Volvo Recalls 2.2M Examples for Faulty Seatbelts

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Aug 04th, 2020

Volvo Recalls 2.2M Examples for Faulty Seatbelts

There have been several recalls this year, and this time, it’s by Swedish automaker Volvo, an industry leader in safety. It turns out that a rare issue relating to its safety belts has triggered this Volvo recall. It's good to know that there have been no injuries or deaths associated with this issue so far, and Volvo has initiated it as a preventive measure. The recall affects some 25,000 Volvos in Australia and 2.18 million vehicles worldwide.

Which Volvo Models Are Being Recalled?

The affected models are the Volvo S60, S60L, S60CC, V60, V60CC, XC60, V70, XC70, S80 and the S80L, specifically those manufactured between 2006 and 2019.

What Is the Reason for the Volvo Recall?

Volvo issued this recall after learning that a steel cable connected to the front seatbelts can be compromised. This part acts as the anchor for the front belts. The company spokesman said that the cable is subject to wear and tear under special conditions but gave no details as to what those conditions are. He also added that the problem was rare.

How Will Volvo Fix the Problem?

Volvo is calling the affected car owners to bring their vehicles to their local Volvo dealers. The offending steel wire will be replaced with a fixed bracket made by Volvo's Swedish parts supplier, Autoliv. Autoliv is also the manufacturer of the faulty steel wire.

Is Volvo Car Still Reliable?

Volvo remains to be one of the most reliable car brands out there. They are an industry leader, which takes safety as one of their core objectives. In fact, it’s Engineer Nils Bohlin of Volvo who invented the three-point seat belt, among their many safety inventions. Realising how crucial the device was in saving people’s lives, Volvo and Bohlin decided to open the patent and made it available to other carmakers. 

This time, the company initiated this Volvo recall even when there were no recorded cases of accidents caused by the problem. This same dedication to safety makes Volvo a reliable name when it comes to automobiles.

Do Not Ignore this Volvo Recall or Recalls by Other Manufacturers

If you own one of these affected vehicles, please do not delay getting your car sorted out, especially that the part that needs to be fixed anchors the seat belt which you need for safety and protection. Many drivers tend to ignore recalls or even procrastinate in responding to one.

Their excuses include their lack of time, lack of other car to use while the recalled unit is being fixed, and concern about the dealership pressuring them into more repairs. While a car recall may be an inconvenience, it's meant to prevent accidents and other issues caused by defects in the vehicle. 

By resolving the problem, the company helps you avoid further damage to your car, repair costs, breakdowns, or worse, accidents that cause injury or death. With that in mind, if your car is subject to this Volvo recall or other recalls, it would be wise to respond to it immediately. We have published several articles about recalls made by other automakers. Feel free to browse our blogs and search for ‘recalls’ or subscribe to get updates regularly!

By Ray Hasbollah