Recommended Hyundai Wreckers / Parts Suppliers

Recommended Wreckers

Dec 03rd, 2018

Recommended Hyundai Wreckers / Parts Suppliers


Do you need a part for your Hyundai? Have you been looking for these parts in the Hyundai section of different auto-part shops? Well, you don’t need to look; further, a car wrecking yard is the place to go.
Car wreckers, provide car owners with a choice ---buy a new part at a relatively high cost or get a fairly used equivalent at a ridiculously cheap price. Car wreckers provide parts for antique or classic cars, cars whose part cannot be found in the modern auto-part shops. Car wreckers go through the hassle of searching out these parts, for easy access to car owners, that need to replace broken parts of their automobile. The experience derived from years of car wrecking is sometimes crafted into good and quality advice for owners of problematic automobiles.
 A car wrecking yard is a piece of land where car wrecking and part storing is done. Car wrecking yard is of two types, the specific or specialized car wrecking yard, and the nonspecific car wrecking yard. The nonspecific otherwise called general yard offers car wrecking services to all car types and make. However, the specific car wrecking yard, offer specialized services for a specific car brand or make. Sometimes the specific car yards, go as far as, being restricted to the collection of parts of selected models of a particular car brand. The specific car wrecking yards are often the best spots to get your fairly used car parts; they have in-depth knowledge of the cars they wreck. Being specific to a particular brand, they get to know a lot more about models of that brand. This quality cannot be overlooked when it comes to getting parts at a car wrecking store.
Hyundai car brand and models
Hyundai car brand was founded in the year 1967 and is a renowned car company resident in South Korea. The Hyundai car brand consists of a long list of award-winning car models. These car models can be grouped into sedans, trucks, buses, SUVs, and others.
•Sedan: The Hyundai car brand is home to a good collection of award-winning sedans.
1.Hyundai Accent
2.Hyundai Elantra
3.Hyundai Sonata
4.Hyundai Ioniq
5.Hyundai Genesis
6.Hyundai Equus
7.Hyundai grandeur
8.Hyundai i40
9.Hyundai dynasty
10.Hyundai Stellar
1.Hyundai Santa Fe
2.Hyundai Tucson
3.Hyundai Veracruz
4.Hyundai galloper
1.Hyundai Aero town
2.Hyundai H350
3.Hyundai RB
4.Hyundai global 900
5.Hyundai county
6.Hyundai FB
7.Hyundai universe
1.Hyundai porter
1.Hyundai Blue-will
2.Hyundai HCD6
3.Hyundai PM 580
4.Hyundai clix
5.Hyundai i20 WRC
6.Hyundai HB20
7.Hyundai Veloster
8.Hyundai i20
9.Hyundai Excel
10.Hyundai Getz
11.Hyundai i10
12.Hyundai Trajet
13.Hyundai Tiburon (coupe)
14.Hyundai Genesis Coupe
15.Hyundai i30
16.Hyundai Lavita
17.Hyundai starex
18.Hyundai Eon
19.Hyundai ix20
20.Hyundai Pony

Hyundai as a car brand has a lot of car wreckers devoted to wrecking its series of car models. Some of these car wreckers are specific to the Hyundai brand, while others just collect Hyundai parts along with the parts of other vehicle brands. After a few years of producing a particular model, Hyundai stops the release of such models and move on to the next. This is simply more cost effective for Hyundai because they do not have to waste time and energy building parts for an older car when that energy can be used in creating a more advanced car.
After a while, the parts available for this abounded model, become scarce and the price of the available ones shoots up. When this happens, Hyundai car owners turn to car wrecking shops for help. Hyundai car wreckers, remove good and working parts from a damage lookalike model of the problematic car, service it, then fix it on the car. This replaced parts, do the same job as the original, and in most cases last longer.
This article provides insight for Hyundai car users, needing a change of parts for their automobile but cannot get them in the auto-part shops around them. This article gives a list of top-notch Hyundai car wrecking companies (in no particular order). If you are in the market for a part replacement of your Hyundai automobile, the following car wrecking companies offer the best service.

