JJ Auto Parts Lansvale - A Recommended Auto Wreckers

Recommended Wreckers

Dec 05th, 2018

JJ Auto Parts Lansvale - A Recommended Auto Wreckers

Hands Down One of the Best Auto Parts Suppliers in NSW, CarPart-Certified & Recommended

Finding the best automotive parts for your vehicle can be quite a challenge because competition in auto parts selling is pretty stiff. Always look for responsible auto parts sellers and industry leaders, so you don’t fall into wrong hands. JJ Auto Parts Lansvale is not only a seller of auto parts but also an auto wrecker. This means that you’re getting serviceable car parts from the source—no middle people, no mark up. 

About JJ Auto Parts

JJ Auto Parts (Just Japanese Auto Parts) is a company that started in the year 1986 as a small enterprise. It has since then grown to be one of the best and largest in Australia—wrecking, recycling, and selling serviceable parts not only from Japanese cars but also from American and EU cars. This company has a strong reputation for always satisfying their customers, and this can be gleaned from the positive reviews in their eBay Shop. Learn more about why customers are happy with the services they get from JJ Auto Parts. 

Even though JJ means 'Just Japanese', they do nearly every make and model.

Services Offered

1. Accessible stores – aside from its physical store, JJ Auto Parts also has online selling platforms, such as eBay and Gumtree. Through these stores, they have been able to gain a wider reach to buyers all across Australia. 

2. Fast and reliable delivery system – it delivers promptly to all local and interstate destinations. It offers a twice daily delivery service for the Sydney area and overnight delivery across Australia. There’s also an option for express VIP delivery service. If you prefer to get that service, make sure to enquire about it. 

3. Massive inventory – it has over 100,000 car parts available, which is touted as the largest inventory in a single site in Australia. 

4. High-quality parts – all the parts removed from dismantled vehicles are graded by competent technical people before being placed on sale. 

5. Fully-automated operating system – the inventory, parts search, locator, and reports are all automated. This system makes it easy for customers to make their own search and for the staff to locate and retrieve parts from storage. Overall, this investment in technology has helped make transactions smooth and fast and improve the buying experience of customers.

6. Pro-buyer warranty – the warranty on a car part is not limited to a maximum kilometre clause. In other words, the company will stand by its warranty regardless of the distance or kilometres travelled (also referred to as Unlimited KM). Panels sold as rust-free are covered by a lifetime warranty against rusting. 

7. Wrecking Now Update – customers can get updates about what JJ Auto Parts is currently wrecking. On their website, there’s a section about what car they’re dismantling, what parts they’ve removed so far, and how much the parts are sold for. Take a look-see—it might be the brand, make, and year of your car that’s currently being dismantled. 

Credentials and Membership

JJ Auto Parts is a proud member of various associations in the automotive industry including the following: 

  • Auto Parts Recyclers Association (APRA)
  • Auto Recyclers Association (ARA)
  • Capricorn Society
  • Motor Traders Association (MTA)

Contact Details

You may learn more about JJ Auto Parts or reach them through any of the following access points.

For more info about the company and their services, and to search for car parts, check out their: 

If you need something else that you can’t find from the above-named sites, you may call them and ask for Mahere or Luke:

  • Phone – (02) 9724 8000

For other concerns, you may enquire from the following:

If you’re around the vicinity, you may visit them at their location and pick up the car part that you need. 

  • Address – 70 Hume Highway, Lansvale, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 2166

We’ve personally transacted with JJ Auto Parts, and they have earned our trust and confidence. They are no doubt one of the best auto wreckers and car parts suppliers in Australia, and we are happy to recommend them to people who may need some replacement parts for their car in the future.