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Should I Hire A Mobile Mechanic?

Educational  ·  November 5, 2020

Should I Hire A Mobile Mechanic?

Mobile mechanics have been around for quite some time. Thanks to the current restrictions, Aussies have been giving these service providers much more attention than at any time before. That’s not surprising, though. You, too, would love the idea of getting your car fixed with the same level of convenience you have when calling a plumber or ordering pizza. Still, that begs the question: should you hire mobile mechanics?

Here’s the short answer, in my opinion: Yes, you should spend some of your car maintenance and repair budget on mobile mechanics. Notice how I said ‘some’ and not ‘all’. That’s because there are some scenarios where mobile mechanics just can’t beat a fully-equipped workshop.

To understand what I’m talking about, let’s go into a bit more detail.

What are the benefits of using a mobile mechanic?

So, let’s talk about the benefits you can get from calling a mobile mechanic. As you may have already guessed, there are quite a few. If you call a mobile mechanic, they’ll usually show up with a van full of gear that they’ll use to help you out in all sorts of situations. Some of those situations include:

Getting your car mobile again when your car breaks down

Imagine if your car breaks down right in the parking lot of your office. Who knows, maybe your drive belt snapped, or there’s something wrong with your alternator. Usually, people would resort to calling a tow truck to get their car to the nearest workshop. If they pay out of pocket, the towing alone is going to cost a fair bit of money.

That’s where a mobile mechanic comes in handy. At the very least, he’ll be able to diagnose the problem wherever your car is parked. In many cases, mobile mechanics will perform the necessary fix to get your vehicle moving again.

Saving you time when you have little to spare

Some people are just too busy to get their car to the workshop for routine maintenance and repairs. A mobile mechanic can sort that out real quick, by coming over to your home or office. As long as there’s a safe and adequate space for them to work, they’ll replace your engine oil, fix issues, and whatever else you need. 

You could be upstairs in your office working and taking meetings while a mobile mechanic is putting in new car parts for your car downstairs. Your vehicle gets the attention it needs, and your workday goes on uninterrupted.

Everybody wins.

Helping you when you can’t leave the house

There are many reasons why you might not be able to leave the house. Maybe you’re self-quarantining, or perhaps you’re just working from home. Whatever the situation is, a mobile mechanic is a great solution to help fix your car without you having to change out of your pyjamas!

What are the cons of using mobile mechanics?

With all the benefits offered by mobile mechanics, you may not believe it, but there are some limitations too. As mentioned earlier, mobile mechanics will not replace fully-equipped workshops. Here are a few limitations to using mobile mechanics.

They can’t bring specialised equipment

No matter how well-equipped a mobile mechanic might be, there will be some kinds of equipment that he can’t bring in his truck. Sure, a mobile mechanic’s truck will have just about any tool that you can imagine. Plus, they’ll be able to do things like changing your oil or replacing smaller car parts. 

However, some diagnostic tasks and repairs still require heavy-duty, floor-mounted equipment; the kind that you can only find at a workshop since they won’t fit into a work van.

Some jobs aren’t feasible outside of a workshop

Somewhat related to the previous point, even if you use a mobile mechanic, some repairs will take quite a bit of time. Sometimes, it’s because they’ll have to inspect your car before knowing what spare parts you need. Then, of course, they’ll have to go and get those parts to bring it over to your location.

Aside from that, some repairs are time-consuming. For example, if you need to have your engine overhauled, you can’t expect the team to do it in just a few hours right there in your garage. It’s still more practical to do severe repairs like that in a workshop, rather than send a team out to your location.

Potentially higher cost

Even when you order food through an app, you’ll have to pay a little extra for delivery. The same is true for mobile mechanics. Whether or not they explicitly charge you for it, mobile mechanics would have factored in the costs associated with sending their guy out to wherever you keep your car. You’re not just paying for parts and labour, but you’re also paying for the time and resources for them to come out to wherever you are.

Final thoughts

So, should you hire a mobile mechanic? If you’re the kind of person who is willing to pay a little extra for convenience, then yes, a mobile mechanic is worth the expense. They can also be lifesavers when you’re stuck on the side of the road and need to get your car moving again.

Still, car guys and girls might not want to rely on mobile mechanics more than necessary. If you’re like that, you probably don’t mind that it takes a bit more time and effort to drive to a workshop. For many car enthusiasts, spending a little bit of time at the workshop and seeing all the other cars the mechanics are working on is an experience in itself. 

Even if you do end up using mobile mechanics primarily, it’s still a good idea to have a trusted or preferred workshop that you can trust. Remember: a mobile mechanic is not a replacement for proper workshops. When it comes to more massive repairs, you’ll still want to take your car to a fully-equipped workshop.

To find the closest workshop in your location, check out the Directory over at There, you can see what automotive businesses are operating in your area, and get their contact details to reach out to them.

By Ray Hasbollah

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