Recommended Toyota Wreckers

Recommended Wreckers

Nov 30th, 2018

Recommended Toyota Wreckers

Toyota Wreckers

Recently, the number of shops and companies that offer wrecking services have increased greatly. These stores have good equipment and skills when it comes to dismantling of various types of vehicles especially the ones that are no longer useful. When you pay a visit to junk yards you will come across a lot of cars just lying around which are very old, terribly damaged, and can be consider of no use or having zero value. Keeping such cars in your home will offer no value at all. Using such car wrecker services will offer you and the environment lots of benefits.

One of the most difficult tasks for most people is to get rid of the old parts of their car or the whole car. No matter how strong a vehicle is, it will one day become weak and off road. I have used my favorite car for over twenty-five years; a vintage 504 Peugeot, despite my good maintenance practices I had to let go of it when it is almost becoming rickety. Another situation that often calls for the help of a good wrecking service is the case of road accident. Road accident occurs very often and cars get damaged beyond repair. These vehicles will require the help of good wreckers who will handle the dismantling of the vehicles, proper arrangement of the parts and recycling or sales of the parts.

In this post, I will show you the best car wreckers that you can make use of but before I reveal that, I will like to open your eyes to the various gains you can derive from car wreckers.

Help to save cash

The type of services provided by auto wreckers is not limited to recycling alone. They also have a very large array of genuine car parts in their stock. Before crushing the vehicle, the good and functional parts are first removed from it in order to sell in the future. Hence, when you are planning to maintain, upgrade and repair your vehicle it is possible for you to purchase these at very cheap prices. When you purchase such used auto parts from them, you will be able to save around fifty to ninety percent relatively to that of the retail shop prices. Thus, getting auto parts from them will save you a lot of cash.

Provide easy toiling services

Majority of auto wreckers give free pickup of your cars from the place you want to their stores. Using toll vehicle may cost you lot of cash. Using car wreckers services is definitely a bonus and beneficial option – it will save you money and time. 

Easy auto recycling: This is one of my best benefits derive from car wreckers. One thing that you might be aware of is that car wreckers have the responsibility of recycling the damaged vehicle in the safest way possible. They have the necessary document and permits to dispose vehicles and carry out the recycling of parts which are possible. Even though you have a lot of wonderful memories with your old car, you will have to let go of it and give it over for recycling. Without car wreckers, our street and environment will be littered with old and useless vehicles which will pollute the environment.

They offer a great eco-friendly option

One of the great benefits of car wreckers to the environment is the eco-friendly nature of this service. The role in which car wreckers plays in sustaining the environment cannot be over emphasized. You will be glad to know that car wreckers give eco-friendly options for disposing old or damaged vehicles. If we allow vehicles for landfill, it will sooner or later start emitting harmful pollutants or chemicals into the environment. This can cause great harm to the environment and all the inhabitants including man and animals. Since various parts of cars can be easily recycled, car wreckers recycle these parts and make them less harmful and useful to the environment. For example, Car parts that are made with rubber or that contain rubber such as tyres can be recycled into making new tyres, floor mats, carpets, shoes etc.

Allow you to make some cash

When your car is no longer good and you want to dispose but you don’t want to let go of your car without getting paid. If you make use of a good car wrecker, you can be rest assured that you will earn some cash for some good and original parts available in your car. Once the car has been dismantled, a type of machine that makes use of a high magnetic field is used to gather all the metal scraps which the car wreckers will then sell to stores and shops that deal in the selling of spare parts. Also, the fluid in vehicle such as gas, coolant, oil, etc. can also be extracted from the vehicle, which can be sold to car owners and use again in vehicles that need the spare parts. Car wreckers usually buy all the vehicles which are in damaged condition so, if you don’t want to get paid from the spare part they sold, you can decide to sell your vehicle as a whole and receive the cash at once.