Hyon motor parts

Hyon is a company that has gained a very good reputation for selling both new and fairly used car parts at a well-regularized price. Hyon's over 30 years' experience in the car parts industry, makes it stand out as one of the best in the game. Hyon offers a wide range of good parts for Korean vehicles, and so you can be sure to get the best offer for your Hyundai. This company also offer part changing services to customers who do not have the technical know-how of how to install the parts bought. Hyon motors have genuine car parts (used or new) for most models of the Hyundai brand. Should you be in the market for a Hyundai part replacement, Hyon is the place to go.
On the Hyon motor parts website (, Hyon offers customers the opportunity to see which car is being wrecked at the moment. This gives their customers a better chance of ordering for a particular part line. The website also provides contact options for clients who would prefer to make a call rather than to visit the yard.
Hyundai wrecking now, is a page on the Hyon website, fully dedicated to the Hyundai customers that what to know the model of car being dismantled at the moment. Hyon company offers a wide range of used Hyundai vehicle parts, this page on their website connects the Hyundai car user to the yard, albeit in the comfort of their homes.
The parts variety of parts offered by the Hyon motor part company can be grouped into four categories.
•Hyundai engines and the engine components: Hyon offers clean, serviced and oiled engines for all Hyundai models, customers that require only components to fix up their car engine can also get the best service at Hyon.
•Hyundai wheels, suspension and tire replacements: enjoy an unlimited choice of wheels offered by Hyon car company. You can also get a tire change and suspension upgrade at the Hyon yard.
•Hyundai steering systems, AC systems, and electric parts: tested steering system replacements, Ac parts, and general electric wiring, are readily available at Hyon motor parts.
•Hyundai car panels, window glass, and interior replacements: you can also get state of the art car panels, interior parts, and window replacements.
Hyon company is an Australian company and can be reached at it's a headquarter address (1600 Sydney Road, Campbellfield VIC 3061). For customers that would consider it stressful to visit the Hyon company yard, you can easily visit their website ( or place a call to their HQ (0393571299).

Stanvac Korean auto parts

stanvac vehicle parts replacement company is a Hyundai parts specific company that has endeavored to end up as the main provider of utilized engine vehicle parts in Adelaide. Stanvac auto Parts pride itself on having a breakthrough stock of the most widely recognized parts required by its clients.
They likewise, love the test of finding a section that you can't discover anyplace else, so why not put them under a magnifying glass? stanvac has an expansive scope of new, certifiable, and utilized parts dependably in stock at all time. Being a Hyundai specific company, it is only expected that they’ll offer the best service. There two major qualities that stanvac auto parts have that puts them well into consideration compared to other companies.
oBeing very affordable; stanvac claims to be the cheapest supplier of Hyundai car parts in the whole of Adelaide, Australia. There seems to be truth in this, the price for parts of the various model of Hyundai is relatively cheaper at Stanvac compared to other suppliers.
oQuality guaranteed; when you buy parts from Stanvac, be rest assured that you get the best quality a relatively low price. The affordability of car parts at Stanvac does not mean that the quality of the parts is compromised, and to prove this fact, Stanvac gives warranty for all goods purchased.
Stanvac offer quality part replacement for a wide range of Hyundai vehicle models, but they are experts on models like
Hyundai Accent
Hyundai Tiburon
Hyundai Sonata
Hyundai grandeur
Hyundai Trajet
Hyundai coupe
Hyundai Elantra
Hyundai Excel
Hyundai Getz
Hyundai Elantra
Hyundai Tucson
Hyundai Terracan
Hyundai i30
Hyundai i20
Hyundai i40
Hyundai i45
Hyundai Terracan
Hyundai i35
Hyundai iload
Hyundai iMax
If you are a Hyundai car user resident in Adelaide, or with the proximity of Australia, Stanvac Korean Auto parts offer quality service. Get the best quality part replacements at giveaway prices. Enjoy their expertise in providing you with engine replacement, window glass replacements, and every other thing you might in fixing up your Hyundai automobile.  
You can easily reach them on their phone number (088320400)  
you can visit them at their website (
 You can also visit them at their Lonsdale address, number seventy-two (72) O'Sullivan Beach Road Australia (south).

