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Risks of Not Servicing Your Vehicle Regularly (Especially New Ones)

CarPart  ·  October 26, 2021

Risks of Not Servicing Your Vehicle Regularly (Especially New Ones)

Why should you stick to what your dealer says about car service maintenance? There are many reasons why you should abide by your new car’s service maintenance schedule.

In this article, I’d like to focus on 9 risks you can avoid by performing the simple task that comes with being a car owner.

What Happens If You Neglect Servicing Your Car Regularly?

Hopefully, you don’t renege on your basic responsibilities as a car owner, but if you do, then let this serve as fair warning. it’s a good idea to know ahead of time what you’re up against when the time comes. 

#1 Reduced Safety on the Road

Failing to service your car regularly reduces your safety and that of your passengers. Servicing includes inspection of car parts critical to your car’s performance and safety, so there’s every reason not to take it lightly.

#2 Voided Manufacturer Warranty

If you miss a service, your manufacturer has the right to void your warranty, and rightfully so as all this information is given to you in your owner's handbook.

When you run out of warranty, you may still get covered by your manufacturer under the "Good Will Warranty". Proof of regular servicing suggests that you have done everything required to maintain your vehicle. 

Stamped car service history records will improve the chances of a good will warranty, and this is especially handy when an engine or gearbox fails just out of its warranty period.

#3 Shorter Serviceable Life for Your Car

You may sometimes think that car servicing gets in the way of your hectic schedule. Perhaps it will help if you remind yourself that your car is your means to get to your job, take the kids to school, bring food home, and get your hectic activities done. 

Think of service maintenance as your way of giving back to your car for all the help it gives you. Then hopefully, it will not be so difficult for you to squeeze time for a full car service.

Think about all the benefits you’ll get. 

All these reasons make spending for car service costs worth it, don’t you think? 

#4 Faster Depreciation of Your Vehicle

The moment your car leaves the dealer’s showroom or garage, its value depreciates. While depreciation is a fact of a car’s life, you can slow the rate at which your car ages by getting it serviced regularly at the recommended mileages.

Proper maintenance not only increases its serviceable lifetime but also adds to the car resale value. It’s not a secret that selling a car with an up-to-date service history is like selling pancakes. 

Buyers now are more knowledgeable, and the market for second-hand vehicles is very competitive. A complete car service history is a sure way to sway buyers to agree to your price.

#5 Lower Insurance Claim Value

When claiming from your insurer, they will check your service history to determine the amount to compensate you. A good service history will ensure that you get better compensation when you’re insured at market value. 

#6 Poor Fuel Economy

Fuel consumption is affected by several factors, including the performance of the engine, brakes, and tyres and overall efficiency of the vehicle. When parts get worn out and work poorly, they drive the car to work harder and consume more fuel per kilometre. Let's be honest, petrol isn't going cheaper.

#7 Increased Emissions

Servicing your car will ensure that all parts, such as the engine, do their jobs efficiently. Inefficient burning of fuel not only causes uneconomical use of fuel but also increases emissions and creates pollution.

#8 Engine Oil Sludge Build-Up

Oil sludge can build up in the engine of your car, preventing the smooth flow of oil in your vehicle. You can inspect your car’s engine for sludge build-up by removing the oil cap and inspecting the inside of the cylinder head or rocker cover.

#9 Unnecessary Wear and Tear

Failing to service your car regularly will put undue pressure on your vehicle. While you may not see this as a problem in the short run, you will, in time. Repairs may become necessary sooner rather than later, and I’m sure you won’t relish spending a few thousand dollars for an engine replacement that a $200-$300 car servicing cost could have prevented.

How Long Can You Delay a Car Service?

I think, the 9 reasons above made it clear enough why you should never miss on a scheduled car servicing. However, if you have a valid reason for delaying, then your dealer may consider it. Which means you should call them. 

If it’s a once-off instance, meaning not habitual, you’re not likely going to have a problem. We’re talking here of 1-2 months of delay and not about your car not serviced for 2 years or more, that’s a different story.

Also, if you have barely driven your car during a period of delay, then you may not face too many risks there. As mentioned above, when your car’s performance deteriorates, you’re putting yourself up to unnecessary risks, and no one wants that.


To conclude, we do many things (or omit doing things) without thinking. Like it’s easy to forget about servicing your car. Maybe you’d like to see how many kms can you go over a service without damaging the engine. 

While many say that going 1000 km beyond your maintenance schedule by mileage will not do harm, why risk it? It’s not worth pushing your car to a breaking point. Meanwhile, there’s so much to gain by giving it the upkeep it deserves.

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