Toyota Corolla Cross


Jul 07th, 2021

Toyota Corolla Cross

The Toyota Corolla Cross is available as a small SUV based on the same GA-C platform present in the C-HR. It will slot somewhere in size between the C-HR and the RAV 4. 

Corolla Meets SUV

This new member of the Corolla family carries the design philosophy of the ‘Corolla Meets SUV’ theme, featuring sleek yet dynamic attributes. The Toyota Corolla Cross looks like its smaller Yaris Cross cousin. It has the same tall grille, slim headlamps, and profile even. 

The clad around the wheels and arches is also similar to the Yaris. Though there is a difference with the styling of the Corolla from which it is believed to originate. The robust stance and the black plastic body covering set apart the Corolla Cross from the sedan. The front fascia and the way the bumper flares meet the wheel arches give the vehicle a tough flare.

Powertrain and Handling

The brand revealed that the power would originate from the same 2.0-litre naturally-aspirated petrol unit (125 kW; 200 Nm) present within the Corolla range, with an alternative 1.8-litre electric-petrol hybrid system (90 kW) offered as well. Both powertrains will be linked to a continuously variable transmission as standard. As you may have surmised, the performance of the Toyota Corolla Cross Australia will not be particularly exciting but will be adequate. 

Though the actual figures have not been officially released, Toyota estimates that it will return 32 miles to the gallon as a combined rating for the front-wheel-drive models and 30 miles to the gallon for the all-wheel-drive types. It will have a towing capacity of 1500 pounds at least.

Its drivability reflects smoothness and steering responsiveness. The torsion axle rear suspension does not affect the ride negatively. It has not been tested on harsh terrain, but that was not the brand's objective for the Cross. The directional stability also proved adequate with sudden steering inputs at high speeds, yet the body remains balanced. The ground clearance has also been likened to the Corolla sedan, and its low center of gravity helps with stability.

VP for Sales and Marketing for Toyota Australia Sean Handley indicated the Cross would be an essential addition to the local range as the SUV sales for the brand improves. He described the Toyota Cross as stylish and versatile and a model that delivers great practicality due to its high driving position, spacious interior, and roomy head clearance.

Features and Safety

The Toyota Corolla Cross SUV sports the expected features on a modern vehicle. While the typical Toyota models have 7.0 and 8.0-inch screens, the Cross will have a 9.0-inch infotainment display surrounded by shortcut buttons with smartphone mirroring and a 7.0-inch screen in the instrument cluster that shows driving information. 

The driver's seat is power-adjustable, and there will be heated front seating and automatic climate control.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will also be standard, while wireless charging, USB charging ports, and JBL stereo are optional. Buyers may also opt for a sunroof. 

Like most models, the Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 comes standard with adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, and lane-keeping assist. The LE and XLE levels will also bring blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alerts. When the adaptive cruise control and the lane tracing assist are combined, the driver benefits from a rudimentary self-driving system. 

If activated on a highway with good lane markings, the Corolla Cross will follow the preceding vehicle's speed and keep itself within the lane through intelligent lane adjustments. Reviewers have mentioned that the car adjusts speed and direction by itself after they let go of control. It is not going to do this indefinitely, of course. Once it senses that the driver has not set their hands on the steering wheel, it will make a loud alert to remind the driver to retain a hold on the steering wheel again.

The Toyota Cross will also come with a basic warranty package which covers five years/unlimited km. 

Is the Toyota Corolla Cross a version of the Corolla sedan?

The Cross was meant to be a small SUV, but it is a bigger version of the Corolla hatch and sedan, considering it shares the same platform. The designers were going for a well-balanced chassis, responsive steering, and a comfortable ride. 

A significant difference is that the Toyota Corolla Cross will be available in all-wheel drive, which is a first since the 1992 All Track wagon. The interior of the Cross also borrows significantly from the Corolla as it features an interior dashboard design with attractive accents and steering wheel for all the available trims.

The boot has a 487-litre capacity, and there is no information yet on whether the seats fold. The Toyota Corolla Cross seats five occupants. The base-level trims will have black cloth material, while the highest levels will give the owner a choice between black or red leather accents.

Overall, the Toyota Cross is the evolution of the Corolla, considering the market is moving gradually from the sedan platform. The crossovers may not be as large as the midsize SUVs, but increasing height is favorable. The up chassis has given Corolla a new lease on life. 

It is also good that Corolla carries an excellent reputation with the market, so interest in the brand is high. The choices for a crossover are small as the only other alternative to the Corolla crossover would be the RAV4, so the Cross provides welcome diversity to the mix. 

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