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Sell Auto Parts to a Large Audience

Educational  ·  July 16, 2020

Sell Auto Parts to a Large Audience

There is not a better time to start selling auto parts online than now. The internet has become the preferred and best place to find car parts. Besides, the automotive parts and accessory sales industry is steadily growing and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. It's good news to everyone hoping to jump in on or take their already established auto parts business online.

The optimistic future of the automotive industry, more so in auto parts & accessories, means that companies/individuals selling auto parts stand to make good profits. Below we explore some of the best ways and tips to level up your auto parts business.

Tips for Selling Auto Parts 

1. Identify and stick to what you are selling.

It does seem like a pointless and trivial question, but the key to getting to a larger automotive arena lies with your answer here. Most people don't realise, but there is an intricate correspondence involving what we sell and why we do it. For instance, do you intend to narrow or specialize your business to specific car parts, makes, models? Or you intend to cover everything or become a generalist in terms of car parts?

Knowing what car parts you want to deal with not only helps you plan your business model but also design your brand’s website. If you’re looking to sell internal car components, you’ll need to consider their packaging needs due to their fragility. On the other hand, if you’re looking to specialise in external auto parts like bumpers, you need to identify ways to move to them around as most are big.

2. Know your consumer base.

It is not enough to know what you’re selling. You could know what to sell, but without the right market, your business will likely crumble down. Recognise that there are varying demographics and user groups that buy auto parts online. Identify your target market and shape your website and products to fit them.

The broad categories of people that buy car parts are wholesalers and end customers. Wholesalers like auto shops and local garages typically buy at reduced costs but in huge volumes, potentially increasing your sales and profits. End customers buy in small quantities, but on the upside, there are many of them.

3. Consider using other e-commerce platforms and sites. 

Third-party sites and e-commerce platforms come in handy when you want to unlock a broader customer base and get more sales. In the automotive industry, you can turn to (which features a car part finder), Gumtree, eBay and Amazon. Your choice here depends on your business needs.

To become a certified auto parts dealer on CarPart, you need to register first. Once your application is approved, you will then start receiving car part requests from buyers. You may also sell through CarPart's free car part listing or level up to boost your visibility by using advertising tools for a minimal fee. Sign up here to take advantage of free listing and access the ad tools.

Most e-commerce platforms have pre-established catalogues for auto parts. On eBay, for instance, if you’re selling car parts that are already available on the catalogue, the listing information will automatically be filled. This information includes the product titles, descriptions of the products, category, fitment data and dimensions. 

You can sell any parts from external components such as headlights and wind deflectors to internal parts like dash kits on both platforms. eBay allows you to sell both used and new car parts, whereas Amazon only allows new and refurbished car parts.

The Importance of Fitment Data

Fitment data refers to the information regarding vehicle year, make, model, and engine that your parts and accessories will fit in. If you choose to sell new or used auto parts on the mentioned platforms, you need to consider optimising your product listings with fitment filters.

If you don't optimise your listing, you stand to lose several opportunities. Product listing helps put your business on the map. 

“Will this part fit in my vehicle?” This is one of the FAQs by car owners looking to buy auto parts. Here is where the fitment data comes in. 

The fitment data reassures the buyer that the part or accessory will fit in his or her vehicle. This improves the overall buyer experience and the chance for repeat sales. In addition, precise fitment data boosts your listing in search results and enhances your visibility and reach. 

Conversely, inadequate fitment data will slow down the potentials of your business. You miss out on would-be buyers who may hesitate because your listing lacks fitment data.

Best Practices for Selling Auto Parts & Accessories

Setting up your auto parts online store is one thing; making it successful is another. It largely depends on how easily potential customers find their way to your business. Here are some tips to boost sales on online.

1. Competitive pricing

Consumers will always look for the best pricing when buying goods or paying for services. The same goes for buying auto parts. Although not everyone will mind the prices, it is crucial to offer reasonable and cheap prices. Most people will be put off when they find out that your parts cost slightly more. If possible, add incentives like discounts or free shipping.

2. High-quality product photos

High-quality photos are likely to capture the buyer’s attention, not to mention that they add trustworthiness and professionalism. Always ensure you get the lighting and angles right when taking photos to show the parts. Use a solid contrasting background so that the buyer can view the item clearly.

3. Provide accurate and complete fitment data

Customers love effortless shopping, and as such, you need to provide accurate and complete information under each auto part you are selling. Lack of fitment data increases the chance of the buyers abandoning the shopping cart as they have to dig further to find out if the parts are compatible with their vehicles. 

A few buyers may try to get in touch with you to ascertain the parts compatibility, but the greater majority will move on to a seller who has clear fitment data. 

Marketing Tools & Strategies to Improve Auto Parts Sales

Marketing tools and strategies increase traffic and generate online sales. Some of the best marketing tools and strategies you could employ are:

Getting the right tools and strategies will make your online auto parts business stand out ahead of your competitors.


We hope the above guide was able to shine some light on how to sell auto parts to a large audience successfully. By following the above strategies and recommendations, you'll quickly build your auto parts business to become the best place for car parts.

By Sam O.

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