Best Car Wreckers and Recyclers in Moorabbin Australia

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Jan 20th, 2021

Best Car Wreckers and Recyclers in Moorabbin Australia

Do you live in Moorabbin and have automobiles lying uselessly around your yard? If you do, then now is the time to dismantle or better still, revamp it! Luckily, there are dozens of car wreckers and recyclers in Moorabbin. 

While not all of them can offer the kind of quality service you deserve, there are a good number of auto wreckers in Moorabbin who are known for their professionalism and exceptional service. What do you say we check out them out?

The Best Car Wreckers & Recyclers in Moorabbin, Australia

1. Lucas Automotive 

Looking for a car parts company in Moorabbin that knows their stuff? Try checking out Lucas Automotive. These guys fix cars, replace faulty parts and even sell quality spare parts. Their previous clients attest that they provide excellent and honest service. They'll also do an outstanding job on your car, especially if it’s a Subaru . Their staff is ever friendly and ready to answer your questions.

Contact Info

  • Phone: (03) 9553 3995
  • Address: 94 Levanswell Rd, Moorabbin VIC 3189
  • Email:

2. Wrecky Car Wreckers & Cash for Cars

Wrecky Car Wreckers buys all kinds of scrappy cars including vans, buses, trucks, 4wds and utes. Their pickup service is quite fast. Also, it appears that this car wrecker company treats customers well because many of their past customers say so. Wrecky car wreckers also sell used car parts.

Contact Info

  • Phone: (03) 8578 4696 
  • Address: 226-228 Frankston - Dandenong Rd, Dandenong South VIC 3175
  • Email: 

3. Allmaz Wreckers Pty LTD

If you're looking for car wreckers in Moorabbin where you can get good service and expertise from their tech people at a reasonable rate, head to Allmaz Wreckers Pty Ltd. Allmaz has up to four million parts stored safely in its 600,000 square foot warehouse. You'll find both new and second-hand parts there, ready to be handed to you when you ask. They also help with vehicle dismantling and have expert mechanics who offer automotive repairs. 

Contact Info

  • Phone: (03) 9544 7044
  • Address: 492 Clayton Rd, Clayton South VIC 3169

4. Sbaru Parts

Sbaru Parts have over 20 years of experience wrecking Subarus for their clients. This auto wrecker is where you should be taking your Subaru if you live in or around Moorabbin. They’re known for quality customer service and attention to details. 

The best part: their prices won't dig a hole in your pocket. This automobile shop genuinely seeks to help its customers enjoy their Subarus. Perhaps you’re wondering if Sbaru Parts is a sub-brand of the Subaru car manufacturing company. The answer is no.

Contact Info

  • Phone: (03) 9555 9333
  • Address: 88 Levanswell Rd, Moorabbin VIC 3189
  • Email: 

5. Prime Car Wreckers Moorabbin

If what you need is a good, well-equipped car dismantler company, consider checking out Prime Car Wreckers. They're quite popular in Moorabbin for buying wrecking cars, vans, trucks, 4WDs at a reasonable price. The incredible ease and flexibility of their vehicle buying process is possibly one of the reasons they are popular around Moorabbin. 

They can estimate the worth of your vehicle without even seeing it, once you've provided the vehicle's specifications. This distinguishing process enables them to buy and pick up cars within an hour's notice.

Contact Info

  • Phone: (03) 9012 5945
  • Address: 226 Frankston – Dandenong Rd, Dandenong South VIC 3175
  • Email:

6. Suba Bits

At Suba Bits, what you get are quality and tested second-hand car parts. But there’s more to them than that. The goal of this automobile shop is to offer a cost-effective option for routine servicing of Subaru vehicles.

In addition to selling quality second-hand parts, they provide car maintenance and repair services. However, what makes them stand out is that they strive to keep clients updated about their requests. The extra mile they take to satisfy customers make them popular as an auto wrecker around Moorabbin.

Contact info

  • Phone: (03) 9558 5722
  • Address: Factory 4/6 Graham Rd, Clayton South, VIC 3169
  • Email: 

7. Volks Audi

Did you notice that the business name "Volks Audi" is a combination of Audi and the car brand Volkswagen's short form? As it turns out, Volks Audi Wrecking services focus exclusively on 3 Volkswagen-owned passenger car brands: Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda.

 If you need replacement parts for any of these brands, Volks Audi is a great place to look. They have new cars coming in for dismantling weekly. Chances are if they don't have the part you need at the time of your visit, it won't be very long before they have it in stock.

Contact Info

  • Phone: (03) 9585 8539
  • Address: 71 Southern Rd, Mentone Vic 3194
  • Email: 

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By Damilare Olasinde