Central Motor Wreckers - A Recommended Auto Wreckers

Recommended Wreckers

Dec 04th, 2018

Central Motor Wreckers - A Recommended Auto Wreckers

There is a saying that goes thus, "There is no hiding place for a golden fish." I stand to share with you right here that Central Motor Wreckers is indeed a golden fish in the ocean filled with millions of other fishes which symbolises other auto wreckers.

The automotive wrecking industry is a very large one, there are quite a number of auto wreckers each with its promises to deliver the best. But no matter how good each claims to be, there is always a particular auto wrecker that is known to be the best.
Right here in Australia, there are many auto wreckers but I will be sharing one particular auto wrecker that has always been the best in the industry. It also has a long-standing reputation that has never been a breach for once.

About Central Motor Wreckers

Central Motor Wreckers is a family business, currently managed by the second generation. The pioneers were Graeme and Glenda Nunn and it all started in 1965. It's been more than 50 years, many makes and models have come and gone but this wrecker remains. This is enough to prove the efficiency and quality of auto parts services that this company renders to its customers.

Jamie is the one in charge now, things have changed but definitely for the better. Speaking of which, he is the one of the most professional operators I have ever felt with, Jamie is fair and straight down the line, He has a super competent team behind him in, Adam, Rob, Colin & Paul - Rob hailing as one of the best operators from the Melbourne Hotline.

Whatever is it that you are looking for that has to do with auto parts in your vehicle, you will find in Central Motor Wreckers. They have nearly all makes and models, each of these are collected from written-off vehicles and supplied with a ion clad warranty. They never compromise their standards, you can be assured of that. Perhaps, if you want to have a chat with them on the phone to make some enquires, either Rob, Adam, Colin or Paul will be happy to receive you. These guys are excellent phone staff with lots of experience. They can predict exactly what you want right before you even finish your request. This enhances smooth communication between you two.

To find Central Motor Wreckers, they are located at  836 Humffray Street South, Ballarat VIC 3350, Ph (03) 5332 1721 or visit their website https://www.centralmotorwreckers.com.au/.This auto wrecker is highly recommended.

This Author has no problem endorsing Central Motor Wreckers.