Queensland Hyundai parts

This is a car wrecking company located in Queensland Australia. They specialize in the sale of Hyundai parts, and they also sell Hyundai vehicles. The compilation for the top-notch Hyundai parts sellers cannot be complete without the inclusion of Queensland car wreckers. They offer an extensive range of fairly used and unused Hyundai car parts.  
This company sells well tested, cleaned and ready to use parts with a six months guarantee on all the parts you buy. This means you can confidently buy parts for your Hyundai vehicle without the fear of losing your money, should it not work.
Below are the categories of Hyundai car parts available at Queensland car wrecking company for all Hyundai vehicle models.
-Hyundai car Engines
-Hyundai car transmission
-Hyundai wiper motor
-Hyundai body panels
-Hyundai fuel pumps
-Hyundai electrical components
-Hyundai glass wear
-Hyundai tail lights
-Hyundai blinkers
-Hyundai carpet
-Hyundai door trims
-Hyundai seats
-Hyundai headlights
-Hyundai dash components
To contact Queensland Hyundai parts, you can send an email to, or visit their web page at You can also visit them at number 9 Bronwyn street Queensland, or you can give them a call on the number 0754916897. The visitation hours are from 8 AM to 5 PM (Mondays to Fridays only), but you can book an appointment on Saturday.

Total parts plus  

What is by all accounts a genuinely basic process can turn out to be very muddled and exorbitant in the event that you go to the wrong individuals. In spite of the fact that Hyundai part replacements in Brisbane and crosswise over Australia are extremely normal and available, getting them through unpracticed organizations can wind up costing you significantly more than the expense of the part itself.
The way toward purchasing Hyundai parts is basic and simple, on account of Total Parts Plus. Parts for all Hyundai car models are serviced, tried, and racked prepared for buy and accompany a guarantee, running from 3 months onward. What's more, with a "Straightforward" unconditional promise, for what reason would you chance getting Hyundai parts from anyplace else? With more than forty years’ involvement with Hyundai parts, Total Parts Plus gives answers to all your search for all quality Hyundai parts. You can either scan for the part you require through their site or call them to talk about the parts you want.
Clients can follow part status, recognize out of date segments, assess drop-in substitutions and survey second sources. Endorsers get robotized Product Change Notification, and End-of-life item cautions, for early cautioning on future out of date quality parts. With lifecycle accessibility and health examination reports, Parts Plus gives a proactive and all-encompassing way to deal with part oldness and recycling.
Below is the list of Hyundai car model parts, racked by Total parts plus
-Hyundai Accent
-Hyundai Elantra
-Hyundai Excel
-Hyundai i20
-Hyundai i30
-Hyundai Tucson
-Hyundai i45
-Hyundai iLoad
-Hyundai Veloster
-Hyundai ix35
-Hyundai Santa Fe
-Hyundai Genesis
-Hyundai Sonata
-Hyundai Getz
-Hyundai Terracan
-Hyundai Grandeur
Hyundai car users of the above-listed models can easily contact total parts plus through the following channels.
Visit them at their Coopers plains address at Queensland 4108, number 29 meadow avenue
Give them a phone call on the number 180082054
Send a mail to
You can also find all you need to know about Total parts plus, buy visiting their site (

Underwood wreckers

Underwood wreckers, is one of the biggest car wrecking company resident in Australia (Brisbane-Queensland), day by day their yard is refilled with quality Hyundai second-hand parts. Lots of mechanics and expansive retailers depend on the broad range and quality the Underwood wreckers workshop provides. They have specific most recent, best in class modernized Hyundai car parts, they can also cite correct estimate for Hyundai, or if requiring a section, they can check in-store accessibility via telephone.  
Underwood wreckers are very reliable in sourcing quality utilized Hyundai vehicles including SUV parts. As one of the biggest Hyundai wreckers in Australia, they have a good reputation of providing quality parts and at costs well underneath dealerships. Underwood car wreckers have a very wide scope of certifiable Hyundai vehicle parts and frill, which are quality ensured and tried thoroughly.
When you have been in the business long enough, it is most certain that you would have a lot to say about what you do. Underwood wreckers group, over the course of the forty yearlong involvement in the car wrecking business, have acquired a lot of experience under their belt, and therefore pride themselves on giving reliable and proficient guidance totally free.
Underwood wreckers provide parts for all Hyundai car models from 1995 to the present day. The parts offered, fall into the following categories;
-Hyundai car engines and components
-Hyundai car transmission/ gearboxes
-Hyundai tail lights and headlights
-Hyundai blinkers
-Hyundai door trims
-Hyundai electric and computer components
-Hyundai wipers and wiper motors
-Hyundai body panels
-Hyundai fuel pumps
-Hyundai glass fittings
Are you looking for a way to get back on the road? Underwood wreckers have the parts to fix up your Hyundai and get you back on the lanes quick.
Contact information for underwood wreckers
Phone; 0738081006
Underwood wreckers have their headquarters located at number 98 Kingston road, Underwood Queensland 4119. Be sure to visit them on weekdays; they open up shop as early as 8 am in the morning and close up shop at 5 pm in the evening Mondays to Fridays. You can also contact them at the workshop within the hours of 8 am to 12 noon on Saturdays.

