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Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E hybrid

Car Reviews  ·  May 5, 2020

Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E hybrid


The 2020 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-hybrid is one of the highest-rated SUVs in its class, considering it combines the style and elegance the brand is known for with the sustainability that the market increasingly craves. The Turbo S E-hybrid fulfils the roles of both a hot rod family SUV and a fuel-sniffing hybrid with a large engine.

As the newest offering in the Cayenne family, it is easily distinguishable from the other Cayenne Turbo models from the acid-green colour around the badges and brake callipers. The SUV hybrid is a continuation of the model which was initially launched in 2014. It displaced the Cayenne S hybrid as part of a revised range.

Styling and design

The Cayenne Turbo S E-hybrid has the same active roof spoiler, which is present on all Cayenne Turbos and able to make aerodynamic adjustments with different positions depending on factors such as speed and the driving modes. The Cayenne E-hybrid Coupe and the S E-hybrid coupe also share design elements as other derivative models. The roofline at 20 mm lower depicts an increase in the rear track width of 18 mm to create a muscular stance. Porsche also combined a fixed spoiler above the rear window with a new adaptive spoiler below it, as is customary for most of its coupes.

The interior of the Turbo S E-hybrid is typical of Porsche with an excellent driving position and ambience, which can be considered as a functional luxury. It is not as opulent as the Bentley Bentayga or the Range Rover, but the fit and finish are certainly up to standard. Soft leather, glossy carbon fibre and Alcantara trim all come together to give a design that shows attention to detail and appeals to the touch. It is also quite user-friendly despite the flurry of buttons on the steering wheel. It does not take long, though, to figure out how to scroll through cockpit displays. Programmable buttons on the steering wheel also help reduce the number of times you have to reach for the centre touchscreen.


Safety systems onboard the Cayenne S E-hybrid include eight airbags, traction, and stability, as well as forward collision warning. The autonomous emergency braking seems to be a bit rudimentary as it does not usually bring the S E-hybrid to a complete stop. It does have considerable weight though at 2,550 kg. Customers can pay extra for more sophisticated protection, which is issued via adaptive cruise control. The vehicle is also equipped with a means of detecting and anticipating unwanted vehicle intrusion. A disabling ignition device then prevents the engine from starting unless the correct original manufacturer key is used.


A lot of the design and features on the dash and centre console are similar to what is present on other Cayenne models. The 12.3-inch touchscreen, 710W Bose sound, navigation system, and infotainment are top-of-the-line. The screen also has excellent resolution and intuitive pinching and zoom elements. Considering several of the features are just a tap away, there is some complexity, but it should not be an issue for those who have dealt with previous models. The Sport-Chrono drive mode selector offers, Normal, Sport, Individual, and Sport Plus all allow for suspension optimization, engine, and transmission to help the driver.


The powertrain is one of the most notable attributes considering the 500 kW output from the petrol-hybrid setup. These are from the twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8, which produces 403 kW. It is complemented by the electric motor of the hybrid generating 100 kW. These are blended through a complex software system and delivered to the four wheels. As a result, 0 to 100 can be achieved in a time of 3.8 seconds.


Considering the unusual weight, most of which comes from the power train, a lot was invested in the suspension. The driving experience can be described as somewhat disconnected. It is a bit isolated in the way a luxury sedan would rather than a performance car. Speed builds without the driver and occupants noticing and 129 km/h (80 miles/hour) can feel like a slow trot. For the most part, though, the body control of the vehicle is excellent, and it does not become unruly even during undulations. Porsche stiffened the suspension as compared to the sister model, the Cayenne Turbo, to achieve this result. The precise and well-weighted steering feels similar to the regular models, which is a good thing as they are considered best in class for it.

The petrol V8 combination with the hybrid system is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. The experience during shifts can be described as both responsive and refined. There is no brutality from the inside, but the same cannot be said from an onlooker's perspective. There are several driver modes as well, which vary the response and nature of the power delivery, or they can keep the vehicle running on electricity until the battery is drained. Beginning with the electric modes, the car's brain then feeds on or shuts off the engine power as needed. The transitions between electric power and petrol seem to be well-timed as well.

Fuel economy

The hybrid system allows the Turbo S E-hybrid to return at least 25 km per litre on average. The starting price for the 2020 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-hybrid is $292,000.

Final thoughts

The Cayenne Turbo S E-hybrid is a culmination of everything a driver needs. The performance is startling, achieving similar acceleration to that of a supercar despite being an SUV. It does this while still complying with emission standards, proving that a large engine does not necessarily mean pollution attributes. 

The interior quality maintains Porsche standards of comfort and elegance, so there is no compromise. It does all this while retaining a relatively reasonable price, considering the value provided in the performance and comfort departments. 

Others in its class with the same attributes, such as the Urus, are significantly more expensive. However, the Cayenne Turbo S E-hybrid is quite heavy and does not have significant off-road abilities compared to its competitors in the same class. The Cayenne Turbo S E-hybrid is an optimal choice for luxury as well as practicality needs. It would rate at 5 out of 5. 

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