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Top 3 Best Holden Wreckers in Melbourne

Recommended Wreckers  ·  November 30, 2018

Top 3 Best Holden Wreckers in Melbourne

No matter how good and reliable a vehicle is, it will one day get weak and old. I have used my favourite truck for over twenty-five years. Despite my religious maintenance practices, I had to let go of it when it was about to become rickety. When this time comes, one of the most difficult jobs for most people is to get rid of the old parts or the whole car itself and dispose of the waste responsibly. That's when the services of wreckers become indispensable.

Another situation that often calls for a good wrecking service is when there's a road accident. Some vehicles get damaged beyond repair, and the best resort would be to call the wreckers who will handle the dismantling of the vehicles and sorting of their parts for recycling and sale of the parts.

Top 3 Recommended Holden Wreckers in Melbourne VIC

In this article, allow me to recommend these three Holden wreckers.

Commodore Wrecking
3 Amay Cres, Ferntree Gully VIC 3156
(03) 9752 2000

Tim (the owner) has quickly established himself as one of Australia’s most knowledgeable Holden wreckers. When it comes to Holden, he has pretty much been there and done that. Commodore Wrecking has gone from a small startup to one of the first points of contact for most people in the auto parts industry, with stocks ranging from 1990 models to the recent ones.

Commodore Wrecking's accuracy on parts interpreting evolved from the old-fashioned method to the latest Pinnacle Pro auto inventory system. It now has added to their ability to supply the right part the first time, every time.

With the addition of Paul from the old Allied Wreckers (now Jollies), they have added over 20 years of experience that simply can't be taught. I believe that Tim has made a great investment adding him to the Commodore Wrecking team. And then there's the lovely Flic, who in my opinion is one of the first ladies when it comes to parts. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty, from doing the odd delivery now and then to parts interpreting on the phone. I'm more than happy to endorse Commodore Wrecking as one of the best in Australia.

Brock Auto Parts
18 Melba Ave, Lilydale VIC 3140
(03) 9753 1033

Brock Auto Parts is currently established as one of only a few dedicated Holden Wreckers in the network using Pinnacle Pro, boasting late model stock right up to late model VF Commodores. When it comes to Holden parts, late model Commodores, late Captivas and other models, Brock is a specialist. 

It has an extremely experienced team led by big Jack, who's got to be one of the longest-serving auto parts managers in the industry. Jack has played a vital role in establishing Brock's dominance in the wrecking industry. Considered as a leader of the Melbourne Hotline and a mentor for me, I have no problem in the world recommending Jack and his establishment.

Formally known as Lillydale Auto Wreckers with a support team that consists of John (Inventory) and Carlene (Parts Utility), this author positively recommends Brock Auto Parts for any Holden needs.

1-3 McIntosh St, Airport West VIC 3042
(03) 9330 3600

When it comes to experience, it’s virtually impossible to beat Commwreck, I can say with absolute confidence that Colin is one of the longest-serving Holden Commodore specialists in the Holden parts wrecking industry. From the early Holdens right up until the latest models, it’s pretty safe to say that Commwreck has probably sold every single part that’s on a VB right up to VF. 

If you're after some serious old-school knowledge, then you can’t go past Commwreck. Colin offers old fashioned one-on-one customer service, and I can tell you that if you ever need advice, Colin is definitely one person who always takes time out to give some hard-learned advice! This author confidently recommends Commwreck as one of Australia’s most experienced, easy-going, and well-priced Holden Commodore wreckers.

The Important Roles that Wreckers Play

Recently, the number of shops and companies that offer wrecking services have significantly increased. These companies have heavy-duty equipment and skills regarding dismantling various types of vehicles, especially the ones that are no longer usable. 

When you pay a visit to wreck yards you will come across a lot of cars just lying around which are very old, terribly damaged, and practically valueless. Keeping such cars around your home is of no use at all. Using such auto wrecker services will offer you and the environment lots of benefits.

Here are the crucial roles that wreckers play not only for car owners but for the environment as well.

They offer a great eco-friendly option

The first advantage of car wreckers that I will talk about is the eco-friendly nature of this service. The role in which car wreckers plays in sustaining the environment cannot be emphasised enough. You will be happy to know that car wreckers offer eco-friendly options for disposing of old vehicles. 

The metals, fluids, and toxic chemicals from old cars will soon pack the landfills to the brim and pollute the groundwater and the atmosphere. This will cause irreversible harm to the environment and all the inhabitants, including man and animals. Since numerous parts of cars can be recycled, auto wreckers recycle these parts and make them less toxic and more useful to the environment. 

