Aus Auto Parts - A Recommended Wreckers

Recommended Wreckers

Dec 05th, 2018

Aus Auto Parts - A Recommended Wreckers

The automotive industry is a very large one with so many close competitors, but when it comes to pointing out the best, I could think of no other auto wreckers but Aus Auto Parts. This particular auto wrecker is one of the best in Australia. They have five different warehouses, each with standard wrecking materials. Although, there are several other auto wreckers at the same level, There are certain things that actually distinguish Aus Auto Parts and this places them above all others auto wreckers in Australia.

About Aus Auto Parts

Aus Auto Parts kicked off its business 20 years ago and have since then been growing at a  fast rate compared to other close competitors. This auto company has a long-standing reputation that is very difficult to fault. Perhaps, you find your way into their auto store in search of an auto part that you were unable to find in other auto stores, you will definitely leave with a good impression.

When it comes to auto parts in Australia, they are like the like resort, you will definitely find that auto part you have been looking for. I see no reason why you should go in circles to get that part that your vehicle needs when you can actually go in a straight line to Aus Auto Parts.

Aus Auto Parts are able to keep a tab on all their auto parts with the help of computer inventory system ( Pinnacle). Maybe you visit their store to get a crankshaft for your Audi A1, they won't waste your time searching for all the segments in their warehouse all in the name of looking for a crankshaft for your vehicle. What they do is check their inventory on the computer system and with the help of that, they will be able to locate the exact parts with a minute or two. That's super fast, right? That's one of the reasons why Aus Auto Parts is one of the best.

Aus Auto Parts also have staff that are topnotch with loads of experience in the automotive industry. Starting with their phone staff, which are the ones you are likely to come across or speak to first, Bill, Geoff, and Brad are easy going and welcoming people and are always happy to listen to your questions and at the same time provide answers to them. Combined together, the three of them have about 100 years of Auto parts experience. They are really good at what they do and are always happy to help you out with your auto parts need. These three are not alone, they also have a support group. So there is no need for you to panic when you come across Filip or Mick instead of Bill, Geoff and Brad.

Aus Auto Parts delivery system is the most organized and fastest I have seen. They have delivery trucks that leave their warehouses on a daily basis. These allow them to reach a wider range of customers within 24 hours after placing an order.

Finally, they also have an active online presence, you can actually visit to learn more about them. Aus Auto Parts is located at 17 Little Boundary Rd, Laverton North VIC, 3026, Australia. Ph - (03) 9315 2600

This Author has no problem endorsing them what so ever.