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Škoda Launches 4-year Transferable Service Program for Used Cars

Manufacturers  ·  May 26, 2020

Škoda Launches 4-year Transferable Service Program for Used Cars

Great news for Skoda owners! If you drive a Škoda that's at least 12 months old, you'd be happy to know that the company has recently released a new service program just for you!

Unique Features

Lately, Škoda announced that it was releasing a four-year service pack for its used car owners. The best part? Owners can buy the service package at any point in time throughout their ownership! This is a big deal, considering how normally, service packages can only be purchased at the point-of-sale when the car itself is bought.

Best of all, these benefits are transferable! What that means is that if you ever decide to sell your car, you can transfer the pack to the car's new owner. That's a fantastic value-add that you can use to entice potential buyers. Not only will they get the car, but they'll also take over the benefits of the four-year service pack.

This four-year pack now sits alongside Škoda's other packages, like the existing three- and five-year bundles aimed exclusively at new cars. The unique selling point of the four-year package is that it's only available for vehicles that are at least 12 months old. In contrast, the three- and five-year packs are only available for new purchases.

The four-year pack includes scheduled servicing and maintenance under one payment. These payments range from between $1200 for models like the Fabia to $1600 for models like the Superb and Kodiaq. According to Škoda, customers can save an average of 30% for most models by purchasing this pack. 

As the cherry on top, customers will also have their roadside assistance renewed after each completed scheduled service.

About Škoda

Škoda Auto is a Czech automobile company that was founded in 1895. It’s interesting to note that they started as bike manufacturers! All over the world, Škoda has a strong reputation for offering great value for money, and for being eco-friendly. For every Škoda sold in the Czech Republic, for example, the company plants a tree to offset the emissions given off by that car.

Škoda first arrived in Australia in 2007. During that time, the first models to roll out onto Aussie streets were the Octavia, which came as a sedan or wagon and a Roomster hatch/mini-MPV.

Despite a rough year for the automotive industry in 2020, sources say that Škoda is looking forward to its most excellent year in Australia since it first arrived. The company plans on continuing with the launch of its Superb Scout this month, followed by other releases in June and July as well. This is all quite impressive, considering how most manufacturers are either delaying or cancelling new releases as a result of the global pandemic.

Popular Škoda Models in Australia

In Australia, buyers are spoilt for choice when it comes to Škoda vehicles. As mentioned earlier, buyers can choose between the supermini Škoda Fabia, the Superb large family car, and the Kodiaq 5-door SUV. The company also offers the Yeti (another 5-door SUV), the Roomster MPV, and small family cars like the Octavia and Rapid.

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By Ray Hasbollah

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