Central Motor Wreckers - A Recommended Auto Wreckers

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Dec 04th, 2018

Central Motor Wreckers - A Recommended Auto Wreckers

There is no hiding place for a golden fish, so a saying goes, and that’s how we see Central Motor Wreckers. It outperforms its competitors, and there’s nothing to keep its reputation under wraps. Car owners, repair shops, and mechanics in the know about the most reliable wrecking yards in Melbourne always have Central Motor Wreckers on their top list. With a solid track record that goes as far back as 50 years, we’re not surprised at all. 

About Central Motor Wreckers

Central Motor Wreckers is a family business that has been in the auto wrecking business for 50 years. It was pioneered by Graeme and Glenda Nunn in 1965. The business earned Graeme his moniker as the “king of wrecking,” and that alone should be enough to tell you about how successful the company has become. 

The management of this wrecking company is currently handled by a second-generation Nunn—Jamie—who leads a 15-man team. Jamie Nunn gathered the most competent people in the business to continue the 50-year legacy that his parents entrusted him in 2000. 

Services Offered by Central Motor Wreckers

The company commits to deliver “swift and competitive auto salvage services.” These services are:

1. Extensive inventory – ask it, they’ve got it. With a Pinnacle-powered system, it’s easy for customers to search their inventory. Just visit their user-friendly site, click “Select a Part, and input the part you need and the model, make, and year of your car. The system will immediately show the matching parts to the information you provided. 

2. Efficient and updated records – you won’t be left hanging or waiting for a return call. In a matter of minutes, you will know whether the part you’re looking for is available or not. Each wreck that arrives at the Central Motor facility is immediately dismantled. All serviceable parts are removed, coded and entered into a database, and stored in a warehouse. 

There would be no need for you to bring your own mechanic to remove the parts from the yard as you might need to with regular wrecking yards. This method does not only make it easy and fast for potential buyers; it also preserves the quality of the spare parts and protects them from rusting. 

3. Competitive price of spare parts – you get the best value for money. With the technical expertise of Central Motor’s people, you are assured of good quality parts. 

4. Good deals on written-off vehicles – don’t throw that old junk sitting on your garage just yet. Have it assessed by Central Motor Wreckers and turn junk to cool cash. They accept all car makes, models, and year—from non-premium to upscale cars, 4WDs, and light commercial vehicles. 

5. Competent team – this is the secret behind Central Motor Wreckers success—their competent and committed people. If you are from around the Ballarat area and its adjacent regions, including Castlemaine, Woodend, Bendigo, and Geelong, don’t hesitate to call their hotline. Adam, Rob, Colin, and Paul would be very happy to help you. 

Accreditation and Membership

Central Motor Wreckers is a member in good standing of Capricorn Australia and a VACC-accredited automotive dismantler and recycler. They’re also a proud advocate of the environmental call to reuse and recycle auto car parts and metals. 

Contact Details

For information about Central Motor Wreckers and the car parts they have in stock, check out their website: https://www.centralmotorwreckers.com.au/ 

If you want to ask something, trust their knowledgeable staff to help you by calling their phone number: (03) 5332 1721

If you prefer to enquire via email, communicate with them through their email address: central@giant.net.au   

Should you need to see them at their office or facility, feel free to visit them at their business address: 836 Humffray Street South, Ballarat VIC 3350

We’re proud to feature Central Motor Wreckers in our website and highly recommend their business.

This is a Carpart-verified and recommended auto parts supplier.