New Car Deals in Australia!

Manufacturers  ·  May 14, 2020

It’s Raining New Car Deals in Australia!

The financial year is soon reaching its conclusion, which means that car dealers are rushing into the market with brand new car deals. Sales enable dealerships to improve year-end targets and make room for new models. 

You can end up saving up to $9,000 on the purchase of a brand new SUV if you act right now. Here are some of the deals that are up for grabs. 


Let’s take a look at Toyota's SUV lineup, which offers some fantastic perks, even covering on-road costs and making free metallic paint available for some models.

For starters, you can get the 7-seater Kluger GX variant for as low as $41,990, which is a bargain considering that it has a V6 petrol engine. It’s down by over eight grands from its original price of $50,520. The discount for the all-wheel-drive GX automatic is even heftier at $9,019, driving its previous price down to $45,990.

If the Kluger is too big for you, then perhaps the Toyota C-HR would be more to your liking. Hosting a 1.2L turbo petrol engine under its bonnet, the C-HR (in metallic paint) can be yours for only $31,990. The FWD variant is on sale at a discount of $1,645, priced at $33,635, while the all-wheel-drive version carries a price tag of $33,990, a discount of $1,729.


You can save $6,386 on the Jaguar E-Pace P250 Chequered Flag as the small SUV is priced at an attractive $65,990 at this time, a steal considering the vehicle boasts of a strong 2.0L turbo petrol engine, 9-speed automatic transmission, powerful throttle body, and an all-wheel drive. You will also receive an extended five-year warranty with your purchase, which was previously valid for only three years and the first 100,000 km.

Jaguar and Land Rover have multiple offers open, so if you want to score discounts of roughly 10%, now would be the best time to do it. Plus, each purchase covers all driveaway inclusions as well as the five-year extended warranty.


Hyundai has either cut down prices or is offering a reduced rate of 2.9% comparative finance. Under the new deals, you can get the Kona Go for just $25,990 driveaway, while the Active is now available for only $28,250. Both vehicles come with a factory bonus of $500.

For the Kona Elite and the Highlander, dealers have decided to cover all on-road costs, helping you save up to $2,500. The vehicles come with an additional $750 in the factory bonus as well. 

Similar deals can be found for the Tucson, priced at a low $31,990 driveaway for the Active X variant with manual car parts and front-wheel drive, saving you around $3,200 in addition to the $1,500 factory bonus and potentially more with the 2.9% financing.

Another great deal is available for the 7-seater Santa Fe Active, priced at $44,930 and $48,960 for the petrol and diesel variants, respectively. If you buy the petrol model, you will receive $1,500 from Hyundai as a bonus, while the diesel variant will earn you a $500 cut on the price plus another $1,000 will be taken off for ABN holders. 


The BMW X1 packs a powerful 1.5L turbo petrol engine combined with 7-speed automatic transmission under the car bonnet, and now it can be yours for only $49,900. That is a price reduction of nearly $770. You can also benefit from low-cost financing options available at this time. 


Mitsubishi dealers are attracting new customers with unreal warranties this time of the year, too. The car company has recently revised its warranty policy and is now offering new customers a warranty for 7 years or the first 150,000 km on select models. This not only gives you less to worry about but will also add to the resale value of the vehicle as warranties can be passed onto the next owner.

In addition to the warranty, the company has also reduced prices on some of its models. The Pajero Sport GLX with automatic transmission and 4WD car parts is on sale for $45,990, a price reduction of a whopping $7,096. The ASX can be yours for only $24,990 for the 2.0L front-drive manual variant, saving you approximately $2,965, while the automatic version is now available for just $26,740, helping you save $3,299.

Or perhaps, is it the Eclipse Cross that has caught your eye? Well, you would be glad to know that Mitsubishi is offering a discount of a staggering $4,217 on it, pricing it at $29,990 at this time for the ES automatic FWD version, a great deal for a car that has a 1.5L turbo petrol engine. 

The Outlander sheds $4,700 off its regular price, with the 2.0L ES 5-seater MT FWD donning a handsome $28,990 tag, including the extended warranty. The 7-seater ES automatic transmission FWD is also available for just $31,490, a price reduction of $4,592. In case you are looking for the all-wheel-drive variant, then you need to pay $37,190 for it, but current deals will still save you approximately $1,918. 

Keep posted!

While our general situation is not what we call cheerful, these deals are still great as financial year-enders! Plus, if you’re in a business that would benefit from a vehicle, then these deals would pair perfectly with what the federal government offers via the Instant Asset Write Off. What that is, you can find out from! More news and informative content coming up – so bookmark and make us your go-to website for info about the automotive industry. 

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By Muhammad A. Lashari

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