10 Best Toyota Wreckers Near Me

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Sep 01st, 2021

10 Best Toyota Wreckers Near Me

Auto wreckers offer plenty of benefits to the auto industry, especially to buyers looking for high-quality used parts. If you're searching for the best wreckers specialising in Toyota parts, you've come to the right place.

Toyota wreckers in Australia are pretty easy to find. Some auto wreckers work with many different car brands and models, while others specialise in Toyota parts. Both will have plenty of value to offer and will likely have the parts you're looking for. Check their websites to see the vehicles they're currently wrecking or give them a call to enquire about the Toyota car parts you want.

10 Best Toyota Wreckers in Australia

Without further ado, let’s count off the top 10 best Toyota wreckers across Australia:

1. Ford Toyota Spares n Repairs (Melbourne)

To start things off, let's look at Ford Toyota Spares n Repairs over in Melbourne. As their name suggests, this is an auto parts store that specialises in used parts for Toyota (and Ford) models. So, this is a business to contact if you're searching for Toyota wreckers in Melbourne.

Their website has plenty of testimonials, not to mention updates on what Toyota model parts they currently have available.

Check out the business located at:

  • Address: 19 Leo Street, Fawkner VIC 3060
  • Phone: 0430 504 441
  • Website: www.ford-toyota-spares-n-repairs.business.site/

2. Toyota Wreckers (Sydney)

For those who want Toyota auto parts in Sydney and elsewhere, give Toyota Wreckers a call. The name tells you all you need to know, really. They say they're the #1 Toyota wreckers in Sydney, so this is a place to check out if you need Toyota parts.

The business has several locations, so give them a call to enquire about the address nearest you.

  • Phone: 0401 075 909
  • Website: www.toyotaswrecker.com.au/

3. Toylex R Us (Melbourne)

These Toyota wreckers will have you feeling like a kid in a toy store with their wide selection of high-quality, second-hand Toyota parts. They’ve been specialising in Toyota parts since they opened up shop in 2004.

If you're in Melbourne and you need Toyota parts, Toylex R Us is one that you need to check out. The business is located at:

  • Address: 100 Castro Way, Derrimut VIC 3030
  • Phone: 03 9315 1500
  • Website: www.toylexrus.com.au/

4. Just Wrecking Toyotas (Adelaide)

For those searching for Toyota wreckers in Adelaide, give Just Wrecking Toyotas a call. Again, this is another business where the name says it all. They specialise in dismantling Toyota models, so they’ll have imported recycled parts, reconditioned parts, and they even do repairs!

This is a one-stop-shop kind of business, and they’re located at:

  • Address: 150 South Terrace, Wingfield SA 5013
  • Phone: 8359 4499
  • Website: www.justwrecking.com.au/

5. Toyospares (Melbourne)

Here's another one in Melbourne. They've been working on nothing but Toyotas for the past 30 years. Plus, they've got all sorts of parts, from brand new genuine parts to aftermarket and second-hand parts, too. Plus, they'll also help you fit the parts that you buy from them. This business is in:

  • Address: 5/89-91 Canterbury Road, Kilsyth VIC 3137
  • Phone:(03) 9720 3177
  • Website: www.toyospares.com.au/

6. Newcastle Scrap Car Removal (Brisbane)

Suppose you want to sell your old car quickly rather than buy Toyota parts. Well, Newcastle Scrap Car Removal in Brisbane has got you covered. They buy many different brands and models, including Toyota.

They offer top dollar for your car and will even have their team of experts remove it carefully and with complete transparency.

The business is located at:

  • Address: 19 Wallsend Road, Sandgate NSW 2304
  • Phone: (04) 3499 2200
  • Website: www.newcastlescrapcarremoval.com.au/

7. Toyrolla Spares (Melbourne)

Toyrolla Spares has been in the business since 1988, so you can trust that they know what they’re doing when it comes to Toyota parts. So whether you’re looking for late model spare parts, replacement auto body parts or anything else, they’ll likely have what you’re looking for.

Plus, their Melbourne workshop can also do all the parts fitting for you. Contact them at:

  • Address: 88 Wedge Street, Epping VIC 3076
  • Phone: (03) 9401 4366
  • Website: www.toyrolla.com.au/

8. Total Parts Plus (Brisbane)

Total Parts Plus is a well-known auto parts recycler located in Brisbane, and they’ve been around for quite some time. They work with plenty of different auto brands, but they’re undoubtedly good when it comes to Toyota models as well.

Total Parts Plus also works with other automotive companies to source necessary parts. So, in simpler terms, if they don’t have the parts you need, they’ll help you find them!

You can find the business at:

  • Address: 29 Meadow Avenue, Coopers Plains QLD 4108
  • Phone:1800 820 054 
  • Website: www.totalpartsplus.com.au/toyota-wreckers-brisbane/

9. Tony's Auto Wreckers (Perth)

Tony's Auto Wreckers boasts of a 40-plus-year experience in the business. They're more than just Toyota wreckers in Perth, as they specialise in parts for many different brands as well.

On their website, you can see a list of vehicles they're currently wrecking, or you could call them if you already know what you're looking for.

You can check out the business at:

  • Address: 7-11 Stanhope Gardens, Midvale WA 6056
  • Phone: 08 9274 7313
  • Website: www.tonysauto-srp.com.au/

10. Q1 Auto Parts (Brisbane)

Last but not least, we have Q1 Auto Parts in Brisbane. This business is another wrecker that specialises in a wide range of brands but rest assured that they'll have plenty of Toyota car parts as well. Their website is very informative, so you should check it out to see the cars currently being wrecked.

Plus, you could also use it to search for specific parts that you’re looking to buy. This business is located at:

  • Address: 1466 Ipswich Rd, Rocklea QLD 4106
  • Phone: (07) 3255 6787
  • Website: www.q1autoparts.com.au/toyota-wreckers-brisbane/

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By Ray Hasbollah