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Carpedia  ·  June 15, 2022


The 100-year-old British marque MG is known for some iconic roadsters and sports cars. In its heydays, I should say. After a few successful decades, the Rover Group acquired it in the ‘80s, but sadly, the subsequent decades weren't particularly great. 

Fortunately, the Chinese state-owned SAIC Motor UK acquired MG and modernised the British brand, where the MG ZS EV is one of its midsize cars.

The MG ZS EV is a small crossover initially offered with petrol engines but eventually ended up as an all-electric vehicle. Today, it competes in a fast-growing segment of electric cars in various parts of the world, including Australia.

The First Generation of MG ZS EV (2018-present)

The first generation of this small crossover was introduced in 2018, initially with an internal-combustion powertrain. Soon after, the company introduced an all-electric version, which arrived in Australia in 2020. It received a facelift a year later. 


The MG ZS had its premiere in 2017 in China, and soon after, it was also introduced to other markets. This was an all-new crossover at the time, with a modular platform developed to accommodate all kinds of the powertrain. 

MG offered the initial versions with two petrol engines—an old-school 1.5-litre inline-four and a modern turbo inline-three design.

Thanks to the modular platform, the all-electric version came with minor modifications. Despite the entirely different powertrain, the rest of the vehicle remained largely the same in mechanics, styling, and aesthetics.

The MG ZS EV features the same chassis and suspension setup as the petrol-powered model. The suspension consists of a typical McPherson strut at the front and a torsion beam at the rear end.

The brakes are also pretty standard for the small crossover segment, with front ventilated discs and classic disc brakes at the rear wheels.

There’s no Aussie-specific design for the MG ZS EV Australia model. Still, it’s worth mentioning that there are three grades for the petrol version and only one all-electric model, which is the MG ZS Essence.


Size-wise, this is a typical small crossover with a 2585mm wheelbase, 4320mm total length, 1640mm height, 1809mm width, and a kerb weight of 1530kg. 

MG ZS EV Dimensions

Powertrain, Performance, Range

The original version of the MG ZS EV came packed with a single electric motor on the front axle, paired to a single-speed automatic transmission and a 44.5-kWh battery pack (max output of 105 kW and 350 Nm). The ZS EV needs around 8 seconds to hit 100 km/h, while the top speed goes about 140 km/h.

As we've just mentioned, the battery features 44.5 kWh in capacity, enough to ensure around 260 kilometres on a single charge. This crossover comes with standard and fast charging ports, rated at 7.4 kW AC and 80 kW DC, respectively.

MG ZS EV Specs

MG ZS EV 2021 Facelift 

The 2021 model received a facelift, a typical mid-cycle refresh, which included changes in various aspects. 

First, we saw an updated styling with the new grille cover, making the EV version look way more exclusive. The MG ZS EV interior also received some exciting novelties, particularly in terms of a bigger touchscreen with an updated infotainment system, digital instrument cluster, new colour schemes, nicer materials, and more.

Also, the company introduced a new battery pack (72.6 kWh) and a more powerful engine (440 km all-electric range). The company is also preparing a new 51-kWh battery for specific markets.

Along with a bigger battery, this facelift also brought a more powerful electric motor, with a max output of around 131 kW. However, this facelifted version is yet to arrive in Australia. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Is MG ZS fuel efficient?

It depends on the version you pick. For example, the base petrol version uses a 1.5-litre inline-four engine that isn’t particularly thirsty. However, the engine comes with an old-school 4-speed automatic transmission, which negatively affects fuel economy. The average fuel consumption is around 7.1L/100km.

On the other hand, models with a small turbo three-cylinder engine come with a modern 6-speed automatic, providing notably better fuel efficiency, with an average fuel consumption of 6.5L/100km.

Finally, the all-electric version features an average energy consumption of around 18.6 kWh/100 km. 

For comparison, the base Tesla Model 3 uses approximately 15 kWh/100 km, while bigger SUVs like Tesla Model X can use up to 23.6 kWh/100 km. All in all, we could say that ZS EV's energy consumption is typical for modern electric cars of its size. 

Is the MG ZS reliable?

This SUV generally offers good reliability. If we look at MG ZS reviews, customers praise its practicality and generally low running costs. On the other hand, poor build quality is seen as one of the most common complaints.

In the case of MG ZS EV, there have been no recalls so far.

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