Central wreckers

This is one of the greatest and most trusted vehicle dismantling companies residing in Ballarat, providing numerous neighborhood auto repairers with quality fairly used parts. A privately-run company having worked in the region for more than 50 years, pays discounted vehicles and pitch parts to drivers, repairers, and workshops all through Australia.
With a workshop that houses varieties of board pieces and mechanical segments from an expansive scope of makes and models, the group at "central Motor Wreckers" is certain to have the Hyundai part or board you're searching for. To discover more, get in touch with them today.
Phone; 0353321721

Campbellfield car wreckers

This is another company that is recognized for its ability to wreck cars and saves working parts. The Campbellfield company is owned and controlled by a family. This company has no problem with supplying good, quality part replacements for the Hyundai car brand. When it comes down to the quality of parts supplied, the list is short but would not be complete if Campbellfield car wreckers is not on it. Since its establishment in the year 1981, Campbellfield has gained a lot of popularity as one of the best supplies for Hyundai car parts.
Campbellfield car wreckers have a lot of Hyundai car parts on the shelve, but for you to be sure they have what you want, you have to chat them up on the phone. You can also send an email to them the contact page of their website (

Campbellfield Car wreckers also has one of the best spare parts operators known in the Industry, he is what you would call a Rockstar of the spares parts world. Phone (03) 9357 1217 or if there phones are busy from to many calls call them on (03) 9357 2551 - Cause trust me, this guy gets some serious calls.

GMS spares

GMS Spares is a well-grounded auto wrecking company and parts provider to both Sydney and Australia. The company is situated in the south west of Sydney and presently utilizes over 20 committed and experienced staff. This company has been providing parts to the general population and merchant clients since 1996.
GMS supplies both new, utilized car parts including engines (motors and transmissions). They pride themselves on having the capacity to work with clients to ensure everybody is upbeat and can give everything from the littlest part to an entire vehicle or custom cut area. The company utilizes an assortment of parts provider to ensure that the suppliers are continually purchasing their stock at the best cost and pass these reserve funds onto our clients.

In the event that the part you require is not available, GMS will devote time to help you find it!
MS also provides a direct contact line for their customers to reach out to them, through
their website (,
their email (, and
 their phone number(0297745184).
You can also find them at
their Revesby address, at number 26 Mavis street 2212 NSW.

Allwest Wreckers

This is a family-controlled business significant in the collection of utilized parts for late model residential and import autos, light trucks, SUVs and minivans. They have been doing business for years and take a lot of pride in utilizing the most recent procedures and hardware to reuse vehicles in the most productive and ecologically cognizant strategies accessible. The Allwest wrecking yard is perfect and composed and situated in Edmonton on a 4 section of land completely cemented. Allwest auto parts showroom is one of the best in the parts world. Bask in the glorious sight of cleaned and tested Hyundai parts that race their shelves.
For the best Hyundai car parts, feel free to have your mind blown with the long list of choices available to you at the Allwest showroom.
Contact information
Telephone number; (03 9369 6663)
The Allwest parts workshop runs from 8 o'clock in the morning to 5 o'clock in the evening for all work days. They do not operate on weekends and holidays. Visit the workshop at 97 Fitzgerald road, Laverton, Vic Australia.

New model wreckers

New model car wreckers offer a wide scope of Hyundai car parts and parts for all Korean cars. This company falls among the top suppliers of good and quality Hyundai car parts, having one of the widest collection of Korean car parts, new model wreckers will set you up good.
You can easily request for your desired Hyundai car part through the new model wrecker site (
 New model wreckers have car parts for all Hyundai car models (according to the year of production), all models from 1995 to 2018.
You can find them on the map at number 11, Warren road Smithfield Australia. you can also reach them through
their email; or
 give them a call on their mobile (02) 9721 2333