They provide an affordable source of high-quality auto parts

The type of services offered by car wreckers is not limited to recycling alone. They also have a vast array of genuine car parts in their stock. Before crushing the vehicle, the functional components are first removed, cleaned, sorted, stored and then sold. 

So when you're planning to upgrade or repair your vehicle, the wreckers are a cheaper option. They offer used auto parts at 40-90% of the price of new parts from car parts stores. 

They facilitate free removal or pick-up services

Majority of car wreckers give free pick-up of your vehicles from the place you want. Towing can cost you some money, whilst using auto wreckers' services is definitely a bonus – it will save you money and time.

They allow you to earn some cash

When your car is no longer in good shape, and you're looking for a way to dispose of it, you can make some cash for functional and original parts in your car. Once the car has been dismantled, a type of high-power magnet is used to gather all the metal scraps which the car wreckers will sell to companies that deal in the selling of auto parts. 

Also, the fluid in a vehicle, such as gas, coolant, and oil, can be removed. These can be sold to buyers and be used again in vehicles that are still functional. Car wreckers usually buy all the vehicles which are in damaged condition, so if you don’t want to get paid from the sales of spare parts, you can decide to sell your car as a whole.

They make auto recycling possible

For me, this is the best benefit derived from car wreckers. One thing that you might be aware of is that car wreckers have the responsibility of recycling the damaged vehicle in the safest way possible. They have the necessary permits to dispose of cars and carry out the recycling of parts. 

Even though you have a lot of sweet memories with your old car, you will have to send it for recycling when the time comes. Without car wreckers, our street and environment will be littered with old and damaged vehicles which will offer us nothing but pollution.

Things to Know Before Contacting the Car Wreckers

Get your vehicle inspected 

Before you pick up your phone and contact the car wrecker, don't forget to give your car a thorough inspection. This will give you an idea of how much your car is worth. During this inspection period, you can take your time to remove all your valuables. You will also know if it is still possible to make use of your vehicle for more years by replacing some parts. 

Do proper research

Before you can get the best car wreckers, you have to do proper research online. There are many car wreckers in your area but selecting the best can be very difficult. Check for reviews online, check auto part forums, read articles, and you can also collect quotes from car wreckers in your area and pick what you think is the best offer.

Select the best

After doing proper research, you will find a long list of car wreckers in your area. Try to filter out the best from this list. You need always to pick the one that will give you the best service and still offer you good money for your car. You should also make sure that the car wrecker you select has the required business permits and proper licenses – this will ensure your own peace of mind.

Get a value for your damaged car

Getting an approximate sale value for your car before contacting a car wrecker is very important. To do this, you may get in touch with a good vehicle evaluation service in your area. They will charge you a small fee. When deciding on a car wrecker always pay attention to the value offered, and make sure that it is close or equal to the approximate value given to you.

Negotiate but do not haggle

Car wreckers are offering a great service, so when you have picked your car wrecker, ensure you negotiate in a responsible way with them. Do not haggle. With proper negotiation, you will be able to get the best value, and there will be no need to haggle.

The Best Car Wrecker: Holden Wreckers & Repairs

I have revealed the merits of car wreckers and tips to consider before selecting one. Now, let me go on and recommend the best car wrecker, IMO.

Holden Wreckers and Repairs came into existence over 20 years ago. They specialise in early model Holden parts ranging from 1968 to 1988. Some of the models are HK/HT/HG/HQ-WB, Statesman, Premier, Kingswood and Monaro, also Torana, Gemini, VB-VL Commodore and Camira. A fitting service is also available for these parts. If you need parts for any of these models, then you have to contact Holden Wreckers.

Holden Wreckers and Repairs are your specialists when it comes to early model Holden parts, and they have been in existence for a long time. They are the one that will offer you the best value for your vehicle.

Why You Should Use Holden Wreckers

High level of expertise on various range of vehicles 

When you need a good car wrecker that can handle multiple ranges of vehicles, you need not search farther - Holden Wreckers are the best for you. They have expertise in all manner of vehicles. A highly-qualified mechanic with over 25 years of experience in the motor trade is on-site to help with any questions you may have about your vehicle restoration process. They supply both secondhand and new parts for different models at a reasonable price.

Friendly service

Holden Wreckers offer their services in the most cordial manner. You can rest assured that you will get the best service and the best value for your vehicle. They are available 24/7, and you can reach their lines at any time of the day.

Prompt delivery

They will deliver your ordered parts promptly and in good condition.

If you need more information about Holden car parts and how to source them, especially with Holden pulling out of the country, please don't hesitate to visit our website. We'd be happy to assist you.

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