Where Can I Find Rare Car Parts In Melbourne?

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Feb 09th, 2021

Where Can I Find Rare Car Parts In Melbourne?

If you own an old model car—one that's been out of production for long and more so if it’s a vintage—you'll know its car parts can be pretty expensive. 

But I’m jumping ahead!

Just finding rare car parts is a feat in itself. Yet, you know that parts and accessories are crucial in keeping your discontinued car running. This begs the following questions: Can you still get classic car parts in Australia? Where do you go to find these rare car parts? 

Worry not, Melburnians, this article will help you locate discontinued car parts. And oh, the answer to the first question is ‘Yes, you can very well get classic car parts in Australia.' 

As for the answer to the second, stay with me, and we’ll get to that in a minute. 

What's the Best Way to Find Rare Car Parts?

There are many ways to find rare car parts, so let’s get busy:

1. Call up a dealership

What's your car’s brand? Call a dealership that specialises in that brand. If you need parts of a Toyota car, you should call a Toyota dealership. Chances are that they will have these rare parts in stock. And if they don't, they could quickly source from the manufacturers.

2. Visit an auto salvage yard

Did this cross your mind yet? When searching for car parts, many people don't think to look in salvage yards. Yet, it's a great place to find rare car parts and at incredibly cheap price too. Odds are that those old car parts you need are lying in some yard, waiting for you to pick them up.

The cool thing is, you won't necessarily need to rummage through piles of junk parts, in case that's what scares you. Instead, you can call the salvage yard in advance to ask if they have the part you are looking for. It gets easier once you warm up to it, believe me. 

3. Join a collector society

Now here’s the fun part.

Did you know that cars often share parts? For instance, the classic Lamborghini Diablo shares headlights with Nissan 300ZX. Great trivia, so what good does that do to you?

Here's your aha moment: Collection societies are a group of rare car owners like you. They usually employ car experts who, thanks to their experience, know which cars share parts. With that, they can easily match parts from other vehicles with yours.

More so, there might be members of the society who have the same car as yours (model and year) and have had similar needs. So they can give you suggestions or even sell a spare part to you. 

I know you’re beginning to see the light, good for you! Let’s get on to the next.

4. Attend an automobile swap meet

Finding a car part is a good time to meet people on the same wavelength. In swap meets, you'll find car owners and collectors who may have what you need. The old car parts you'll find at a swap meet are secondhand, but many of these are usually in good condition. 

Quick Tip: When choosing car parts, do all you can to ensure you’re buying a quality item. Ask for a guarantee, possible refunds, and so on. You don't want to pay for a dud.

Here’s a word of caution, though. Sourcing rare car parts from swap meets can be more tedious and time-consuming than other methods. You will typically have to search through piles of items up for sale. Then again, if you’re the social type, this can be the easiest part, not to mention the most enjoyable. If not, good luck!

I read your thoughts. What if I don’t have the time or the patience for swap meets or socialising?

No worries, there’s hope for you, as you will find out below.

5. Search online for car part selling sites

Getting on car parts selling sites like Carpart.com.au is arguably the easiest way to get the rare car parts you’re looking for. All you have to do is get on the site and check through the various parts available in the classifieds

There are many advantages to buying from an online site: Besides being a super convenient option, the parts purchased are usually new. And if they're secondhand, they're usually tested to ensure that they are in good condition. Plus, if you use CarpartAU’s Car Part Finder, you will find rare car parts at highly competitive prices. 

What’s more, you’ll receive quotes from sellers all over the country, improving your chance of finding that hard-to-find car part at a very reasonable price tag. 

That is why we highly recommend Carpart.com.au. From classic car parts to imported car parts and even a NOS, leveraging our network of sellers is your best bet at finding top-quality new and secondhand parts.

Where Can I Buy Rare Car Parts in Melbourne?

If the  following wreckers and sellers are within your neighborhood, they will be great start-off points to check out for rare car parts.

1. Harvey Wreckers

Harvey Wreckers is a wrecking yard that retails parts for different car makes and models. They run a reliable business, delivering excellent service for over 50 years now. 

Contact Info

  • Address: 400 Warrandyte Road, Langwarrin VIC 3190
  • Phone: 03 5971 1132

2. B&M Classics 

B&M Classics is a car parts company that deals with original classic car parts for Volkswagen and Porsche. Although they're located in northern Victoria, they serve Australia-wide. 

Contact Info

  • Address: 9 Silver St, Eltham, Melbourne VIC 3095, 
  • Phone: 0434 271 667

3. Pick-A-Part 

If you reside in east Melbourne, check for your classic car parts at Pick-A-Part. They have stores in Kilsyth and Campbellfield. 

Contact Info: Kilsyth

  • Address: 50 Fussell Road, Kilsyth VIC 3137
  • Phone: 03 9728 3855

Contact Info: Campbellfield

  • Address: 1904 Hume Highway, Campbellfield VIC 3061
  • Phone: 03 9357 0960

4. Retro Spares

Retro Spares is a car parts store located in Eltham. They stock many popular brands, including Ford and Holden. 

Contact Info

  • Address: 9 Silver St, Eltham, Melbourne VIC 3095
  • Phone: 04 1913 4286

Adding Everything Up

The truth is that locating rare car parts can be an ordeal. Fortunately, there are ways to go about it. You can check out individual sellers, or you can have hundreds of sellers offering you their best prices and deals via Carpart.com.au. Your choice! 

Let us know what you need!

By Damilare Olasinde