Selecting the right car wreckers can be highly difficult, this selection process requires good knowledge and understanding of how auto wreckers work. I have great experience with different auto wreckers and I have compile some guides and tips on how to make the right selection.

Do your research

Before you can select the best car wreckers, you have to do proper research online and offline. There are many car wreckers located in your area but picking the best can be very tough if you fail to do proper research. You can easily check for reviews online, make use of automobile part forums, read articles etc. the quality of the auto wrecker you get will be as a result of the research that you make. Good research will earn you quality car wrecker services.

Proper inspection of your vehicle

Before you reach out to the car wreckers, you need to get your vehicle inspected. This will help you to get a good value for your vehicle. During this inspection process, you can take your time to remove all your valuables. During the inspection, you will know if it is still possible to make use of your vehicle for more years by mere replacing some parts. After proper inspection of your vehicle, you will be able to negotiate with your car wreckers and get a good money for your car.

Get an approximate sales value for your vehicle

Getting an approximate sale value for your car before contacting a car wrecker is highly crucial. To do this, you will have to get in touch with a good vehicle evaluation service in your area. They will charge you some amounts and evaluate your car – this is done base on the appearance, the state of the car engine and value of the various accessories in the vehicle. When picking your car wreckers always pay attention to the value, make sure it is close or equal to the approximate value given to you.

When you want need the service of a good Toyota wreckers and you are having a hard time picking the right one for you, it will be highly beneficial to you if you make use of those that I will list below. They will offer you the best service at a very reasonable price.

Dismantle Group: Salwan and Sam, are highly regarded in the spares parts world, they boast a massive range of late and early model stock, this author can safely say they have one of the best delivery services around and there prices will not be beat, everything comes with a three month warranty and all stock is purchased from auctions, which insures kilometers are always documented, i have no problem recommending them to be your fist phone call when it comes to Toyota parts ( they stock other makes and models as well.

Dismantle Group Pty Ltd, 41 Glenelg Street, 3048 Ph. (03) 9309 0795  website:

Toyrolla Spares: Here they only sell the best quality wholesale vehicles parts of different Toyota models. When you buy used parts suitable for Toyotas from them you will only get the best parts available in the market. They also have the ability to deliver parts to different destinations. You can contact them via their websites .  ( Tony the director and co are all experienced and good operators, and all make use of pinnacle pro to keep track, and price there stock, this ensures the best accuracy going around )

They have a friendly team which will help you to search for your spare parts, they also have an extensive spare parts database where you search for used parts suitable for all models of Toyota vehicles.

General Japanese spares in Sydney: They offer a large list of different car spare parts. You can easily access their database and pick the one that is suitable for your vehicle. They are accessible and easy to locate in Sydney. To contact them, you can go to their website 

Preston Toyota parts in Melbourne: They offer wonderful deals on Toyota spare parts. You can get used spare parts for any vehicle model. They make use of a secure payment method which allow buyers to buy spare parts easily. You can contact them via their websites

The following Toyota models are available - 4Runner, 700, 86, Alphard, Altezza, Aristo, Aurion, Avalon, Avensis Verso, Bb, c-hr, Caldina, Camry, Camry Vienta, Celica, Celsior, Century, Chaser, Coaster, Corolla, Corona, Cressida, Crown, Dyna, Echo, Estima, FJ Cruiser, Fortuner, Grand Hiace, Granvia, Harrier, Hiace, Hiace SBV, Hilux, Hilux 4Runner, Hilux Surf, Kluger, Landcruiser, Landcruiser Praqdo, Lexcen, Mark II, Mark X, MR2, Noah, Paseo, Picnic, Porte, Prius, Prius C, Prius V, Ractis, RAV4, Regius, Rukus, Soarer, Spacia, Spade, Sprinter, Starlet, Stout, Supra, Tarago, Townace, Tundra, Vellfire, Vienta, Voxy, Yaris. Thus if you need any part from these Toyota model, ensure you visit Toyota wreckers, they are your one stop point for all kinds of Toyota spare parts.