Choosing the Best Used Car Removal Company in Brisbane

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Nov 30th, 2020

Choosing the Best Used Car Removal Company in Brisbane

Do you want to sell an old car to make an extra buck, or maybe to free up some space in your garage? Whichever the case, there is an array of junk car removal companies in Brisbane to choose from. This situation makes decision-making difficult. You’ve experienced the amazing yet (sometimes) crippling effect that tags along with having limitless options, right? 

In this post, I’ll highlight some factors to consider when choosing a car removal service and do a quick review of some of the best-used car removal companies.

How do you choose a used car removal company in Brisbane?

People’s needs vary, and as such, “best used car removal company” means different things to different people. At any rate, there are at least a few characteristics that a car removal service should embody to be considered as one of the best car removal in Brisbane or anywhere. Here’s what you should check:

1. Reputation

A well-known company can usually be trusted. These companies are also usually licensed and certified. Make sure to inquire about the company’s reputation with the locals. What are people saying about so-and-so company? Ask friends, family, colleagues and neighbours. Ask the internet too. Online third-party review sites and yellow pages exist for this reason.

2. Price

“It’s a steal!” That’s not what the car removal company tell themselves after trucking away your vehicle, is it? How do you get maximum value from your car sale? I recommend you request for price quotes from your shortlist of car removal companies (hopefully, you have one by now). Compare the prices and choose the one that’s best for you.

3. Proximity

Ideally, you want the car removal company that's closest to you. That's because the farther the company is from you, the more money they’re likely to charge, all things being equal.

4. Don’t Rush it

A wrong decision is likely going to be irreversible. So keep calm, take your time and don’t get so itchy to push your car away. Rushing a decision often ends in frustrations. A right decision is worth the time spent making it.

What are the best used car removal companies in Brisbane QLD?

Identifying the best car removal services takes time and effort, but it will be worth your while. Depending on where you live in Queensland, you could look at any of these five car removal companies and hire the nearest one to you.

1. Cash 4 Cars R Us

What you call junk, Cash 4 Cars R Us calls a treasure. That’s why they happily pay it, up to $5000 in some cases. Contrary to what their name suggests, it isn’t only cars they remove. They also remove scrap metals, motorbike engines and parts, utes, vans, SUVs, trucks, bikes, and so on.  

Cash 4 Cars R Us wastes no time too. Your vehicle is picked up the same day a request is placed. After that, it is transported to a recycling plant where it can be disposed of in eco-friendly ways. Their coverage area extends beyond Brisbane CBD to Ipswich, Logan, Gold Coast, and Bayside.

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2. Cash For Cars Removal Brisbane

Cash for Cars Removal Brisbane is a 24-hour car removal company servicing Brisbane and the nearby regions. With over 15 years of experience in unwanted vehicles, they've established themselves as a professional and highly reputable service. Their cash deals go as high as $6500 per car. Like other car removals reviewed, they pay cash on the spot once all the paperwork has been signed.

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3. Swift Cash for Cars

This car removal company is known for paying one of the highest crash rates for car removal in Brisbane – paying up to $8999 for cars, vans, utes or SUVs. Swift Cash for Cars doesn’t discriminate—they buy all types of vehicles regardless of its condition. However, the price paid certainly does depend on the vehicle condition, make and model. 

Swift Cash for Cars wears its license with pride. It goes to show they put effort into building trust with customers—especially first-timers. Their coverage area extends over the length and breadth of Brisbane. 

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4. QLD Car Removal

QLD Car Removal is committed to providing a hassle-free car removal services to Brisbane residents. If your car is so old you can’t find a private buyer for it, there’s always QLD Car Removal, which promises to buy off any car in 24 hours or less. How’s that for a rescue? And they pay top dollar too. On their website, they claim to pay up to $9,999 for cars sold to them. 

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  • Address: Unit 9/96 Formby St, Calamvale, QLD 4116
  • Phone Number: 0452 532 518
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5. Scrapcar Brisbane

Scrapcar doesn’t care whether the car you need to remove is "good or bad, new or old, running or not, clean or wrecked”. And they’re quick to remind potential and existing clients of their position. As long as the car is unwanted, they are happy to come to your rescue. 

They offer high prices and do quick services. Stack this over their promise to deliver top-notch customer service, and one instantly sees why they are popular in the Brisbane region.

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Now, give these used car removal companies a call and trade that junk car!

By Damilare Olasinde