Where To Find Holden Car Parts In Every State In Australia

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Feb 10th, 2021

Where To Find Holden Car Parts In Every State In Australia

Are you among those Holden car owners who were devastated almost a year ago now when GM officially announced the shutting down of operations of the 160-year old Aussie car icon? That left many of us heartbroken! 

It was a sad day for the country, no question about that. After a week of gloom came real-life concerns like, ‘Where do I go for servicing?’ and ‘Until when will Holden car parts be available?’ 

Real people, real questions! 

We’ve covered some of those in the FAQ article on Holden that we did last year, but the need for parts has become even more pressing now after a year of the shutdown. 

So let’s start finding answers! 

How Long Will Holden Provide Car Parts and Servicing to Aussie Holden Car Owners?

Following their exit, Holden stated it would create an aftersales network and promised to continue servicing Holden cars through authorised service centres for at least 10 years. The plan was to make use of the existing Holden dealership facilities. 

That came as a relief at the time. However, it was not clear how many of these service centres would operate as promised. It’s also becoming clear that car owners may have to travel some distance to get to the closest Holden Service Center or search for auto parts. 

There has to be a smarter option that those! So if your daily driver is a Holden, you better start flipping that thought in your mind too.    

Where Else Can I Buy Holden Car Parts?

Fortunately for Holden car owners, these authorised service centres don’t have a monopoly of Holden parts. Wrecking yards are pretty decent and well-established alternatives, and there are used car parts shops too. 

Both generalist and specialist wreckers are worth checking. But between the two, you’ll have a better chance going straight to a specialist wreckers’ shop, especially if you need a Holden car part fast.

Who Are The Best Holden Car Wreckers In Australia?

You’ll find a trusty wrecker wherever you are in the country. Let’s check out each state and find you at least one Holden car wrecker. Here goes. 

1. Total Parts Plus (QLD)

With over 40 years’ experience in wrecking Holden vehicles in Brisbane, Total Parts Plus (TPP) is one of the best places to go for recycled Holden auto parts. They offer tested and ready-to-use auto parts for all Holden models. What's more, all recycled auto parts are covered by a warranty, with coverage from 3 months to a lifetime and a refund policy that guarantees coverage for all risks.

  • Address: 29 Meadow Avenue, Coopers Plains QLD 4108
  • Phone: +61 1800 820 054
  • Fax: (07) 3892 4620
  • Email: websales@totalpartsplus.com.au

2. Auto Ice Parts (NSW)

Auto Ice Parts are specialist wreckers who have been offering Holden car wrecking services for more than 20 years in NSW. And they have established a reputation of quality service in those two decades. They sell a wide variety of Holden parts. New South Welshmen, here's one place for you.

  • Address: 72 Railway Street, Yennora, NSW 2161
  • Phone: 02 9892 1010, 02 9892 1110
  • Fax: 02 9892 1012
  • Email: mail@aaautoiceparts.com 

3. A Part Motor Wreckers (WA)

A Part Motor Wreckers is a family-owned business specialising in supplying a wide range of Subaru (yes, you read that right) used and recycled auto parts. Although Subarus are their specialty, you could find Holden parts there too. 

  • Address: 54 Truganina Road, Malaga WA 6062
  • Phone: 08 9249 3555
  • Fax: 08 9249 3128
  • Email: parts@aparts.com.au 

4. Holdent Wreckers (VIC)

Holdent Wreckers first started auto recycling operations about 33 years ago and has since remained committed to their mission of providing top-notch services for all clients. They have a massive wrecking yard and specialise in refurbished gearboxes and automatic transmission for Holden models.

  • Address: 7 Whiteside Road, Clayton VIC 3168
  • Phone: 03 9544 9155
  • Fax: 03 9544 9155
  • Email: holdent1@bigpond.net.au

5. City Dismantlers (SA)

City Dismantlers not only dismantle cars, but they also sell spare parts on a wide range of vehicles, including Holdens. They even rebuild and repair engines and transmissions. City Dismantlers have been in operation for over 40 years and are acclaimed to be Adelaide's largest and longest-serving auto parts recyclers and car wrecking yard.

  • Address: 593 Grand Junction Road, Gepps Cross SA 5094
  • Phone: 08 8262 7888
  • Fax: 08 8262 7444
  • Email: sales@citydismantlers.com.au

6. Capital Auto Recyclers (ACT)

Capital Auto Recyclers is an auto wrecker and recycler in the ACT area that sells replacement parts for any make and model. They've been buying scrap vehicles in the region since 2013 and have an array of parts in store. Meanwhile, if you decide you’re done with your Holden, you could conveniently sell off your car to them for a decent buck.

  • Address: 3 Nick Ellis Pl, Hume ACT 2620
  • Phone: 04 0929 6758
  • Email: main@capitalautorecyclers.com.au 

7. Tasmanian Auto Recyclers (TAS)

Tasmanian Auto Recyclers is popular with the locales, with multiple positive reviews to their credit both on Google Reviews and on their website. They offer competitively-priced auto parts and deliver statewide.

  • Address: 280 George Town Rd, Rocherlea TAS 7248 
  • Phone: 03 6326 2262 

8. City Wreckers (NT)

Founded over 50 years ago, City Wreckers is a leading recycler and aftermarket parts supplier. What's more, they provide 24-hour towing and deal in the buying and selling of cars. Customers attest that they have a team of fantastic staff and a large yard filled with parts. If you reside in the Northern Territory, you may want to give them a try for your Holden Car part needs.

  • Address: 32 Coonawarra Road Winnielie NT 0820
  • Phone: 08 8947 1155
  • Email: parts@citywreckers.com.au

One Website to Go, Wherever You Are in Australia

Visiting the websites of the above-listed wreckers should help you a lot. But what if you’re too busy or can’t be bothered to check various places and sites?

Isn’t there even a single website to go for a hapless owner of an old-model Holden car? There’s definitely one, and it’s called Carpart.com.au

What’s even better is that it works wherever you are in the country!

Best of all, you only need to fill out one simple online form and press ‘Send Request’. Give the system some lead time to work its magic, while you sit back and wait for quotes. Not one quotation, mind you, but tens to hundreds of competitive offers from wreckers and sellers.

You get to save yourself the trouble, find the part that you need, and get it at the cheapest price too! That is inarguably the best way to locate a Holden car part! For more useful info about cars and the automobile industry, don’t hesitate to check out the articles on this blog.

By Damilare Olasinde