Salisbury Wreckers Rocklea

For Wreckers, By Wreckers  ·  August 4, 2022

Salisbury Wreckers Rocklea

Salisbury Wreckers Rocklea QLD will always appear in your searches for used car parts or car dismantlers in this part of Brisbane. 

Whether you’re looking for the best wreckers Ipswich, Salisbury wreckers, Brisbane car parts, car removal Toowoomba, or car wrecker Hamilton, this local business will likely be on your search results.

Salisbury Wreckers has been serving Brisbane and its suburbs for over a decade, buying and dismantling unwanted vehicles of any make and model and selling recycled auto parts.

Not only does Salisbury Wreckers Rocklea allow customers to earn top dollar for their old cars, but it also offers affordable used auto parts to the public.

To contact them or make enquiries, you may refer to the information provided below.

Salisbury Wreckers Contact Details

Salisbury Wreckers phone number and other contact details are:

You may also reach Salisbury Wreckers Rocklea QLD 4106 via their car-removal dedicated website and hotline:

Why Choose Salisbury Wreckers Rocklea?

What Vehicles Do They Buy?

They accept all makes, models, and model years of your passenger car, SUV, 4x4, van, truck, motorcycles, or commercial vehicles. The best thing is that they’ll get and tow your car wherever it is in Brisbane and save you all the trouble. 

What the Reviews Are Saying 

Most of the people who gave reviews about Salisbury Wreckers Brisbane talked about the low price of the auto parts and the extensive collection available.

Unfortunately, most of the reviews regarding customer service were negative, which is bad for any business. However, if you try to read more of the reviews, you’ll find that many customers were satisfied with the service they received. 

For instance, one customer (who was a mechanic) was delighted to locate a hard-to-find part that he bought very cheap. Another customer who went onsite and spoke personally with the guys in the yard found them polite and helpful. Many other buyers had similar positive experiences in the yard. 

It turns out that many of the people in Salisbury Wreckers are not native speakers and only use English as a second language (ESL). This could be the root of all the misunderstanding and possibly why some reviews said that the staff was rude. 

Still, the management should look into this aspect because not all customers have the time and patience to go beyond their comfort zone or explain at length what parts they need. 

So, while Salisbury Wreckers may have some of the best quality and affordable used auto parts you can find in Brisbane, they need to step up and improve customer service.

If you know the part your car needs and have the skills to pull it yourself, then you should give Salisbury Wreckers and its expansive yard a try.

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